United States of America · 2 Days · 5 Moments · January 2018

Miami, FL

26 January 2018

Lunch & ice cream at the Lincoln road mall and then we went for another walk to the beach and the Ocean Drive (street which is part in the movie Step up: Revolution)
FRIDAY Last day in Miami, saaad, I love the warm weather! We spent most of the day at South Beach and Lincoln Ave.
airbnb in Hollywood, FL

25 January 2018

After checking into our airbnb we finally went to Miami to see the Wynwood Walls. In my opinion the whole area is filled with beautiful artwork not only the exhibition itself.
We took a plane from DCA to Charlotte NC at 5:25 in the morning and there we transfered to another plane which finally took us to Fort Lauderdale. As soon as we arrived we went to the Hollywood beach, one of the most beatiful beaches I've ever seen. We spent the whole morning there. Eating, enjoying the view and sadly without swimming. It was too cold and way too windy to spend a lot of time at the actual sandy beach, but we had fun anyways.