Myanmar · 577 Days · 145 Moments · May 2017

Lesley and Jan's adventure in Myanmar

20 December 2018

Beautiful Ye! We're in Ye, a small southern town with a lake and many pagodas. It's a chilled place where betel nut and rubber are grown. And it's the last stop before we return to Yangon and back to Australia!

7 December 2018

These paintings were done by children in one of the displaced peoples camps at the border. It was so humbling to meet them.

26 November 2018

A boat trip at Moe Yun Gyi wetlands. Beautiful scenery and waterbirds.

19 November 2018

Money really does grow on trees here! Donations for the Buddhist full moon festival.

16 November 2018

This is what a bunch of bananas should look like!

7 November 2018

Happy Diwali! The rather lovely Jain temple in Yangon

26 October 2018

Pyin Oo Lwin is a former British hill station with lots of colonial features and houses.

23 October 2018

Yep here's the Need Kelly pub in Mandalay! We're visiting Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin during the thadingyut holiday.

15 October 2018

Beautiful Krabi where I'm doing a visa run. Such a tough assignment...!

13 October 2018

I went shopping at the farmers market and met this guy at the petting zoo!

29 September 2018

Another beautiful sunset for the end of the rainy season.
Hmm a rope ladder to clean the fifth floor windows?

26 September 2018

You can't have a great agriculture show without dancers!

16 September 2018

All shopping centres look alike... except here they all have a selfie wall. Note 3D shark!

8 September 2018

Feather duster anyone? These guys also travel door to door. Shopping is so convenient here!

4 September 2018

Lottery tickets on sale. I've no idea how you buy them or find out if you are a winner. But they are very popular on pay day.

27 August 2018

There are clinics everywhere promising wraps, potions and treatments to make you younger, the, reduce this bit or that bit. Even one promoting heightening. Maybe I should check that only out!

24 August 2018

Following the fruit theme... it's coming into pineapple season. Love it 🍍🍍

21 August 2018

This is durian. The fantastically smelly fruit adored by all in Asia! I'm not keen myself...

18 August 2018

We have a new little housemate! Quite intrigued by Jan's feet. We're into our final couple of months here as well. So planning last adventures.

12 August 2018

Spending time in this lovely cottage with friends before we return to Yangon.

1 August 2018

A quick trip to Wales and we found some lovely spots!

21 July 2018

Got to love this as a beer ad! We're off to UK for Jan the do a marathon. I'll just drink beer!

12 July 2018

Really not sure about the local wine. I just wish the claims for ladies were true!

8 July 2018

Beautiful old bells at the Pagoda. I always want to ring them!
Beautiful serene Buddha watching over Pyay.

7 July 2018

Exploring the ancient sites at Puay. 6 hours north of Yangon and a world away. This beautiful and massive site was an original palace with fortified walls, moats and pagodas. Very few visitors so we had the place to ourselves.

30 June 2018

U Thant was Secretary General of the UN 1961 to 1971. He was an inspiring leader. Think is his beautiful house in Yangon and one of his quotes.

29 June 2018

Yes it's a real snake on a bike. It's in the supermarket car park. No need for a bike lock!

24 June 2018

Pet grooming is quite new here.... As you can see!

15 June 2018

No, it's not falling apart. The stupa (top of pagoda) is being renovated so it's covered with hundreds of woven mats. It will emerge with a new gold top coat soon.

10 June 2018

Origami class at Japanese Cultural Central! My flowers didn't come out great but it's lots of fun!

4 June 2018

As part of the breaking up with plastic movement in Myanmar this sculpture was created.

29 May 2018

Us gorgeous Greenovator ladies at the launch of our updated app!

23 May 2018

Cooking dough sticks for breakfast to go with Mohinha (fish soup). No one eats muesli here!

18 May 2018

Our new mobile app design to celebrate 8 years of the organization. Started by 2 agriculture students. So cool!

15 May 2018

Farewell laksa in Kuching!

8 May 2018

Sadly we're leaving our jungle bliss! No traffic, people or digital distraction.

25 April 2018

Incredible jungle walk. The rainforest here is beyond amazing for life.

14 April 2018

Hi from Lundu in Sarawak where we are volunteering at the Basaga Resort!

8 April 2018

Beautiful padauk flowers are a symbol of the changing season here and a traditional decoration for Thingyan festival.

31 March 2018

These are water pistols ready for Thingyan. Thingyan is Myanmar New year or water festival. Basically everyone and everything gets drenched. Buckets and water pistols are compulsory. We're escaping to Borneo!

29 March 2018

That's what you call a storm water drain! Getting ready for the wet season.

27 March 2018

Riding the circular train around Yangon. It takes 3 hours and goes through suburbs markets and agricultural areas. And no you're not meant to hang off the side!

23 March 2018

We've expanded our office and now have room for some fun activities! Yin Yin is learning table tennis.

17 March 2018

A 24km run up the hill to the lovely town of Thandaung gyi where local Kayin girls presented awards. A truly memorable weekend.

13 March 2018

Mango and sticky rice. I love it when mango season starts.

7 March 2018

Sip and paint night. Great fun. You have a 🍺 or 2 and get creative. Awesome scene is mine.

28 February 2018

The blue temple has the most magical interior with this giant Buddha. The whole place is exquisite with blues and gold. Such amazing art.

27 February 2018

And this is the amazing White temple. It's stunning. Started 18 years ago by a local artist Ajarn Chalermchai

26 February 2018

Amazing architecture in Chiang Rai. Clock tower sings and changes color at night.

24 February 2018

21 levels vertical run.....! I

16 February 2018

Happy Chinese New year! Big celebration here for year of the dog. Not sure street 🐕 will celebrate. This one in shopping centre looks like Scooby Doo and is for selfies.

10 February 2018

These are paper parasols, a traditional craft here from a town called Pathein. These were painted and auctioned for charity.

2 February 2018

We're trekking from Kalaw to inle lake in Shan state. Stunning scenery. An agricultural lifestyle largely untouched by the modem world.

26 January 2018

We're about to start a project around dairy cattle. This cow didn't seem impressed!

21 January 2018

Yes he did the Yangon marathon! Wonderful event with thousands doing the 3km and 10km.

14 January 2018

Guess who was a professional judge at the latte art barista competition?! The lovely and talented winner even has his dedication tattooed on his arm.

11 January 2018

There were a lot of Sparks and an explosion...then electricity was out. But this guy up the pole fixed it in a few mins!

8 January 2018

We often see real monks on the street collecting alms. These are statues - I counted over 100!

1 January 2018

Take one rock, add a Pagoda, then call it chocolate (kyaik ka lat)!!

30 December 2017

Hello from Mawlymine! A town on the estuary to the Andaman sea. Here for new year and to see the world's largest reclining Buddha.

28 December 2017

A meeting at Greenovator always includes snacks - usually fried

22 December 2017

It's turned really cold here. But probably no snow... Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season 🎅🎄🎁

19 December 2017

Yes she really is carrying the lounge furniture on her head. No IKEA delivery here!

14 December 2017

This is a wonderful island Park a 5 min boat ride from the centre of Bangkok! Yes, another visa run.

9 December 2017

If you're going to decorate the wedding car then try the Asian way!

6 December 2017

Lots of smiles and fun as our new swim trainers take their students through their paces!

4 December 2017

I'm thinking of starting a blog called Airport lounges around the world. We're off to Myeik to teach more Marine science students to swim

2 December 2017

Fun open air reggae night next to the lake

1 December 2017

Contemplation on a crisp sunny morning

24 November 2017

We all dressed up for our project launch. The long skirt is a longyi worn by men and women.

20 November 2017

Downtown Pathein at night. Lots of lights... but very quiet.

13 November 2017

People's Park is a fun destination for the holidays

12 November 2017

Movies are crazy popular. Usually slapstick Myanmar ones or sad romantic Korean tales

9 November 2017

4 November 2017

Fish drying. The main road is very handy for this sort of task

3 November 2017

Lovers island at ngwe saung. A few wonderful days at the beach swimming, cycling, swimming, bodysurfing, eating and swimming!

30 October 2017

Ok I'm there on left! Body balance in shopping centre. Bright lights, loud music and amused shoppers!

25 October 2017

My favourite building is Yangon City Hall. Built in 1936 it is officially in Burmese syncretic architectural style. Or fancy Moorish style to me.

22 October 2017

This beautiful decoration made from silk is for a shopping centre opening.

20 October 2017

The best part of all the meetings we go to is they have fancy lunches! Thein Soe Min with dessert.
Beautifully flowers are a part of life here. People buy them daily as offerings or to display like these.

14 October 2017

I found a lovely park with this mini budha Pagoda accidentally. So serene amongst crazy traffic.

10 October 2017

This is Lottie who we are house sitting for. She is not impressed when I'm working and won't play fetch.

3 October 2017

Sad to leave Chiang Mai and the beautiful Wats. Back to rainy Yangon!
I'm happy because we found a beautiful arboretum.

2 October 2017

Jan is very happy as Chiang Mai has awesome coffee.

1 October 2017

Someone we met on a jungle walk in Chiang mai! Here for a visa run.

28 September 2017

A peaceful early morning at Kandawgi lake

24 September 2017

There's some lovely parks here all with these signs. Not that you can stop young love here!

22 September 2017

At last back on line! Very relaxed here in the office today.

2 September 2017

This man is selling betel nut. A slightly narcotic chew of leaf, lime and tobacco that produces bright red spit!

29 August 2017

A traditional cart in Bagan. Sadly our rural retreat has ended and we are back in wet muddy Yangon.

27 August 2017

The long climb up to the stupa at 6am!
Stunning gold stupa near us. Often real gold and precious stones are used.

26 August 2017

The temples here are incredible. Over 2000 are left mainly in good condition from 10000 constructed during the golden age of 9th century. In 1287 the golden age ended after invasion by Mongols.

25 August 2017

Fresh off the night bus. Soon heading out to temple trek. But first the pool!

24 August 2017

White elephants are considered very lucky. When found in the wild they are seen as powerful symbols. There are several here plus many statutes like these.

20 August 2017

More fqded glory - the old tourism building.

19 August 2017

There is a tax system here though I'm sure it's different to ours. I wonder if there is an extra small category!

15 August 2017

Ancient Sule pagoda next to a modern mobile tower. Thankfully towers are now more discreet and sometimes hidden as trees.

13 August 2017

Even in this crowded city clogged with traffic it's possible to find pieces of nature.

11 August 2017

Tea and chat are very important. Just pull up a mini stool at a noodle stand.

8 August 2017

How beautiful is this pink dragon fruit I had for breakfast!

5 August 2017

Jan is helping our staff with conversational English lessons. Say sssss everyone!

3 August 2017

Moody monsoon day over Yangon. It rains most afternoons now.

1 August 2017

Foot reflexology is very popular here. It's pretty amazing, though not always relaxing as they are quite tough. Still it prepares you for wading through water and mud in thongs.

29 July 2017

He said it was the red wire......or maybe the blue one. You can see why I our marked our telephone wiring as entertainment.

27 July 2017

Jan is dwarfed by the pink mosque in Putrajaya. After visiting we flew back to Yangon marvelling at KL.

26 July 2017

The amazing Petronas twin towers tonight!
And the orchid garden is magnificent!
In Kuala Lumpur to renew our visas. The botanic gardens here are beautiful. So lush and green.

22 July 2017

I love buying shoes here! Lots of plastic with glitter. Or you can find cartoon characters and plenty of bright colours. And these gorgeous ones less than $5!

19 July 2017

Jan is loving the Indian food hete. Dhosa is one of his favourite snacks!
This atmospheric building is the Secretariat where today we commemorate Martyrs day for Aung San and his colleagues who were murdered. Aung San is father of Aung San Suu Kyi.

16 July 2017

This is the giant reclining Buddha in Yangon. 65 metres and set in a beautiful pagoda.

14 July 2017

Young nuns at the market. Many children as well as adults become monks or nuns through belief, or often poverty. They are a wonderful sight in the streets as they collect alms.

13 July 2017

Traditional boats crossing the river. They look peaceful but have a noisy smelly diesel engine!

10 July 2017

I love the quirky activities here - like the aqua putting here on the lake. The balls float! And yes there is a handy ferris wheel too.

5 July 2017

Would any ladies clothes shop in Oz ever use this name!

4 July 2017

This beautiful buddha is at my local pagoda. I sometimes call in early mornings as its so peaceful.

2 July 2017

Sometimes it's too wet even to swim!

29 June 2017

Attend a Tech girls meeting. Pushing to get girls into technology. Myanmar is becoming huge in digital communication. To think 5 years ago mobiles were only for the elite. Now over 70% have one.

27 June 2017

Well this is something I wasn't expecting! Sadly we're not quite ready to enter so we'll just have to go and watch!

24 June 2017

Today is fete de music. A global music festival. Here are local musicians performing in a space under the freeway!

18 June 2017

Amazing wiring - probably why we're having power cuts!

16 June 2017

Lots of chilli and garlic with great local veggies My current favourite dish is tea leaf salad!

15 June 2017

Shwenagan Pagoda is the most iconic pagoda. It literally shines above the city.

13 June 2017

This is Yin Yin, one of the founders of Greenovator which is the organization I'm working with. They developed an app for farmers called Greenway which is revolutionizing how farmers get information. Check us out!

10 June 2017

This is not an easy language. No idea what this says!. But we can ask how much something thing is and usually manage to catch the right bus.

9 June 2017

Yeah for the Australian embassy club pool!
More faded beauty. A typical crumbling colonial building in an alleyway in downtown.

3 June 2017

Yangon has every type of architecture. Colonial crumbling is a popular type! These faded glories are in the older part of downtown.
There are beautiful pagodas and monasteries around every corner. It will take 18 months the see them all!

31 May 2017

This gentleman is a bookbinder sewing the school books ready for the new term.

29 May 2017

My new flamingo umbrella matches my flamingo t-shirt! A cyclone is circling this area causing monsoon conditions; meaning totally soaked.....

28 May 2017

How lovely is this - everywhere you see water pots on the street for everyone to use. Part of Khamma and good deeds.

27 May 2017

I know we have traffic in Australia; but here it takes an hour to go a few blocks. When we understand Burmese script we'll try catching buses!

25 May 2017

This could be our new place! As well as learning Burmese, trying street foods, understanding what not to do; we've been house hunting. Lovely apartments with pool.
Street life. You can buy everything from chickens feet to umbrellas. Monsoons started yesterday so umbrella more useful! Traffic is chaotic here so side streets are a traders respite.

24 May 2017

So we've arrived. Day 3 and we are well into language training. Have also done a city tour including cocktails at the Savoy!

22 May 2017