Philippines · 68 Days · 10 Moments · November 2017

Ira Chantal's Baguio Bday Celebration

10 January 2018


8 November 2017

Baguio Day 4: Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine Up by more than a hundred steps Tiring, worthit and romantic!

7 November 2017

Celebration Night of my baby Crabs, Prawns, Grilled Pork Wrapped asparagus with bacon then grilled Cake Tequilla And lots of love! Happy Birthday mahal! 11.7.17

6 November 2017

Baguio Day 3: Tarmac and Camp John Hay

5 November 2017

Baguio Day 2: Kim's Transient, Loakan Airport, Ongasan, Baguio City House chill since it's raining all day. Morning coffee while checking messages Lunch time: Ira tried to cook and succeeded. #tinolangmanok #irasfave 👍👌👏👏👏
Baguio Day 1: Tarmac, Burnham Park

4 November 2017

Waiting, onboarding and stop over to Baguio @Victory Liner Cubao
2 large gym bags each with 5 days worth of stuff