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19 March 2018

Missionary friends came to say goodbye

17 March 2018

Today was my last day of work on my mission. I leave Salt Lake City this Wednesday, March 21st to head home. It seems surreal that a year has passed and I am saying goodbye to my many new friends and acquaintances. Looking forward to being home with new adventures ahead, being with family, and most of all sleeping in! This year has been the most remarkable experience of my life. I've learned more about love and friendship here than I ever knew was possible. Thanks for keeping track of me on my journey! Look forward to new journeys in the weeks ahead! No telling where my path will lead. Love to you all, Leilani

11 February 2018

Happy Sabbath day. Its a 🌞 sunny day and my ❤ is felled 28th hope for the week ahead. I am so thankful to be on this mission and to represent my Savior, Jesus Christ.

29 January 2018

A few days ago, this missionary was fulfilling her assignment as Reference Book Librarian, when a whole shelf of huge heavy books fell on her. Meaning me. Trying to recover from that trauma so I can finish my mission with a bang! How crazy is that. Today is the fourth day. Prayers are appreciated!

25 January 2018

New bulletin board on B2. We are teaching our guests to fish for ancestors inline.

24 January 2018

Haven't written for some time. Busy, busy. LOVING my mission.!

20 January 2018

Winter Wonderland here and STILL coming down. Lovely!

12 December 2017

3 December 2017

Light the World in your own little part of it

29 October 2017

OF the Lord that is

28 October 2017

Yes, it is Fall here too.

22 October 2017

House if the Lord.

26 September 2017

24 September 2017

It has been raining for over 24 hours straight!

24 July 2017

Had a super time at the Pioneer Day parade Too many pics to post them all.

16 June 2017

Pam was here and we decided to hitch hike to Bryce Canyon. It was fun.

14 June 2017

Went to a stunning concert on Temple Square at the Tabernacle for my birthday. My best friend is here and it was fantastic!

13 June 2017

2 June 2017

21 May 2017

What a wonderful way to begin the Sabbath, Music and the Spoken Word. The88th year of it's existence.

7 May 2017

I just realized I can post more than one photo on a note so I will now try that. The view from my balcony on third floor of three. A very lovely day in Salt Lake City. 1. Looking East. 2. East zoomed in on Angel Moroni on top of the temple. 3. Looking west out to the street of 200 west. To see all photos swipe right to left after clicking to see full pic. Also to leave a comment hit the little dialogue bubble at bottom of note and type your comment.

1 May 2017

I finished my e-training!!! Woo-hoo!!! What a relief AND I got a letter from home via Aly.

28 April 2017

My newest home decor item. Absolutely LOVE the saying. Perfect.
The famous boots
It has rained every day this week. Tuesday I decided to wear my "new" coat from Deseret Industries. Gorgeous raincoat/trench coat type in excellent condition, albeit a size or two too big for me. Not wanting cold, wet feet all day I put on my hot pink/red rubber rain boots with the too big almond brown coat. Add my umbrella, big yellow flowered bag, and red cross body purse to the ensemble and what do you get? Picture a cross between A Winnie the Pooh illustration of Christopher Robin and Mary Poppins. Sure did stay dry, though. Maybe gave a smile to early morning commuters driving down North Temple or West Temple. Goofy Sister Brandon.
Just filling you in on my progress passing off my Family Search certification modules. On Tuesday I started working on the first of 16 modules. Tomorrow I will be passing off #11 and 12. Monday, 13 and 14, then Tuesday finish up with 15, 16. THEN, I get trained specifically in researching in the British Isles, New Zealand, and Australia. Almost all week I've sat behind a computer all day. A little time on the floor learning where things are. Just want to learn all I need to so I can be of help to guests.

24 April 2017

Started training and got my locker in the lovely British Zone today. It feels like a little English cottage down there on B2 Basement floor. This is what they have on the break room table. I found out I am replacing 6 people! No pressure at all.

21 April 2017

Simeon asked me if I plan to get a British accent. What a goofball. I said, "maybe!"
And here I am knowing it is right.
Sister Brandon, turn around and smile at your zone leaders, Elder and Sister Fairchild. From the British Services floor of the Family History Library!", said President Tate. For the first 2 seconds I was SHOCKED, but the third second brought total confirmation and peace. British Services actually covers 5 or 6 countries, including New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, and maybe Australia. Can't remember. Here I am being shocked.

20 April 2017

I've not been posting for a few days,purely out of tiredness! On Tuesday I saw Linda Mae for the 1st time in years. We hugged and laughed and hugged and cried and hugged and talked. I was so excited to see her that I forgot to take a pic of us to post. Yesterday I learned that Kens mom crossed over to the other side It was a tough day, but what better place to be than in a spiritual bubble of love and understanding of the Plan of Salvation. Tomorrow I will get my assignment. I promise to write. XO

17 April 2017

I knew I missed the family in Arizona, but didn't realize how much until I just face timed with them. Oh boy, now I am too sad. Good time to go to bed so I can rise and shine bright and early tomorrow. Whew. I have to remember I will see them in June for Jake's graduation. Not that far away. Sigh.

15 April 2017

My first time doing laundry. Actually quite enjoyable!

14 April 2017

Oops! President and Sister Tate.
Here I am with my mission president and his wife. They are awesome.

13 April 2017

This week I have been studying the attributes of Christ in an effort to try to develop them within myself. Faith, hope, charity, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, obedience. This is a lofty goal for this little missionary. If even I can grow closer to Him by learning more of Him, I will be thankful. Every day here, I am further amazed at how wonderful the world is and how fantastic that people can come to visit Temple Square from ANYPLACE and still have a conversation in their native language. The United Nations speaks in 9 languages, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds its worldwide general conference with translations into 97 languages. I sat next to a young man from the Apache Reservation right by where Simeon and Aly live at Conference. We talked together of our Stake President, President Shumway as the young man's mother translated Conference into Apache. We are all children of our Heavenly Father. Life is amazing.
The day is lovely, just like the scenery! Another wonderful day as a missionary. My brain is like oatmeal from working on a PC all day. I'm getting it though. We have a devotional every day. It is so amazing to be in this spiritual bubble. I am so happy! Easter is coming. We are so blessed, He is risen.

12 April 2017

Look how big Penny is!
My view as I walked to training this morning. Lovely!

11 April 2017

This is our motto. I think I will keep it for the rest of my life.
Must write about my day. We had training most of the day, (two weeks on computers until we're assigned to our zones) then we had a "field trip" to t he Church History Library. I got to see an original manuscript page of the Book of Mormon that is on display there. Also got to hear stories of wonderful spiritual events that occur during the days with missionaries who work on collections and digitalizing records. I cannot express to you the amazing work that is going on here in the Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission. It is definitely NOT only family history that we serving here are involved in doing. Did you know that we are able to access online the records that have already "gone digital"? The site is www.churchhistorylibrary.org I'm going to check it out right now!XO

9 April 2017

Probably the saddest part of today was hearing how hard it is for the missionaries whose missions are ending here, talk about going home. Its not the home part, but the leaving here part that is difficult. I know my time will go quickly, and I'm already dreading leaving. Sigh.
Today was the first time I attended church here in my mission. The spirit was so sweet. One thing I noticed right away was that Sacrament was unusually quiet. Since my Branch it made up of only Senior Missionaries, there were no children at all. This is a first for me. Since being baptised in 1979,there have always been kids at church, some of which were mine! I will start writing more about my experience as soon as internet is installed tomorrow Writing on my phone is super hard! Learning more of my Savior daily and growing closer to him. I. Am. So . Happy. So blessed. XO
Good morning Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission. Fresh snow to greet us.

7 April 2017

I left the MTC after lunch today and have moves into my apartment in Salt Lake City. What a day. More tomorrow with maybe a few photos but for now...sweet dreams.

6 April 2017

Today was my first day of mission training, after photos for various reasons. I love the way we document everything with photos in this mission! I am kinda surprised, yet proud, that I made it through some training on a PC without screaming once! I am a Mac girl and am usually totally frustrated with PCs. Know there are angels helping me on this one! We've been told very sincerely so many times since arriving that we were prayed here. 38 missionaries leave this month and only 22 have come. Every Monday we have a mission devotional. It's like a mini General Conference, complete with a Mission choir, the Elijah Choir. Super beautiful. I plan to join after training. I will know which of the 20 zones I will be assigned to on Friday. It's almost like waiting for my mission call to know where I will be assigned. I still find it hard to believe that I am here and get to stay for 18 months. Seeing the temple daily and being able to focus on only missionary work is so different.
The ten other single senior sister missionaries I am with in the MTC. And me.

5 April 2017

Hey all my Salida friends, look who I found working at the MTC! Its sister Tucker
MTC fun!

4 April 2017

At the MTC Going to Salt Lake City. Tonight a devotional with a general authority.

3 April 2017

end of my first day at the MTC. INCREDIBLE. I am so happy and still can't believe I am here. The force is strong!
Jake to school,me to MTC. Peace out!

2 April 2017

Just attended morning session of General Conference. Fantastic!

1 April 2017

Now this is COOL!
Just learned that the day I report to the Missionary Training Center to prepare for my mission, is the 181st anniversary of the fulfilling of a prophecy. The prophet Elijah returned to restore the keys of Temple and Family History work. I am called to be a Temple and Family History Consultant missionary. COOL!

30 March 2017

My last few nights with Jake before my mission and his high school graduation. LOVE this kid!
Sister MacKay and I at the visitors center at Temple square today. Like we've never been apart.

29 March 2017

Made it Utah Gorgeous drive. Here with Sienna and Zack

26 March 2017

I am an official missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I head to Utah tomorrow. Here is the magnificent family I am leaving behind but I'm going with their full support and well wishes.
Sharon made it!

25 March 2017

After dinner
After Women's Conference tonight was surprised to be taken to dinner with Aly, Sallie, and Marcia. What a mission sendoff
The Salt Lake Temple that I will be seeing every day during my mission! Ask me about temples and their importance.
I am down to single digits! 9 days until I report to the MTC.

24 March 2017

But this is what I'm leaving. Sniff.
Ten days to go and room to spare!

18 March 2017

16 days!
Counting the days until I report to the MTC in Provo, Utah!