United States of America · 4 Days · 6 Moments · December 2017

Snowshoe, WV

1 January 2018

As much fun as it was, I have to say that I would have prefered to spend New Years at home. Here in America it is just not a big deal and we didn't even see fireworks. But the dinner was very nice in a very fancy restaurant, Rachel and Jeff payed for us, so cute! I'd like to mention that they had only 1 vegetarian dish, which was a salad: Well, welcome to West Virginia! Shortly before midnight Natia and I dressed up in our skiing clothes (it was around -20°C) and went to the outdoor New Years party. It was nice, but it was just not too much fun with only 2 people and as I mentioned before: there were not even fireworks... But at least the showed the ball drop at Times square on a big screen.

31 December 2017

Nati and I decided to not ski the third day but to enjoy the village, the hot tub and to just relax for a day. And to face time a lot!

30 December 2017

Second day of skiing I spent almost thr whole day skiing by myself, whch was awesome! I went over to the other side of the mountain, the 'Western Territory', where only black trails are. Skiing alone has a lot of advantages, just like being able to wait in the 'Single line' for the lift, which means you safe a lot of time and get to know lots of people, cause almost everyone starts talking to you during the lift ride....

29 December 2017

Friday was the first day we went skiing. Oh how I missed it... Even though Snowshoe is not a big skiing area, it has some really nice trails. Most of the time I skied with Nati's host family (while she was taking skiing lessons) until I felt comfortable enough to ski by myself. The sad thing was that the runs are not so long which means that since I was alone I was down in 1-2 minutes but to go back up (waiting and the lift ride) took me around 15 minutes or more.

28 December 2017

We arrived in the Snowshoe village around 4 pm on Thursday. Our lodge is called 'Mountain Lodge' and we are staying in an appartment with two bedrooms a livingroom and a kitchen. I'm sharing my room with Nati. We were just resting during the day and went for a quick walk through the close by village in the evening. It's really beatiful!