Europe · 22 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

Lee's tour through Spain

29 September 2017

Back. Sun replaced by gloom, empty roads replaced by congestion. Grim, and we were still in Portsmouth. I won’t describe the usual nightmare of a journey, if I say the highlight was a bargain bucket of kfc in Dudley then you should get the gist. I think it took 6 hours, could have been longer. Ah well, it was a good holiday

28 September 2017

The final day, short trip to Bilbao Ferry, managed to get lost in the Port, to be fair badly signposted, queues up in the sunshine, boards , nice cabin. Booked a meal in the restaurant, and to be honest it was the best meal I think we had in 3 weeks. Managed to watch a magic act before quite an early night.

27 September 2017

Shopping A bit of a sad day as nick and Nicky set off Home. They packed up and waved goodbye and we knew that it would be us going the following day.. but before that we had to do some booze shopping, sonit was off to carrefour in Miranda, a town just down the road. Bought loads of drink, mostly wine, beer and gin. We were on the hunt for tobacco for Andy and Lorna, it’s hard to find in Spain, so we didn’t really go out again, early night.

26 September 2017

Moving on to Haro Catherine had been in touch with Nicky and arranged to meet up in a site at Haro, in the Rioja region on the way to Bilbao. So we packed up and set off. Fabulous , Toll Free, road right across Spain to Haro. Hours and hours of deserted tundra and hills, the odd farm and village. A different world. As we got nearer to Haro it started to get greener and more fertile , and when we finally got off the main road, the AP68, we stopped at a Simply supermarket for a few provisions. From there it was a horrible drive through Haro and over the river to the campsite. camping Haro. As we pulled in, there was a pitch next to nick and Nicky , they even made us dinner, a sort of pork risotto, which was nice. Later on we changed and headed into town. Haro was lovely, and came alive after 8 when all the bars offering wine and tapas opened up. So cheap, and tasty, 3€ for two glasses of red wine and a tapas. Loved it.

25 September 2017

We had some sort of fish platter to share, with two large beers, for7€ ! Excellent value and delicious. Actually went back there for another beer after trying a couple of other places. Finally it was time to go, and after managing to get through the barrier we got the direct train back to Navajas. Didn’t bother with stopping off at the village, just walked back up the hill and bed. Great day
Valencia With some trepidation and a hand scribbled set of train times we set off for the train to valencia. In theory not much could go wrong, but we didn’t speak a word of Spanish, and didn’t know our way around either. To compound matters I only had about €20 in cash so I was hoping that the guard would accept cards. He didn’t, but luckily it was only €15 return for both of us so we carried on. We had to change at Subota , but eventually we got to Valencia Nord . Another gloriously sunny day, which wasn’t the forecast so I had black jeans on, in 36 degree heat. Valencia was stunning, not so much for the architecture, but the people. Hustle and bustle, fashion, traffic, life. Tend to forget about daily life when you are on a campsite. Saw some of the sites, cathedral tour, tried to buy shorts to no avail, the shops had their winter range in stock. Finally we went for a beer and tapas down a side street that looked popular with the locals. Food was great, and cheap,

24 September 2017

Lazy Day Quiet day by the pool, sunny and hot once more
Lazy Day Quiet day by the pool, sunny and hot once more

23 September 2017

Exploring Navajas Feeling much better in the morning, but still a bit concerned about being far from a loo. Sun was shining again so after breakfast we walked down past the train station to the waterfalls. Quite a steep hill, but worth it. Wild goats turned up as well. Really only just a short walk from the village. Made our way back to the campsite for a day next to the pool. Only us and a couple of girls there, they were playing music. Water was cold but you soon got used to it. I think I fell asleep!

22 September 2017

Moving on, no reason to stay at the Tauro, more of a rest home for stingy brits than anything else. The sun shines but that's all that is going for it really. Decided to move on and even though we said we were heading to Benidorm we ended up in a village near valencia, watching bulls chase people round the square. Mad. But much better than the pound a pint brigade. After walking back to the campsite catherine had glass in her drink and then we opted for a meal in the site restaurant, mistake. I was badly ill around midnight so we missed the train into Valencia for the day. Probably do Monday now, as long as I'm well.

21 September 2017

Day 3 Hangover, quiet day followed by meal out with nick and Nicky. Pretty poor pizza, but a nice evening.

20 September 2017

Day two, But if a nothing day, carrefour and pool before drinks with the neighbours, nick and Nicky, before late bed

19 September 2017

Woke, packed and left in direction of valencia. Roads brilliant, near miss near peniscola when trying to overtake a stationary wagon, but other than that a good trip to a site which we would never have chosen, but is actually full of good people and has a good feel. Walked into town that evening , long walk but lovely evening for a gastro tapas, excellent food and wine, taxi back, slept well.

18 September 2017

Rain We've arranged to meet Suzannah and tom it tossa de mar today. But it's heavy rain. But storm ends so we get bus into tossa, meet up at the Diana hotel for drinks and then tapas before heading home. Miss the bus, we think, shared a taxi back with a couple with a dog .

17 September 2017

Beach day. Woke to sunshine again and after extending stay for another two nights we had breakfast before heading down to beach. Glorious weather again. Windy on the beach and not much shade but did 4 hours before paella lunch and walk back up hill. No pictures because didn't take phone to beach. Had a meal out in the camp restaurant, really good, and an early night. The only downside to this camp is the hill you have to walk up, after a few days your legs are like tree trunks.

16 September 2017

Despite bad forecast the sun kept on shining , so we did a much needed clothes wash, 5€ including powder, sunbathed and then got the bus into tossa del mar, 3.7€ for two. Amazed by tossa de mar, mix of new and old buildings, small avenues with shops and bars. Walked up the ramp to the castle ruins where music was coming from, some concerts by, great sounding music but we opted for a drink in the bar at the top of the hill, fabulous views across the bay. Couple of drinks there, whilst watching city on my phone, won 6-0 to go top of league, before walking down to town for tapas and more drinks, got the 8:30 pm bus back to site, first stop , before Irish coffees , electrical storm and bed, for 9 pm !

15 September 2017

Last day in France. Woke to an overcast day so after cheerio breakfast packed up. The site was pretty empty by now, like a ghost town, sad to leave but it closes tomorrow anyway, and Spain beckons. 2 hours later we are in Spain, and it's raining. Unbelievable. Found a site just south of tossa de mar, pitch 13 with a great view of the beach. Weather is poor though, so had a steak for lunch, delicious, and quiet afternoon playing games in the camper. Site is beautiful, terraced pitches with private beach, but again very quiet. Cala Llevado , cheapest campsite I have ever been on at 17€ for 2 nights with ehu! Ended up going to the bar for a beer later on, and a brandy with a bit of coffee in. Not a bad night really.

14 September 2017

Swimming Started off cloudy so walked down to the beach , nice beach, then by the time we got back to camper the sun was breaking through. Walked down to the pool complex where we had choice of all 50 sunloungers. Spent the day there except for a pizza lunch , beautiful sunny day. After showers it was moules et frites in the restaurant with local white wine. Karaoke was pretty dire so bed about 11. A good uneventful day.

13 September 2017

La Yole Actually the entertainment last night wasn't bad, best so far! A few English songs amongst the dour French tunes, and a few people in the crowd. Managed to watch city win 0-4 at Feyenoord, better than being in uk. The site does have everything, including its own water park , bakery, supermarket, pizza takeaway, bar, the lot. Funny is you get used to not having anything so it seems a bit pointless. Great for little kids mind, parks, disco etc. Will recommend to family.
Another lovely morning, packed up and after bread and croissants for breakfast set off for the sea. Good drive down to valras plage where it got a bit messy and I ended up booking two nights in La Yole, a big campsite with many pools, caravans, chalets the lot. It's pretty empty, as it closes the day after we leave, so it has a strange feel to it. But the sun is shining and we have wristbands to go in the pool so it should be fun.

12 September 2017

Waking up in the Ardeche. Breakfast of baguette and butter, soap dish is now the new butter dish. Walked into Salavas along the river, about 30 minutes, visited the shop for some ingredients for dinner, wine of course. Contemplating canoe trip, seems wrong not to do it . Spent the day on the beach sunbathing and watching canoes go by, followed by drinks in the bar and a spicy chicken and rice dish cooked on the cadac,

11 September 2017

The ardeche Camping Le Clappe not quite what I thought it was going to be, but great pitch and Alain the owner excellent bloke. Pitch 61 overlooking the river, next to some German family with two young kids. Had to dine on sausage and beans on arrival as no eaterie on site and we hadn't shopped. Still the sun is shining and it's 24degrees ,
Beautiful sunny morning Woke about 8, after a somewhat restless night, very warm and strange dreams due to cheesy pizza, sun was shining. Decided to pack up and move on as the forecast was not great , and we did want to see the Ardeche again. But sad to go, a piece of us will always be there , we left the rubber mat by mistake! Another longish drive past Lyon to the Ardeche, and then a very slow and scarey ascent up some mountains to the site, Le Clappe .

10 September 2017

From Grot to France , just past Dijon Took some finding after another long drive. Sun is shining though and it's getting warmer so feeling happy. Camping moulin de collonge, near saint boil, yup , boil ! Pretty tricky to find due to road works and diversions in buxy, and used Acsi for a €18 pitch. Site was pretty empty, pitched up near a small pond with only a small caravan nearby, watched the sun go down before heading to the pizzeria on site. Brilliant meal, even though the waiter spoke no English which made it funny, catherine had beef borginion, I had pizza, superb , and the red wine helped.

9 September 2017

Travelled from zeebrugge to Luxembourg, long drive, weather atrocious at times but camping Grot was a good site. Probably the best toilets I've ever seen, lovely little village , next to river, short walk across a bridge to Lidl. Did a bit of essential shopping before going for s meal in the site bar/ restaurant . Food ok , not great, but the beer was top notch, erdinger . Very friendly staff, who spoke English. 19€ a night including ehu, brilliant.

8 September 2017

Ferry to zeebrugge