United States of America · 8 Days · 50 Moments · April 2017

Leighann's journi to Florida

21 April 2017

chilling during our layover... Vacation isn't over until we reach rochester.... enjoying our last couple hours
met this black chick named rainbow.... had chick-fil-a for the the first time and it was okay but i wouldn't choose it over mcdonalds
Baltimore Airport has a VS
florida pink lemonade tastes better
saying goodbye is the hardest part

20 April 2017

got our cartilages pierced today!!
saw this before snorkeling today

19 April 2017

this lizard creeped me out
these trees got their roots set in the keys
lunch in the keys
Amazing view from our hotel room
Southern most point in the USA!
Mile 0!
alyssa likes this magnet

18 April 2017

everyone's laying around sunburnt today

17 April 2017

hiding from the sun

16 April 2017

birthday dad
sachmo locked us out of the house so we had to hop the fence, run through sprinklers and sprint down the street to get a key to the front door and we get back to find that sachmo and al got the door open with a knife and a fork
took some "artsay pic"
went to the beach today!!
watched an amazing movie
had a nice fire

15 April 2017

uber brought us MDs
al cut down a coconut
hbd dad 🎉🎉🎉
waffle ice cream cone
chilling while we get breakfast in couch and then we are going to a chicken wing fest

14 April 2017

it's been a long day been up since 6 and i'm exhausted. night friends see y'all tmrw
got to see miami all lit up at night
have to say it was a pretty damn good waffle (cost $16)
romero made my drink vape
it was a sweet day
went down to south miami for dinner
chilling in madelyn room ignoring my dads horrible jokes
i was pointing at a bird in the airport
got a cookie at the airport
the food looks and tastes better in Florida
chilling in tampa during are 2 hour layover
flight one 🛩✔️
Dad was comfortable on the flight
Al's salty cuz somebody's eating chinese food
we got here way to damn early 😊