Mexico · 4 Days · 13 Moments · March 2018

17 March 2018

Day 5 Our last day in Mexico! We spent most of it just relaxing at the beach and looking for shells and shark teeth. It was really warm and the water was very nice. But after talking to an older man who told us that there've been shark attacks at the beach during the past years we kinda rather stayed out if the sea.🦈

16 March 2018

4th Day - Part 2 When we arrived at the island we were all already in a prerty good mood. Our firdt stop was a Tequilla store because free Tequilla shots were included in our tour. We tried coconut, mango, chocolate and cream and they were delicious! No tequilla I've ever had before could be compared to those. As soon as we walked out on the street another 5 people offered us free tequilla (which we gladly exepted...😉). Then we just relaxed at the beach and I finally got a henna tattoo!🎨 The only disadvantage of this day was that I got a sunburn all over my shoulders and my back, puting in sunscreen four times didn't seem to help...
4th Day - Part 1 BOAT TRIP TO ISLA MUJERES Honestly one of my favourite parts! We spent almost the whole day on the boat with great music and alcohol🍹🍸🍷🎉 The water was so blue and as awesome as it was the most amazing part for me was the snorkling. I saw soooo many fish, big, small, blue and red and grey and yellow! 🐟🐠🐡 I eevn saw two really big shells on the ground but they were way too far away to reach.🐚 After the snorkling we got to try another fun activity: Spinnaker. It's hard to describe bit you're basically flying up in the air (prob around 10/15m) over the surface of the sea. It was a little bit scary but amazing!✨Sadly I didn't take any pictures so I just added a screenshot here.

15 March 2018

3rd Day - Part 4 Our last and short stop for the day was in VALLADOLID. A cute little town with a nice park where we saw a traditional mexican dance and ate a delicious "crispy crêpe"(No idea what it's really called tho.) But of course I missed my love while enjoying my travels....(especially while sitting on couple chairs like that)👫😓
3rd Day - Part 3 CENOTE X'KÉKÉN Last cenote of our journey but as unique as the other two. A big natural swimmingpool in a stalactite cave. It's undescribable what it's like to swimm in there, I'd say it was as exciting and beautiful as it was frightening, because the water was pitch black, the cave was only filled with a few lights.
3rd Day - Part 2 Next stop: CENOTE IK KIL Sooooo beautiful! It could be described as really big and deep water hole which was underground at some point buta then half of the ceiling broke down and opened it up. Swimming down there is just amazing and unbelievable. One is also able to jump down the stone cliffs which are probably between 10-15m high. Then we went further driving through numerous littoe mexican villiges, where we saw a lot of dogs, cats and pigs running around ob the street. As pretty as the country is one can really see how poor it is by visiting the less touristy regions.
3rd Day - Part 1 Early in the morning we left to CHITCHEN ITZA, it was almost 3h away. There probably are the best known mayan ruins in the area. It was an extremely sunny and hot day, we were sweating so much and were exhausted after spending over 2h walking around. The ruins were very big and impressive. A really interesting part was watching the people chisel and paint these amazing masks.

14 March 2018

2nd Day - Part 3 Third stop: TULUM We went to so the mayan ruins and the area was actually very big. There were so many temples and other buildings like the "palace" of the mayan king. Afterwards we quickly went to the beach and then had dinner at an italien restaurant in dowtown Tulum. Once we were done eating (and drinking🍹) we went for a short walk through the area looking at the things people were selling. Around 8 we started to head home.
2nd Day - Part 2 Our next stop was the first Cenote we visited. CENOTE AZUL One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and a must for everyone who's visiting East Mexico! The water was so clear and nice, we were swimming with the fish (wearing our gogles to see better under water) and before we left Benni and I quickly jumped off the cliff, which was about 5m high. And not to forget that we saw the first iguana of our trip there.
2nd Day - Part 1 Wednesday we started our road trip through east Mexico. We rented a car and Linda was brave enough to drive in the mexican traffic (Which is crazy!!) Our first stop was PLAYA DEL CARMEN. A really beautiful beach close by. We made a short foto shooting, went for a quick walk and had lunch in a raw vegan restaurant. It was a little weitd but rrally pretty good.

13 March 2018

1st Day Got up at 4 in the morning to pick up Benni and Linda from their places. Around 6 we went to the airport (IAD) and we arrived in Cancùn around 11 o'clock. First of all we went to check out our airbnb, which was disgusting but cheap so fine for us. We spent the day exploring Cancùn, especially the hotel zone and the beach. We went to a typical mexican restaurant and I learned a very important thing: Never try the sauces that they give you with the Nachos if you don't like spicy! Not even the "not spicy" ones, cause there are none.😂 This day was pretty uneventful, the only other thing worth mentioning is that we of course used our right of being able to consume alcohol...🍷🍸🍹