Philippines · 68 Days · 10 Moments · November 2017

Ira Chantal's Baguio Bday Celebration

10 January 2018


8 November 2017

Baguio Day 4: Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine Up by more than a hundred steps Tiring, worthit and romantic!

7 November 2017

Celebration Night of my baby Crabs, Prawns, Grilled Pork Wrapped asparagus with bacon then grilled Cake Tequilla And lots of love! Happy Birthday mahal! 11.7.17 So I collated all her favourite food/dishes and told her that I'll cook those on her birthday. We went to SM Baguio and bought raws. Supposedly buttered King Crab but ended up with King Alimasag, as Crabs cost like a life of a King as well. 😴😴 We tried this bacon asparagus in Korean Resto along Visayas Ave in QC and she loved it, so I made her such, Leify style. Just wrap 3-5 strings of Asparagus (cut in 2 inches long) with bacon, lock it with toothpicks to not loosen up the bundle while grilling it. Low and behold, we've made our own version of bacon Asparagus! Cost? Less than 250 P80-90 rolled bacon P100-120 Asparagus P10 Charcoal Toothpicks - you can get used toothpicks in a fastfood so it'd be FREE. Eew nga lang. Ahahaha

6 November 2017

Baguio Day 3: Tarmac and Camp John Hay

5 November 2017

Baguio Day 2: Kim's Transient, Loakan Airport, Ongasan, Baguio City TRANSIENT: Kim's Transient Houses Baguio 1 room with electric fan, cabinet, small TV Living room, kitchen with gas range, pan, caserole, plates, spoon and fork, knife, sink, drinking glasses included, toilet and bath with heater Wi-Fi Cost during our stay? P2500 for 5 days. Isn't nice? 😊 House chill since it's raining all day. Morning coffee while checking messages Lunch time: Ira tried to cook and succeeded. #tinolangmanok #irasfave 👍👌👏👏👏
Baguio Day 1: Tarmac, Burnham Park

4 November 2017

Waiting, onboarding and stop over to Baguio @Victory Liner Cubao
It all started when I decided to treat her on her birthday a week long vacation in Baguio. Reason being is.. she was always sad when this day comes, as It was never celebrated at home. Hence, I want to change things go on her special day. Rewinding back to the first day that we met, I saw her sitting in my class. She was one of my trainees. This is when we became friends, inside and outside the training room. A week after it was already her birthday, which I didnt know. She told me later on that she cried that day coz she has no one to celebrate it with that time. When we became bf/gf, I said to her that, that is the last time she'll be lonely and alone on her special day. Since she has me now, ill make sure that year on year, it will be celebrated and ill make it special. If you go on and browse all the pictures here, you'll see a small cake that has a candle '1' on top. This is the first year that her birthday will be a special day on a move forward basis. 😍 Baguio: Day