Canada, Germany, Netherlands · 14 Days · 26 Moments · October 2017

Leslie's journi to Germany

24 October 2017

Home sweet home! The mountains wave and welcome our return ❤️
Allie is taking panoramic pictures of our humongous plane-a 747- that we are about to board

20 October 2017

Oma's garden. Frankfurt with Thomas and family, local restaurant with a Bembel of Apfelwein, another very good KaseSpaetzle, the green sauce is also scrumptious. Served by Ser Scrumpshit Bumpling. Get a nice panorama with a squishy Leslie-face Bridge of Love. Beautiful Cathedral (they all are). Went to an incredible organ Concert that evening, that woman's skill to play three keyboards (one with her feet) all at once is mind blowing.
Amsterdam Part III Breakfast, funky restaurant (and bathroom). More sight seeing. Fancy hotel on the water Ah crooked buildings (that's what happens when you build on a wetland, guys).

19 October 2017

Amsterdam Part II Nightlife! (had to feed the swans dinner first though). Neon Carnival amidst architecture of history. Oops, is this the Red Light District? Oh my, yes it definitely is. On the way home our Uber informed us that Amsterdam is currently hosting the worlds largest DJ festival. Damn how did we miss out on that.
Amsterdam Part I Arrival, disbelief of bicycle volume, and boat tour. So many ridiculously cool things to see, and not enough time.
On our way to Amsterdam!! Stop in Naarden for our awesome boat house accommodations. And I meet some lovely Eurasian Coots.

17 October 2017

Walk by Oma's roses on the way to the bakery Meet a meow meow on the way back. Try out a local restaurant for dinner who's owner comes from Bavaria- best KaseSpaetzle ever!! Leslie Eric and I continue on after to the nightlife, stopping first at Hinkelstein. Here we discover the Bohle! A concoction of beer, peaches, and possibly wine (or did we translate that wrong??). Mmmm! Next we find Plan B, with an extensive selection of Cocktails. Eric loves his girly drink 🍹😉. The Moscow Mule is potent and excellent.

16 October 2017

That's where the tourists are! But that's ok, Rudersheim deserves the attention, with its extravagant buildings and excellent food (KaseSpaetzle again, obviously 😉) Drive along the Rhein and stop below Lorely. I start on the beautiful trail up to her statue, but don't make it to the top.
Stop at Geisenheim on our way to Rudersheim. What a peaceful little town, and not a single tourist in sight ❤️

15 October 2017

Gleiberg Ruins

14 October 2017

Wetzlar Exploration! Complete with fire dancers and life music.
Dunzberg Essen 😍 Obviously I have KaseSpaetzle.
Dining at Dunzberg Raststätte- a restaurant on top of the mountain. Trail access only!

13 October 2017

Tante Anne's farm and family
Our sweet Oma insists on spoiling us ❤️

12 October 2017

We are never hungry at Oma's
Our favourite shop!
Out on the town! At Oberstadt
Beautiful Marburg

11 October 2017

Our grocery store bakery doesn't look anything like this :(
We've arrived in Frankfurt! Do we trust mom on the autobahn?

10 October 2017

Bye bye Canada!
Fueling up before the long flight! While everyone else is eating breakfast I'm having the usual: Poutine 🥞🍳🍟
Oceanic islands from an aerial viewpoint ✈️