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Breck - July 4, 2017

3 July 2017

2 July 2017

1 July 2017

Anybody want a $70,000.00 lion?
(Continuation from below) I didn't take too many pics of the artists booths. Artists don't like you to photograph their work. But, I got some. (Plus, I am the worst at taking pictures, especially asking someone to take one of me.) But the pic below shows just how perfect the setting was and the quality of the art and number of booths were as good and as many as I have seen. It took both Saturday and Sunday afternoons for me to get through it all. (Some people could do it in a day. But I stop and talk to the artists, so it takes me a while.)
This trip was a spur of the moment deal. Things have been extremely stressful lately and I have been wound tight. I was sitting at my kitchen table one night trying to work and was just staring at the computer when I decided I needed to get away. The fourth of July was coming up and that seemed like a great opportunity. Finally, my fingers made use of the keyboard. I started researching Tennessee and North Carolina looking for a July 4th Festival. There were some but none that grabbed my attention. So I googled where to go on the fourth of July (or something like that) and up pops the Breckenridge Arts Festival. This was the 34th year (or 36th). I love art fairs. So it caught my attention. Then I found out about an art community here called Breck Create. They were having their 3rd annual art festival. Plus, there was a big 4th celebration, parade, and, of course, fireworks. In the end, I was hooked and the trip was booked that night. (Continued)

30 June 2017

Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center Check-in approx 8:00pm I said I learned three lesson on my way to Breckenridge. That isn't actually true. I learned others as well. Lesson four: They apparently do not use air conditioning in Colorado. Lesson five: They apparently do not HAVE air conditioning in Colorado. Lesson six: You can make your own "air conditioning" with an electric fan and 40-50 degree night-time temps. (Lesson seven: Parking at the Nashville International Airport is a NIGHTMARE!)
Friday, June 30, 2017 Artive Denver Drive to Breckenridge I learned three good lessons from Denver to Breckenridge. Lesson one: A compact car is not a good choice for the mountains. My goal was to do this trip on a shoestring budget. So, I rented a compact car since it was just transportation. Well, when I pulled out of the Enterprise lot and pressed the gas like normal...sputter, sputter, sputter. So I went to the floor and Sputter, Sputter, Sputter. One U-Turn and a $10/day upgrade later...the Dodge Charger did fine. 😎 Lesson two: It is not a good idea to drive across Denver at 5:00 pm. (See first pic and no further commentary needed.) Lesson three: On Friday afternoon, half of Denver heads to the mountains. (See pic 2.) On the plus side, Google took me Hwy 6 West instead of Int 70 West and the drive was beautiful. Shear rock faces and a white water rafting "creek" right along the highway made for a scenic drive for me and a couple hundred thousand other motorists.