Vietnam · 4 Days · 8 Moments · December 2018

Let's Go! >> Hanoi, Vietnam

27 December 2018

26 December 2018

Waiting for boat to Halong

24 December 2018

Right across Dong Xuan market is delicioso pork porridge. Don't miss it!
Otw to 7Fridays. Took a grab for 216. Hà Nội (at least the area around the airport) is dark(?). Saw a lot of rice fields. I wanna eeeeeat! Temperature is 23 degrees celcius (?) cool but not cold and won't be needing a jacket 🎉
Yay! Finally, they 🎶Open (ed) up the gaaaaaaaate🎶 kala ko #mayforever na 🙈 sleepy and thirsty 🙁
Waiting for boarding. Weather looks gloomy. Plenty of people at the airport. A couple of people trying to cut the line. An old woman who tried cutting the line caught me by surprise all I could do was stare at her innocently. She went back behind me.
Grab from Canary to the airport cost 180VND! (had to call Ms. Tuoi to translate coz all I could say was "Xin loi com viet" (i can't even spell it!) which is supposed to mean "I'm sorry, I can't speak Vietnamese (i should add "after a year living here! Shame on me!) but I don't know if I said it correctly, tonal language is difficult!) Had lunch that cost me 94VND (realized I love strangers! I like their unfamiliar faces, their voices and words that i can't understand! Strangers, stay strange! Haha..) Boarding is at 2:30pm. Time check 1:10pm.