United States of America · 2 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

New York, NY

25 November 2017

I passed Times Square on my way back to the train station, it was already dark which made it look even more impressive.
I went for a little walk through Central Park, it felt like in a movie...😍
THANKSGIVING WEEK - Saturday -Visiting New York City After visiting new Canaan I took the train to Stamford and then further to the Grand Central Terminal. From there I started walking into the direction of the Central park. On my way I stopped at the Rockerfeller Center and looked at the Rink. (ice skating place)

24 November 2017

We even found a chrismas market, and treated ourselves with a hot chocolate wnd doughnuts!!😍👌
Then I started walking from the Grand Central Station to the area near Penn station to meet Ramina! On my way I passed the Empire Sate building. It was Black friday so of course we did some shopping!First of all we went to H&M, where they had booked a DJ only for this special day. Victoria Secret was our next stop. It was awesome and annoying at the same time, so many cool things but sooo many people...
THANKSGIVING WEEK - Friday - Traveling to New York City From new Canaan over Stamford to Grand Central Terminal! Stunning!