Germany, New Zealand · 89 Days · 2 Moments · September 2014

Lena's Trip around the world :)

20 December 2014

After an 32 hour flight, I finally arrived in Auckland. It felt like I've never been away! A good friend picked me up from the airport and we hung around britomart and enjoyed the nice as weather! I stayed the night at my friends near Mount Eden. Got up early the next day picked up my sister from the airport and we took the ferry to Waiheke. I spent the day with my old host family and the kids, it was good to see them. We had a nice dinner, however it is raining all the time ! Probs the worst december in New Zealand since a dozen years... Well hope it gets better soon xxx

22 September 2014

Hey, in 2011 i settled over to NZ for a year. I used to go to Waiheke High School near Auckland. As I'm starting my OE soon, my first stop will be New Zealand, back to the roots. I will leave Germany on the 19th of december. Feel free to join my travel adventures around the world. Next stop after New Zealand is Asia and laters South America :) See ya :)