United States of America · 6 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Cape Cod 2017

4 August 2017

Mini golf and Ben & Jerry's to conclude our vacation...we had a great time! It was a pleasure to spend time together and create new memories with one another!

3 August 2017

Cape Cod isn't a trip without our annual visit to Provincetown 😜

2 August 2017

On Day 2 we returned to Nauset Light Beach...Jahai and Kai were tossed around a bit, but they had great fun!
And a quick stop at Wiley Pond before dinner!
Then we returned and enjoyed high tide + the sunset...nothing like wading at dusk!
Day 3: All about the bay...we enjoyed low tide at First encounter

1 August 2017

Even Chase is relaxing at the Cape!

31 July 2017

We were all privileged to take part in Poppy's 95th birthday...what a beautiful milestone. What better way to celebrate than with Arnold's seafood and Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake!
We started our vacation with our family tradition...Nauset Light Beach. It was a beautiful day, with full waves and an unduplicated view...yes!

30 July 2017

Road trip to Cape Cod!