Europe · 119 Days · 86 Moments · January 2019

Learning to Speak Danglish 101

11 May 2019

Day 119 Today was my last day in Copenhagen and I’m actually devastated. It feels surreal and I’m definitely not okay): BUT I had the BEST DAY! The family took me to tivoli which is the amusement park right in downtown Copenhagen. It’s beautiful they have gardens and so much food and fun rides! We stayed all afternoon and night going on rides and eating and walking around. I was nervous because I’m closer w the parents but the kids are the ones who go on rides so I didn’t want to be alone. The beginning was a little rocky but as the afternoon went on all 4 of us (Celine brought a friend) got along: cracking jokes, singing on rides, and coming up w funny faces to make at the camera on the rides lol the best was that Alexander would encourage me to come on the ride and be like “run we have to make it come sit here!” It meant so much to me and we had the best time I will never forget our tivoli trip☺️🥰

10 May 2019

Day 118 Friday!! Started the morning off with a run thru the forest around our house, not a great job but I wanted to see the neighborhood one last time (mostly the farm animals). I then met Liz downtown to get brunch but we couldn’t find a place so we ended up riding the electric scooters around for awhile it was actually AWESOME highly recommend! We finally got an amazing brunch & just hung out & went to the botanical gardens too. Then I went home & helped w dinner, super good risotto! We had such a nice dinner just sitting and talking for about two hours. After that I went back downtown to meet Liz Cj & CJ’s Mom downtown where we had drinks at a rooftop bar! Super delicious & her mom was so amazing. Stayed downtown for awhile and had ourselves one last banger in Copenhagen🙃

9 May 2019

Day 117 Rainy Thursday in cope! I went downtown to meet Sarah and hunter to go to a contemporary art museum. They only had 3 exhibits & it was the creepiest thing ever I don’t understand art and I don’t think a 15min video of a woman getting Botox injected into her throat is art but what do I know... after that terrible experience we went to the food market reffen which is my favorite place in cope! I got an Israeli wrap and some samosas & a mango lassi (smoothie) hehe it was so nice. Then I went back to Holte and went for a run around the forest by the castle and around the water it was absolutely beautiful I’m really going to miss that run. Once I got home I made dinner, apparently the kids ASKED for me to make chicken parm again lol everyone ate it, it was delicious😋 then I went back downtown and hung out w Liz for a little while we ate Ben & Jerry’s. Also my host family gave me the best gift, two tea cups from the Royal Danish collection and I almost cried

8 May 2019

Days 115-116 It’s my last week in Copenhagen and it’s been so weird not having classes and just hanging out but in a good way. I spent most of Tuesday doing my paper for psych, took me about 4hrs but I finished the 8pg research paper and now I’m done :) I had dinner w the host fam, they’re getting excited about tivoli this weekend which is super sweet. Then I went downtown to celebrate the last American Tuesday night at Old Irish; it turned into quite the hot mess but nevertheless always a fun time. On Wednesday, I met Aidan and Taylor (both girls in my homestay network) downtown and we went to the botanical gardens & butterfly house. Super beautiful there and just relaxing. I had to say my first real goodbye to Aidan which was so weird because it’s not like in college when you’ll see everyone back in the fall/: after, CJ and I got burgers from gasoline grill (the best burger ever) and then I worked out, ate tacos w the fam, then went back downtown to hang w Liz CJ & Hunter

6 May 2019

Day 114 Chill day today, steph left early in the morning but I had a later flight so had some time to myself. Unfortunately I had my suitcase so I couldn’t walk around a lot but I got an almond croissant and ate it in front of the Eiffel Tower and just laid there for about two hours it was super relaxing. Then I took one last lap around the river walkway and the Eiffel Tower then headed to the airport. Unfortunately I didn’t know I needed my train ticket to also get into the airport and I threw it out once I got off the train. This man was checking tickets and since I couldn’t go back down to retrieve it from the trash, he made me pay at 35 euro fine which was ridiculous. I was very frustrated, tired, and lonely so I started crying, I hope he felt bad cuz he was super rude to me. NEVERTHELESS I had a good flight and got some Joe & the juice on my way home. Gitte & crilles sat with me and we talked about our weekends, then they said they wanted to take me to tivoli on Saturday! So happy

5 May 2019

Day 113 Such a busy day! Went to the sacre cœur (a church) and walked around, fell into a tourist trap there yikes but pretty views. Then went on a boat tour of the seine river and saw some of the hot spots it was soooo magical to see the Eiffel Tower I absolutely loved it!! It was beautiful & so cool. For lunch we had escargot of course and tried frog legs! Actually amazing and such tiny bones lol. Then we went up Eiffel Tower which was so stunning just such amazing views of the city. Then we got some crepes and went to the arc de triumph. We climbed the stairs to the top & it was right at sunset and there’s just no words to describe it we stayed up there for like 40min just looking around. Then we got a quick dinner and went near the Eiffel Tower to see the little light show at night, it was beautiful we couldn’t get a good video but it’s so pretty when it’s lit up :)

4 May 2019

Day 112 First full day in Paris & there was soo much rain. We decided to go to the Louvre and see the museum since it’s raining but apparently so did every other tourist cuz the wait was 2.5hrs so we didn’t lol. Instead we went to saint Chapelle which is a church w some nice stained glass. Next we walked around and saw the Notre Dame, u couldn’t get close cuz of the restoration but u could still kind of smell something burning, so sad): I also bought a super pretty watercolor painting from a guy on the street I love it. Then we got really boujee overpriced macaroons and also had crepes earlier so we’re eating good. The best part is the escargot and the duck! We eat it at basically every meal lol there’s some real good food here

2 May 2019

Days 110-111 Pretty great end to the week. I had a huge research paper due for my ww2 class & I ended up writing 10 pages with a lot of research & hard work & I’m SUPER proud of my paper :) it was sad to have my last day of classes, my teachers brought in cake & other treats & I said goodbye to some friends. It’s weird cuz at school you still have the chance to see them, even your “in class friends” but here it’s most likely goodbye good luck with life. Nonetheless I really enjoyed all my classes soooo much, I loved going to school & I felt like I learned a lot. Today, hunter & I got an AMAZING brunch after class just such good food. Then I went to the airport & made it to Paris! I watched the movie “knock down the house” in the plane (about 4 women who ran for Congress) & cried multiple times throughout the movie. Paris is HUGE I’m so overwhelmed it feels like New York honestly. Steph & I had a great dinner, we got escargot!! And the duck & crepes were outstanding😜

29 April 2019

Days 107-109 Really nice start to the week. Monday I felt really good and went for a beautiful run thru this forest preserve and found a secret castle! Well not really secret but definitely hidden & it looks like a normal house but it was cool & so pretty around it. Tuesday was pretty average except it was one of the last “American Tuesdays” at Old Irish so we all went out & it was 2 of our friends bdays. Check out this cake a girl made that was supposed to look like beer pong & it also had melted marshmallows on top lol delicious. Wednesday was nice, me cj & Liz got snails (the cinnamon rolls), then had a super fun lunch with our core course I’m really going to miss them. Next Liz & I went to see our gang crime teacher Anne because she brought treats & we all just talked about criminal justice & prison stuff for an hour & a half! I’m going to miss Anne she was awesome & so sweet. It’s finals week so I’ve had a ton of work to do & the nights get kind of lonely so send encouragement :)

28 April 2019

Day 106 Had to actually get some school work done today because yes kids abroad still do have finals and work to do. For lunch I met Liz & Daria downtown, but walked by a cute flea market first in my town. Anyway, we went to the street food festival! It was in this park next to a beautiful cemetery where we actually took a detour & saw Hans Christian Andersen’s grave (the guy who wrote all the fairy tails). Anyway, the food was AMAZING we had empanadas from Argentina, chicken & kimchi bao, gnocchi (w fresh mozzarella) and butter chicken w a peanut curry sauce. For dessert we got vegan ice cream which was surprisingly delicious u definitely couldn’t tell the difference. I had the best time w those girls because we were able to have more serious conversations about bigger issues & we were all very interested in what’s going on in the world it was kind of fun. Just a chill night w the host fam & hw

27 April 2019

Day 105 Woke up to some rain which was actually very refreshing & made everything super green. Gitte & crilles like to do big breakfast/brunch on the weekend so we had some break w cheese, walnuts, & honey (so good), fruit & a little pastry of course. It’s so relaxing and nice to chat with them in the mornings. I got some work done and then later in the day went downtown to hunters apartment. Me her, her 2 roommates and Liz went to reffen (yes I went again cuz I love it) but this time we took the water taxi there which was so cool lol slow tho. This time I got tandoori chicken with naan and a mango lassi (smoothie) soo delicious. We sat by the water as the sunset & it was absolutely perfect, those are my favorite kinds of nights. Afterwards Liz & I got some chocolate muffins from 7/11 & just talked in her room. I’m really gona miss nights like these when I go home, it’s just so different in regards to the place and also different kinds of friendships

26 April 2019

Day 104 Such a nice Friday it was beautiful out and HOT almost 75 it was crazy. Classes have been so chill/cancelled but in my gang crime class we had a guest speaker come & talk about the organization of the gangs in Denmark it was interesting. After school I went for a run around my town and found this beautiful lake so I went for a run on the paths around the lake it was amazing! I loved exploring and I even planned my next route lol then at night me CJ And two other friends went to Reffen which is an outdoor food market and it’s my new favorite place☺️ there’s over 40 food stand options of delicious food Nd then some fire pits & benches or u can sit along the canal. I got Mexican corn on the cob (which has chili lime sour cream on it) and then a pork gyro, & of course Nutella ice cream to top it off. It was so amazing and relaxing to sit, eat & talk by the canal at night, definitely “hygge” lol

24 April 2019

Days 101-103 Not much going on this week so I’ll just give some highlights. School is winding down which means I have less classes but also a lot of long papers to write by next week. My classes are still very interesting and it’s nice to be in a more relaxed setting. The weather has been beautiful I’m really regretting not bringing shorts to cope so I’m secretly hoping it stays a little cooler. The other day Crilles taught me how to make Frikadella, the danish meatballs and it was amazing. I saved the recipe and will DEFINITELY be making them at home. It’s normal to have them on rye bread with a curry mayo, salami, pickles, and hard boiled egg lol sounds insane but it’s my favorite dish! Another highlight, I ran 4 miles this week which is a personal best & im consistent! I guess I’m doing good at staying fit bc an old man at the gym said he noticed I’ve been coming a lot & that I look slimmer, creepy or a compliment? I thought it was nice & made me feel like I’m doing good work :)

21 April 2019

Days 99&100 Had the house to myself for a little which was nice. I went for a run in the morning because it was absolutely beautiful outside. On my way back I stopped by the church in town, I didn’t go in because I wasn’t dressed right and the service was in Danish, but it was nice to sit outside for a little on Easter (the danes aren’t a very religious people so it was funny seeing how little people were actually in church compared to at home). I then got dinner with hunters family since they were visiting, we went to kayak bar which was this little area of picnic tables right along the canal it was amazing. Today was a lot more laid back but the transportation this weekend has been so bad. The trains weren’t even running and then the metro shut down, Ive never seen so many people there it was nuts. But I finally got home and could relax a little. Gitte also bought me some Easter candy which was so sweet of her(:

20 April 2019

Day 98 Last day in France): we took a trip to Arromaches which is a city along the water where the allied forces constructed an artificial harbor. It was actually fascinating to learn about, they had to put giant cement blocks in the water to control the waves and then build piers, all on enemy territory so they had all these structures assembled in mostly Britain and then shipped over. It took 10 days! The town was cool too, some really beautiful views of the waterfront. Then we drove a little to Pegasus Bridge which was a hot spot for the allies to control. We stood right where the planes landed and saw the first house liberated in France which was super cool, it was probably the place where I could picture the scene during the war the easiest. After that we headed to the airport, a HORRIBLE 3 1/2 hr bus ride and then sat in probably the worst airport I’ve ever been in. The Paris airport sucks it was hot and someone’s dog pooped in the middle of the gate lol but made it home!

19 April 2019

Day 97 The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. We first went to the American cemetery which was just breathtaking, definitely one of the best parts of the trip it was amazing. We then walked along Omaha Beach which was so cool i went into the water (which was freezing). It was so powerful to be on the beach and try to understand all that took place on the beach. Next we went to Pointe du Hoc which was the hardest access point because it was about 70m above the shore and the rangers had to scale the cliff it was crazy I don’t know how they did it. We also got to explore the bunkers and the battlefields. Once we got back to the hotel, some girls & I walked around and got crepes and hungout. Then we met up w some others and got an amazing dinner where our waiter kept bringing us more free drinks and it was just hilarious definitely made for a fun night

18 April 2019

Day 96 Busy day out here in northern France. We started off by going to Saint Mere-Eglise which was a big spot that paratroopers landed, one in particular was John Steele who got caught in the bell tower of the church and played dead hanging there for almost 12hrs before finally coming down and fighting. We walked thru a very impressive museum, the best part was the paratrooper simulation where it felt like u were in the plane hearing all the bombs and u could feel the fear they faced, esp at night. Next we went to Utah beach and got to walk along it & go to the museum there. It’s very weird to try to conceptualize what actually happened, but such a cool experience to walk along the beach. Then we headed back to Bayeux and walked around town, got amazing macaroons, visited a 1,000 yr old cathedral, and had a nice group dinner & hang out.

17 April 2019

Day 95 Got up at an ungodly hour but totally worth it because we made it to France!! Everyone was exhausted so the plane and bus rides were silent. We stopped and got really good sandwiches at this weird truck stop. We also stopped at the Caen memorial museum where we got to walk thru a German bunker which was cool. Once we got to Bayeux we explored the city a little then went to see a 1,000 yr old tapestry, it must’ve been about 100ft long and told an interesting story. Next we had dinner I got a croquette-monseiur which is basically a ham & cheese sandwich w more mozzarella melted on top... it wasn’t that great but I tried French food. Then we went on the Ferris wheel in the town which was kind of funny & walked by the most beautiful cathedral. Later, a bunch of us went out to a bar with our teacher, Torbin, who is the funniest guy and just loves taking shots of straight vodka, I didn’t know whether it was impressive or gross lol but we had fun & our class is bonding more.

15 April 2019

Days 93&94 A lot of the schools are off for Easter break already (but not DIS) so classes were super small and a couple of mine were cancelled. It was nice just having relaxing days and a lot of time to get some good workouts in. On Monday it was my day to cook so I chose make-your-own-pizza night which apparently is just Gitte baking the dough HERSELF and then me putting toppings on & it was amazing homemade dough is the way to go. since it’s Easter she also got me & the kids Easter egg candy which was super cute(: i had another really good meal on Tuesday, me & two friends went to bæst which is a restaurant known for their cheese (had to see what Wisconsin is up against) so here’s a picture of the burrata and bread we had as a starter. Afterwards I went to Liz’s because I needed a place to stay since I have to wake up at 330am to go to the airport for my class trip lol excited to see france(:

13 April 2019

Days 91&92 The weather has been so beautiful but just cold lately! On Saturday me Liz CJ Hunter & Daria went to Bolton’s food court which was an indoor & outdoor food market they had over 30 shops of just amazing food. In the pic u can see the duck fried, pad Thai, Marrakech (Moroccan sandwich?? Sooo good), vegan burger, and duck bao. It was absolutely amazing we ate sooo much. Then we got sweatshirts that spell Copenhagen how it’s spelled in danish (København) which is the one thing I wanted from here☺️ we hungout at the trampolines for a while and then later at night had a nice pregame at Liz’s then headed downtown. Of course the trains were ridiculous and I had to taxi home😒 today was so amazing, we went to crilles parents summer house w his whole family to celebrate the dads bday. The food was amazing (smorebrod my fav) and then went on a nice walk thru the neighborhood. We walked to this hill that I guess used to be a grave where the rich buried their family lol. Loved being ther

12 April 2019

Days 89&90 Just gona list some highlights from these days but mostly Friday: - had great conversations w my professors after class; torbin gave me some good advice for my paper & Anne & I talked about youth programs to help at risk kids stay out of gangs it was fun to connect w then - hunter, Ashley, & I went to see the cherry blossoms (they’re on the end of their week of blooming but it was still so pretty) and then went to this fancy dessert place that was really good - enjoyed just spending time w Liz & CJ making brownies & fruit salads just hanging, looking forward to our weekend in Copenhagen - the trains here really annoy me they’ll just randomly cancel them & it’s difficult to plan a day when it’s an hour long commute

9 April 2019

Days 87&88 Beautiful weather in Copenhagen lately but very cold. Yesterday classes were pretty normal except something cool was that my teacher said my questions I came up with for our guest speaker to ask the prisoner she works with were very good so that felt nice. Liz & I tried shawarma and it was delicious & we sat for about 2hrs just talking. At night, my host fam & I all went to paradise ice cream it was amazing some of the best ice cream I’ve had & the kids were super into it. They were playing music in the car & it was hilarious to hear 1) the American music they choose to play 2) danish songs 3) Disney songs in danish (I like Hakuna matata better in English tbh). Today my gang crime class got to talk w a prisoner who was an ex gang member, it was a little sad. U could tell he’s uneducated & he had a lot of tattoos, some even nazi symbols (but he’s not a Nazi...) he’s very hopeful tho & is motivated by his young kids. Really makes me reflect on how lucky I am

8 April 2019

Day 86 Today it was beautiful outside: 55 and sunny just perfect. I was nervous to start my day because they didn’t have mango chia pudding at 7/11 so I had to get raspberry but it wasn’t too bad and I had a good day(: I also had such a good sandwich at this place I found; it was chicken bacon cheese cucumber cabbage curry sauce and cream cheese. Weird right? Very delicious. In my psych class my teacher brought in two elite performers and we got to hear about their lives & ask questions which was really fun, one is a ballerina from America who moved here to go pro. I also found my host family’s pet bunny today, it’s name is licorice and they leave it in a little caged in area in the yard so stay tuned for pics of me playing with it hopefully tomorrow hehe. It was nice to catch up with some friends on FaceTime today. Also in the bathroom where I study some1 wrote this quote and signed it by Lee Harvey Oswald & I hated it so I crossed it out & some1 wrote Michael Scott so I feel good

6 April 2019

Days 84&85 After sleeping most of the day (see previous post) we finally strolled out of Steph’s apartment at 4. But I ate the best empanada of my life!!! Look how pretty it is haha we just got some snacks and ate in the park overlooking the city it was beautiful. We walked around the city and then got dinner w one of Steph’s friends near her apartment. She took us to get tortilla Española which is apartment a potato/egg bake with stuff in the middle (we got one with caramelized onions & goat cheese & another with tuna & red peppers). It was seriously one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten, I’m definitely going to have dreams about them. Then on Sunday hunter & I went back to cope on what felt like the longest flight ever. Fortunately it was BEAUTIFUL in Cope today so I did some homework outside. For dinner, Celine made sushi for everyone and it was actually delicious I’m very impressed! We had shrimp, avocado, egg, mango, & some kind of white fish, so nice to have sushi again!

5 April 2019

Days 82&83 Made it to Madrid! It was really good to see steph again. We went grocery shopping & then had to decide on dinner; since Copenhagen doesn’t have tacos I asked for it & they made fun of me BUT LOOK HOW GOOD THEY WERE! On Friday we did some touristy things, went to Debod, the royal palace and gardens, playa mayor, and Retiro (another park). The weather was meh but it was cool to see the city & go exploring. The schedule for Spain is so weird everything is later, we had lunch at 2, dinner at 9 and then went out to a club at 130am. This place was crazy it was 7 floors each with a different theme. Apparently the Spaniards stay out all night until the metro runs again so we stayed their til 6 and didn’t get home u til 730am... you could say we were very tired but had fun!

2 April 2019

Days 80&81 Nice to get back into the routine of Copenhagen life. Yesterday in my ww2 class my teacher, Torbin (who is this super cool older hippie guy (see pic of him & his spirit animal lol)) got into this long tangent about the international communications, nation superpowers, and general fear people have it was super interesting I’m very excited for Normandy with him and this class. At night, Gitte made my 2nd fav danish meal: curry meatballs hehe she said she’d give me the recipe so get excited family cuz it’s so good! Went downtown at night with the core course squad and the night got ~fun~ but they’re the coolest people ever and we all had a great time. Today I went to Lyngby (the town next to ours) cuz they have a huge outdoor mall so I just sat outside and got some work done. After dinner, Gitte came home with this tub of “pub crackers” and said “I got these for u because I know u miss your snacks from home” lol it was very thoughtful & they’re not bad actually

31 March 2019

Days 78&79 Yesterday me Liz CJ and Jess went to Møns Klint which are the cliffs on the southern part of the island Copenhagen is on. There’s not really public transportation there so we had to rent a car and Liz drove, it was actually really nice. We had a picnic at the cliffs which was super good especially the Brie. Nice to just be in nature. I was exhausted at the end of the day tho. Then today my first class got cancelled so I slept in & had a nice breakfast. It’s a good thing my class was cancelled because all the train workers went on strike and no trains were running at all today. I had to bus over an hour to and from class, it was super crowded and no space, also those drivers whip around and u have to hold onto something or else u will definitely fall over. A lot of getting back into real life today.

30 March 2019

Day 77 Slept in today which felt amazing. Then met up w CJ & Liz at the glass market, I got chia pudding (of course) & this pulled pork sandwich thing it was really good & we all ate outside because it was BEAUTIFUL today! When lexi met up w us & we all went to the Louisiana museum of modern art which is supposed to be the best in Denmark. Very cool & pretty museum, the art was modern & contemporary so some of it went over my head (& was super creepy) but it definitely had some highlights (see pics) then Liz & CJ cane over to my host fams house & we all had dinner together. It went SO well everyone got along & had great conversation I loved it! But the best part, at the end Gitte asked me to grab the chocolate from the cabinet which was the Frango mints I bought them when I came!! They said they’ve been waiting to eat them with me & today was the perfect day! And they liked them!! Ugh I was so happy

29 March 2019

Day 76 Well it was a sad day leaving Kosovo. I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to go esp w that group of people; they are one of a kind. As sad as we were to leave, everyone was exhausted & desperately needed sleep & alone time lol. Ok so when we were flying to Kosovo on Sunday someone made a comment about how stupid is that Americans sometimes clap when the plane lands so that was the joke of the week and so when we landed in Vienna coming back to cope we all coordinated a clap & it was actually the funniest thing ever, other people joined in & it was too good lol. Anyway my host fam ordered Thai food for dinner (which they never do) & it was SO good. It was a ton of fun to show them pictures from my trip & tell them all about it then get into conversations about different topics from my week. Definitely nice to be back(: also as I was going to bed the 18yr old across the street threw a party & I should’ve went & crashed it lol pls enjoy funny pics from the week

28 March 2019

Day 75 By far the most amazing day we’ve had in Kosovo yet. Got 4hrs of sleep but we made it, drove to the southern most border of the country and had a DAY. So our teacher told us we were going to do a hike & there might be some snow, that’s it. WE CLIMBED UP A 90 DEGREE INCLINE SKI MOUNTAIN. It was nuts by far the best thing, the views were breathtaking & the class was so funny some people couldn’t do it because they were wearing gym shoes but I made it to the top it was just beautiful. Then we went to this cafe & got even more meat it was disgusting & smelled like cigs. Next we drove to Prizren (2nd biggest city) which was BEAUTIFUL we hiked to the top where this castle was & just had the best views. It was absolutely amazing words can’t describe how cool this day was. Once we got back everyone felt gross so we went to this vegan restaurant and got salads lol then played a charades game on the roof with most of the class and our teachers(:

27 March 2019

Day 74 Started off the day by doing some group meetings at NGOs, mine went to a journalism/research place which was fascinating to see how important the media is towards the new government. It was so beautiful outside so we all ate on the main shopping street. Then we drove to a very Serbian town & took a tour of the monastery then heard from a Serbian government worker who was pretty lame actually. In that town (Gracanica) we had a very Serbian dinner & saw a performance by Serbian dancers, very interesting & the food was literally all meat lol. Once we got back to Pristina, the squad all hungout & played drinking games, then went to the bar from the other day, then went to a club which was absolutely nuts. One of my friends got bit in the hand by an Albanian man, we were the only ones dancing in the entire club & heard an Albanian rapper live it was crazy, super fun to experience.

26 March 2019

Day 73 Early morning today but definitely worth it. First we went to this memorial that was built in 1396 (?) & went to the top & had a beautiful view of Pristina. Then we went to Mitrovica (a northern city). We walked on this bridge that separates the Kosovo Albanians from the Kosovo Serbians & it’s very hostile & separated, police on both ends. Our class didn’t cross into the Serbia side because they don’t like Americans, but me Liz & CJ crossed over after lunch, we didn’t speak any English & were super quiet, just took some pictures walked about 50ft then left it was super weird. Next we spoke to an American consulate worker it was super cool to get an American opinion on the state of the country since most of the kosovars are very emotional. We then went to the top of this church which is an observatory with some amazing views. Dinner was great & such fun conversation, but the best was hanging at the hotel after and everyone just having fun, & pretty deep talks I love this group☺️

25 March 2019

Day 72 Amazing day in Kosovo! We visited the Kosovo security force, had a talk with the former deputy for EU integration, and spoke with a parliament member of the opposition party the social democrats. VERY interesting. They were all so passionate about Kosovo and building their country it was inspiring. The one lady said there needs to be a focus on education and energy efficiency, while the parliament member said they need to stop focusing on ethnicity & solely civic life. Everyone was so emotional about the war & getting justice from Serbia it was almost scary but so cool. We had some amazing foods, got to walk in a local park & just hangout for awhile, & also ate a SUPER cheap meal on the main city walkway. Tonight was big because the Kosovo vs Bulgaria soccer game was on so our whole class (incl teachers) went to a bar to watch it. BEST NIGHT everyone was so fun, we took shots with our two teachers, cheered & hungout with the kosovars at the bar just a super fun night☺️☺️

24 March 2019

Day 71 Today has been the most amazing day ever I LOVE kosovo and my class ok so I sleptover at CJs because we had to wake up at 3:45am to catch the train to be at the airport for our 7:15 flight! It was so fun we were playing card games in the airport. Then we all got to Kosovo by 1pm and the sun was shining, it was 60 outside & everything is green and there’s mountains. We had a super fun lunch with these delicious appetizers we call them Kosovo mozzarella sticks but they’re like egg rolls but w cheese. Then we had a walking tour around the city, then some of us got some beer & wine (one beer + one glass of wine for $5!!!) everything is cheap. Also Kosovars LOVE Americans people have been staring at us and smiling & even asking to take pictures it’s crazy. Dinner was amazing, then our class (& teachers) got drinks at the rooftop bar of our hotel lol everything is amazing & pls enjoy these pictures I’m already so excited for the rest of the week!!

22 March 2019

Days 69-70 To begin the weekend, we had a guest lecturer in my gang crime class, he was a prison guard at an open and a closed prison & was explaining the prison systems in Denmark & his experiences. It was so fascinating it’s very different than the US, they even had a co-Ed prison which thank god they’re getting rid of. Anyway, Liz, Leila, CJ, & I went downtown at night & got some food at the glass market then went to the movies & saw On the Basis of Sex, the one about Ruth bader Ginsberg. She’s so amazing I have the utmost respect for her & everyone should watch her documentary. Today has been pretty stressful trying to plan for Kosovo... I’m pretty nervous but hoping for the best🙃 phone time will be limited since Lebara doesn’t work there but I think this will be a much needed cleanse. Oh & I had really good food today: a poke bowl & smoothie then a banana Carmel cheesecake

21 March 2019

Day 68 A lot of good vibes today☀️ HOWEVER I need to rant about my law class... long story short we had a guest speaker who was a judge on the Intl criminal tribunal for yugoslavia & worked on the one in Rwanda; most disappointing 80min of my life. All he did was go over the basics of humanitarian law WHICH WEVE ALREADY BEEN STUDYING & didn’t talk about his SUPER COOL experiences on these once in a lifetime tribunals. Ugh but a lot of good food in my day: crilles couldn’t sleep last night so he decided to bake bread (lol) it was amazing, then me & some girls went to this place called American pie & well u can see the results😍 they are a bread pudding one, brownie, chocolate mousse, & egg one (u can see which one was mine cuz it was the best one there🙃), then I got lunch at this organic salad bowl place & it was so fresh & clean I felt amazing eating it. Psych was super fun today & I had a really good workout! Best part of the day: booked tickets to Paris hehe🇫🇷

17 March 2019

Days 64-67 Definitely been a busy week! Sunday was st Patrick’s day and this is easily an area where the US is beating Europe... poor performance by Copenhagen. I met hunter & her roommates downtown for the parade, I bought a beer & an Irish whiskey & was wearing my Guinness shirt so I was feelin Irish. The parade had a couple bagpipers and then they tell everyone u can walk with the parade so we walked in the parade for about 15min. That was the extent of Copenhagen festivities lol but it was fun to be downtown(: the rest of this week has been busy with school, I’ve had a lot of papers to write but they turned out well. Last night me Liz and CJ all met up to figure out our plans after core course week but we ended up talking for about 5hrs and had the best time. I can’t wait for our class trip to Kosovo I think it’ll be so much fun & I love my class(:

16 March 2019

Days 61-63 So this week I was having a lot of fomo because all my US friends are on spring break & all my Copenhagen friends are out of town this week (most celebrating st Patrick’s day in Ireland). BUT I had the most amazing day today. We went to western Zealand (the island of Denmark Copenhagen is on) to watch Celine’s handball team play in the finals of their tournament and they won!! Coincidentally, the match was in the same town as Gitte’s parents so we went to their house for lunch & dinner & it was amazing. I wish I had pictures of the food but I didn’t want to be rude at the table; we had smørrebrød with real herring & curry sauce (tastes like mustard) & other weird ingredients. Then for dinner Gitte’s dad (mr k, the coolest guy ever) grilled up some elk that he SHOT cuz he hunts & it was delicious. I totally bonded w everyone today, esp the grandparents & Alexander! We spent a lot of time hanging & played pool together so I definitely feel more apart of the family now

12 March 2019

Days 58-60 A lot of rain in Copenhagen this week, it’s kind of a bummer but we’re still having fun. It’s nice to get back into a routine after the long break but with the routine comes more work/: I’ve been applying to internships and writing papers so it’s a little busy. But today was a lot of fun. First I had a field study to the danish war museum with my ww2 class, I swear my teacher knows everything. Next I had a 2nd field study which was a scavenger hunt through Nørrebro for my gang crime class... it was safe just cold & rainy lol. My group really clicked & we had such a fun time: the brick apartments u see are considered the “ghetto” which is crazy & the grave u see us by us a past gang member of Hell’s Angels lol at the end our teacher bought us all pitas. At night I joined Gitte & crilles at Celine & Alexander’s handball games; Alexander lost but Celine won so they’re going to the finals. They were actually fun to watch(:

10 March 2019

Day 57 Nice laid back Sunday here in Holte. In the morning I went for a nice walk through the forest & came across the cutest farm (again) and I stared at the chickens and horses for about 20min BUT THEN I walked a little further and came across these sheep that were so close I could touch them! I didn’t but we made eye contact for awhile it was a little weird but a beautiful day outside. Later on I went to Celine & Alexander’s handball games. Celine’s game was INTENSE who knew 14yr old girls could be so violent?? Brought me back to my lacrosse days, I really miss it sometimes. Anyway they ended in a tie which I thought was ridiculous but what can ya do. At night Gitte made chicken parm cuz they liked it so much when I made it😝 also mom brought me cheez its when she visited and about half the box is gone now & I wish I had asked for more...

8 March 2019

Days 55&56 Back in cope! After having a nice breakfast at the Westbury, we all flew back to beautiful Copenhagen. Because Alexander was having his birthday party (12 boys all between 11-12yrs old bringing their computers & laptops to “game” all night & sleepover) I decided to stay at the Marriott with mom & dad. We had some good drinks at the bar (mom got a cucumber vodka & gin cocktail that was DOPE) and then went to a cute Italian restaurant. The food was delicious & they had live Italian music which just really added to the ambiance lol. Although saying goodbye sucks, it was nice to go back to my host family’s house. I had a good workout & then ate dinner; Gitte crilles & I had a fun talk about how they met and where they lived before kids & such lol apparently Gitte threw some RAGERS back in the day! I told her she should plan my 21st bday😝 off to some handball games tomorrow(:

7 March 2019

Day 54 Got to finally sleep in! First we went to see the Book of Kells; the art was super beautiful but the book was a little anticlimactic. However, the Long Room (the library part) was very impressive it was fun to walk through. Then we got some souvenirs and made our way to the Catholic Church where we walked through the highlights of the church. It was huge and beautiful but the best part was in the Crypt where they preserved a cat and a mouse they found in the old organ pipes... apparently it was the inspiration for Tom & Jerry lol. Next we went to the Guinness factory! It was a very cool tour we learned A LOT and became certified pourers then got to drink our pint up on the roof Gravity Bar and overlook Dublin. Afterwards we went on a pub crawl where we tried Stout, IPA, and a Red ale, some Guinness, then gin & whiskey with some of the best fish & chips I’ve ever had. Our tour guide was a little strange but mom made the group more lively lol classic dr z

6 March 2019

Day 53 Had to get up crazy early today but it was definitely worth it. We took a bus tour to the other side of Ireland. First we went to the Cliffs of Moher which were absolutely breathtaking. They’re these 700ft tall cliffs over the Atlantic and it was an amazing sight, we also were very lucky because the sun was out! It was super muddy and VERY VERY windy worse than Chicago by far but it was totally worth it😍 we also stopped at this rock ledge I’m not sure what it was called but it was close to the cliffs and pretty. We stopped and got some lunch I had the best Irish stew & it was a cute place. Then we went to Galway for about an hour and got to walk the streets a little. After that we went home (the whole trip was 13 hours so a lot of time on the bus). Our bus driver was crazy he sang the ENTIRE trip & had this squeaky Irish voice it was actually kind of funny & he definitely made it a memorable experience lol

5 March 2019

Day 52 Made it to Dublin! It was so refreshing to see blue water and green grass when we were flying in😍 the accents are fun to hear it, it’s really nice to actually understand the language of the place you’re in finally. We took a two hour walking tour around the city which was awesome we got to see O’Connell street, a lot of bridges, Dublin castle, Trinity college, St. Patrick’s cathedral, Temple Bar, & some other ~hot spots~ thankfully it didn’t rain! We ended the day with a traditional Irish meal, I had some Bangers & Mash and loved it! We also ate the best bread pudding I’ve ever had in my life, we ate it so fast I couldn’t get a picture. Living the land of the Irish so far☺️

3 March 2019

Days 50&51 The hotel were staying at is amazing! The breakfast is awesome & the rooms are so cool. On Sunday we went on a canal tour of Copenhagen & saw a lot of the big landmarks. Then I gave Meghan’s Copenhagen tour around the parts of the city I like lol. Crilles then picked us up & we had a wonderful lunch in Holte with the fam. We had some amazing smørrebrød then went for a nice walk around the city. I’m so happy my two families got to meet(: today, we got a chance to go to malmo in Sweden & had fun being tourists in a new country! Sweden was pretty cool, we walked through the main park, saw the Malmo castle (built by the Danes lol) and best of all: ate Swedish meatballs!! Definitely one of the best meals I’ve had so far. Even tho dinner didn’t turn out as expected back in Denmark, I think it’s nice to hangout with the family & get some nice, relaxing, home vibes. Tomorrow we head off to Dublin!

1 March 2019

Days 48&49 Great start to the weekend! It was Alexander’s birthday on Friday & danish tradition is to wake up the birthday person early in the morning & sing to them so we all got up at 630 & sang & opened gifts then had a delicious breakfast with the kids blasting music & dancing, it was actually a lot of fun(: hunter & I tried a good poke bowl place, but then for dinner the family & I went out for Alexander’s birthday. The dinner took about two hours but the food was delicious, I think the kids were a little antsy tho. Then finally today my parents came! It’s so great to see them & kind of fun to be a tour guide around Copenhagen. We got some good food out at Ny Havn & walked around the city a little, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow(:

28 February 2019

Day 47 Typical day in Denmark today. I think the lady at 7/11 knows me now because I got another discount for my chai & croissant lol (only 37kr which is ~$6 (crazy cheap for denmark))😝 but obviously for my body’s sake (& the bank account) I won’t be getting it everyday. Classes were kind of boring except in psych we learned about this social norm in Denmark called the law of jante which is this “rule” that u can’t think of yourself as better than anyone or that you’re something “special” so for example if someone gets a really nice car or u score super well on a test, people look at u in disgrace because you’re supposed to be more humble. My host dad said it’s definitely a thing. Anyway we had a good dinner & then pre-celebrated Alexanders bday a little with some kagemand: super sweet cake w cinnamon sugar icing lol (see pic) sometimes they shape it like a man but ours was just a circle cake u can see the icing tho

25 February 2019

Days 44-46 Beautiful couple days in Copenhagen(: I knew it was going to be a good week when my Monday started off by the lady at 7/11 giving me a discount on my coffee & croissant lol I also ran a 5k which was pretty cool. Classes have been good, we’re kind of hitting that mid-semester slump but the teachers really make an effort to keep u engaged. I’m a class rep for my psych class & the reps met with our teacher today to give feedback; he’s such a nice guy & u can tell he truly cares about making the class better. I also had a field study today at the Tivoli Ballet where we all took an intro ballet class. I was absolutely terrible at it thank god I did sports & not dance as a child. Then I had the most incredible burger I’ve ever eaten in my entire life I’m drooling just thinking about it again it’s from Gasoline Grill & it’s perfect😍 some girls in my core course & I also had a nice dessert-filled pregame the other night then went to the classic American bar which was super fun(:

24 February 2019

Day 43 An absolutely gorgeous day in Berlin, it got into the 50s & not a cloud in the sky! We started our day at the east side gallery which is where a bunch of murals are painted on the wall it was beautiful they were super cool. Then we had a nice walk to the Berlin Wall memorial which was kind of crazy. We saw the space between the (technically) two walls and it’s very eerie. The memorial had pictures of people died trying to cross the wall it was super sad. Seeing all the wall stuff is just really ironic to see given everything going on in America. Then we had a good late lunch and by that time we had to head to the airport. The airport looked like a warehouse I miss O’Hare but I got to get a beer which was cool but I still hate beer. Anyway it was a very tiring weekend and I’m glad I’m in my own bed again

23 February 2019

Day 42 Super busy & fun day in Berlin! We started he day off with a 4hr walking tour by this amazing Irish tour guy named Paul it was so cool he taught us some incredible facts about Berlin I wish I could type them all but only 1000 characters. We saw the TV tower, the oldest church, this cathedral, museum island, checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, holocaust memorial of the Murdered Jews the Reichstag, & Brandenburg gate I loved it & there’s so much interesting history! We also got a lot of typical German food: currywurst (which is basically a hot dog with ketchup and curry) then I got schnitzel for dinner at this super German place(: we also went to the top of the cathedral & for an amazing view (it’s not 108th of the sears tower but it’ll do). Definitely tired from all the walking but it was a beautiful day & a truly awesome city☺️ (in the last two pics u can see an old pic of hitler giving a speech and then the pic of the same place where we were today next to the Berlin cathedral

22 February 2019

Days 40&41 A bit of a stressful end to the week but looking forward to a fun weekend! I got to FaceTime some friends from home & abroad to catch up on everything that’s going on, thank god for technology. Yesterday for dinner my host family had one of the recipes that was sent to them (like a blue apron program) and it was pizza with sweet potatoes, Serrano, mozzarella, yogurt, arugula, and mangos lol it was surprisingly good! I also applied to my first (of many hopefully) today so it feels good to get the ball rolling. Then finally, Aidan, Caroline & I left for Berlin! We got to our hotel pretty late but we have a packed weekend ahead(:

18 February 2019

Days 37-39 Pretty routine days this week. I had a great talk with my host mom about how everything is going & it sounds like it’s great on both sides so that made me very happy! The weather has been beautiful so it makes the commute a little nicer, and I’ve been trying new foods which is always fun! I had a good Mediterranean dish the other day and then today I got some thai food, so not danish but still good. Today my human law class had a field study so we went to consulate of Kosovo & then heard a veteran from the Balkan wars speak. Heavy stuff, the Kosovo guy started crying during his presentation because his family was raped & tortured during the war & the veteran talked about the struggles of PTSD. Tough morning but it helped that most of the class went and got $3 snails together (cinnamon rolls)! Absolutely delicious. Today was also my day to cook with the host fam & I made an AMAZING stir fry, the kids didn’t love it but Gitte, crilles, & I did😜 oh & I got new shoes I’m in lov

17 February 2019

Day 36 Well I could tell the family was back because I woke up at 2:30am to yelling and running up & down the stairs lol definitely missed it. Sunday’s the Danes generally have a big “brunch” so my host mom went to emmerys (the typical coffee shop theyre as common as Starbucks is to us) and got really good bread and fruit. So they always have bread for breakfast and put stuff on it so I just waited for my host mom to add toppings then copied here lol it included: butter, some sort of white cheese cut in stips, walnuts, and honey... it was absolutely amazing. Then at night me and 2 girls from my core course went to go see Bastille in concert downtown and it was seriously an amazing concert. I usually don’t listen to a lot of Bastille but when they played Pompei and Happier it was very hype! I can’t post videos so here’s a couple pics from the concert(: now I’m crashing on my friends couch because we have 830am tomorrow🙃

16 February 2019

Day 35 Woke up to another absolutely beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood a little bit(: then a couple friends and I took a trip to Helsingør which is north and is the closest town to Sweden (you can see Sweden in the pics looking across the water) and home to the Kronborg Castle which was the inspiration Shakespeare had for Hamlet! It was a beautiful castle and town & I learned that many of the kings of Denmark had either been named Christian or Frederick. Then we walked around the town a little and found a super cool street food place and got a little snack. Had a nice relaxing night & even made my own banana ice cream (looks nasty but tasted good) and enjoyed my last night with the house to myself.

15 February 2019

Day 34 A sunny beautiful Friday in Copenhagen! Classes were a little boring but I had a really amazing workout I felt on top of the world but then I ruined it by going to the grocery store because they were selling $1 pastries (which for Copenhagen is unheard of). Since Aidan’s host fam is gone, we made a delicious meal together of raviolis and brussel sprouts. Then we went out with hunter & her roommates to the meat packing district which has all the clubs. Very weird place I’m not sure if I liked it but it was definitely interesting... ended the night with some hotdogs from 7/11 so thank god I was at the gym earlier... surprisingly not bad tho

14 February 2019

Day 33❤️ Even in the city where everyone where’s a version of black, it was nice to see some red for Valentine’s Day🥰 I’m really enjoying my core course now (humanitarian law) now that all of us are so close after core course week; it makes class a lot more fun. Recently, however, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how homesick & lonely they are but I think it’s about that time in the program where things turn around & stronger friendships are made! My gang crime teacher asked to meet with me and we chatted for about 30min discussing criminology & her work it was pretty cool to talk about the field & I felt like I could actually participate. Afterwards, my groups Galentines Day plans sort of fell through so me & one of the other girls just got dinner & treated ourselves to a pastry😋 then of course in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I got home & watched Dear John so overall a successful day

13 February 2019

Day 32 Another beautiful day in Copenhagen! Had a nice workout & lunch (pre made salad from the grocery store Netto😬). Today I had my first field study where u got on a field trip w a class. Mine was w my WW2 class & we went to the royal castle (where the queen lives (she was there today & u can tell because the flag was up)) then to the old military base (that they still use for training). It was amazing our teacher knows so much he told us stories about the day Denmark was taken over by the Germans (it took them 2hrs, the Danes are very passive & had no military). U can see what the guard building looked like w the original bullet holes after Germans shot it. We saw some small bunkers, the base buildings & walkways, and a cute windmill (Incase they got locked in). After the 2hr walking tour was over, Aidan & I got $3 cinnamon rolls (they call them snails) & hungout then got dinner with a friend. The burger was good (it was pulled pork) & we stayed for 2 1/2 hours!😋

12 February 2019

Days 30&31 Pretty good start to the week cuz the sun came out! It’s a huge deal here, & the days are getting longer it’s so great! School has been laid back & it’s a lot of fun knowing more kids in my classes, makes it more interactive. I’m also glad I met cool people because it’s been getting lonely at the house without the family, I’m looking forward to them coming home. But Aidan invited me over to have dinner cuz her fam left too but the two grandmas are staying with her & they made “grandmas meal” which is pork, ham, hotdog, & veggie stew with mashed potatoes (I really missed mashed potatoes), then we booked tickets to Berlin! Looking forward to it, esp cuz I’m over the public transportation here. A man jumped in front of the train & shut down 4 major train stations for 1hr it was nuts then I missed the bus & had to fast walk 20min to be ontime to class agh I should get a bike

9 February 2019

Days 28&29 What a day I hung out at hunters apartment with her & her roommates. Hunter & I went to superkilen park which is just a little park with some funky structures it was cool, but very rainy & windy so we left & got some coffee to hangout. Then we went shopping & bought some super cute clothes (the Zara here is amazing). After that we got dinner at RizRaz which is this REALLY good Mediterranean restaurant it was amazing. Then a bunch of us went out for a night on the town which was a mess to the say least but extremely fun. Got back around 4am and slept for awhile, made myself a good breakfast & had a chill day of working out & doing homework. The procrastination is real so hopefully I can get some motivation this week!

8 February 2019

Day 27 Rough start to the day/: My host family left this morning for their 9 day vacation; its very lonely. The bus was delayed so I had to walk in the cold & wind 25min to the train & was late to the UN building. But the lecture was super cool a woman from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees spoke about her work & it was fascinating; apparently there are 64 million displaced persons? I question the word “displaced” but nonetheless their work sounds difficult yet important. Then our teacher, Alex, took us to get traditional smørrebrød which was not very good. The shrimp one was horrible but the other one was an apple chicken salad & was good. After, some girls & I got bubble waffles which was out of this world. Then we watched a movie about a prison guard from the Serbian war apologized to the people he tortured... tough stuff. At home, I tried cooking by myself & now the whole house smells. Maybe I’ll buy dinner tomorrow

7 February 2019

Day 26 Core course week in Denmark began with a lecture from the danish institute on torture prevention or something like that idk I didn’t like it but everyone in my class did. Then us girls went to the glass market & got some food. After that our class went to the war museum & saw the Afghanistan exhibit which was very cool, they had actual artifacts from the danish bases in Afghanistan & it was fascinating. When I got back to the suburbs I got to work out which felt so good after a long week. Then at night I met up with some girls from my core course & we had the best time hanging out. Finally made it to this club called Hive which would’ve been better if CJ hadn’t lost her phone but it’s okay cuz we found it! Getting home was rough tho, the trains don’t run after 12:30 so I had to take an hour long bus with annoying drunk kids stuffing McDonald’s in their face. It was an absolute mess but I did it and had a great night(:

6 February 2019

Day 25 Last travel day for core course week! We started off by driving back to Aarhus to listen to a prof at the university talk about the reasons behind recent civil wars. It was actually a horrible lecture & our entire class roasted him on the bus ride back. It was super nerdy: a bunch of law/poli sci kids tearing apart his research skills & arguments lol then we went to the Moesgaard Museum where we got a tour of the Viking exhibit. Honestly not very impressive it was a little disappointing, but our tour guide told some fun stories about the Vikings. The museum also gave us an AMAZING Mediterranean lunch then we went to the Ghengis Kahn exhibit. After that we began our 4 hour bus ride back to Copenhagen (I watched the Notorious BIG movie & cried oops). It was nice to finally come back & my host fam asked me all about the trip. To finish off the day I did some laundry & bought tickets to see Bastille this weekend w 2 girls from my class☺️

5 February 2019

Day 24 Got up early, left the super small hotel, took a fat nap on the bus, then woke up at the Royal Danish Air Base & heard two legal advisors in the special operations force speak. They were super cool & it was interesting to learn about all the legal aspects of war being applied to real situations (ps Denmark is in A LOT more conflict areas than u would think lol) also they were invaded by Germany in ww2 & they still have an above ground bunker that they couldn’t get rid of which I thought was cool. Then we got food from the Aarhus Street Market where I had a Ugandan carpooti (?) (chicken, peppers, tomato, etc wrapped in egg) SO GOOD then we went to the ARoS museum & got a tour, very progressive art & kind of sad but cool to see I loved the rainbow path(: then we had an AWESOME dinner at the hotel. Unfortunately we couldn’t do a bonfire BUT our teachers bought us all beer & we played salad bowl which is basically charades & it was amazing & im surprisingly very good at it☺️

4 February 2019

Day 23 Since we got home so late from London last night, I stayed at hunters & slept on her hardwood floors w a blanket & a pillow from 2am-6am then woke up for core course week lol I obviously didn’t pack a lunch so I went to 7/11 at 7:11am it was amazing luckily jacob was still awake to tell me getting a tuna sandwich to leave in my bag for 5hrs was a bad idea. Anyway I asked a lady for help finding the bus & she was adorable & sat with me the whole bus ride & helped me get to my stop & recommended places in cope haha core course week started good, the bus is dope & our teacher brought some delicious snacks. Western Denmark is pretty too. We went to Odense & heard a lecture on the new ICC charge for crime of aggression (which the US hasn’t signed so it can invade the Mid East), went bowling, got “hotel” rooms that are smaller than a cruise ship, got wine w dinner paid for by DIS, & walked around Aarhus (ah-hoose). Pretty cool city, weird mix of kids in class but fun to meet new ppl(:

3 February 2019

Day 22 Another beautiful day in London(: started off by eating breakfast at the hostel which was absolutely disgusting & I definitely don’t want to stay at hostels again unless thoroughly researched. We began our adventures by seeing the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, very cool except the Asian lady behind me felt she needed to use me as a stool, nonetheless it was cool. Then we walked around at stopped at an English pub and of course got fish & chips! After that we went to the V&A museum which was all about design and art type of things, then made our way over to the National History Museum. Then we got some cake & tea at a local shop which was delicious. We were all pretty exhausted at this point & it was just about time to head to the airport. I definitely wish we got to spend more time in London & that I would’ve gotten a souvenir but it was a great trip & I had so much fun☺️

2 February 2019

Day 21 London is the coolest place wow we came at the perfect weekend too because it’s sunny & not super cold. We started off the day getting an AMAZING traditional breakfast from the cutest diner. Then we went to Westminster Abbey & saw the burials of some cool people (fun fact: Winston Churchill is not buried there because he said “I let ppl walk all over me while I was alive, I don’t want them to do it while I’m dead too). Then we got the ~champagne experience~ at the London eye and saw some beautiful views then walked around that area & saw the parliament building and the breath taking construction of Big Ben. After we had a good fancy dinner then met up with some Wisconsin people on the other side of the city! Super nice to see some friends except the clubs are ridiculously expensive (all of London is expensive & we were NOT prepared) but we had a good time.

1 February 2019

Day 21 Super interesting classes today learning about ww2 & then debating the “shoot to kill” policy for officers (really learned how liberal Denmark is today). Once I got home I frantically packed & ate dinner cuz it’s off to London! The city looks super cool but I’ve only seen it at night so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. The hostel is... interesting? Definitely going to be doing airbnbs from now on... I think we’re all going to smell like feet tomorrow... send some luck we’ll need it😅 pls enjoy the picture of my 7/11 coffee in front of some lovely construction🙃

31 January 2019

Day 20 Happy Thursday(: classes were eh, after law me & another girl went to the oldest bakery in Denmark (st. Peters bakery) & I got the most amazing danish with vanilla custard & it was super cheap!! The shop was cute but all I could focus on was the food haha then we went to this little boutique that DIS was putting on where u could take things for free that old students leftover, it was a little creepy but I got 2 shirts so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in my psych of peak performance class, us class reps had to talk to the class & then report improvements our teacher could make, it was a little awkward but all went well(: went to the gym & then got home and started cooking. Today I made broccoli cheddar soup for the family, it wasn’t as good as Panera but edible for sure; I think they somewhat enjoyed it at least? Please send recommendations of dinners I could make them, for some reason they think I can cook¿? I guess ann did teach me some ~skills~

30 January 2019

Day 19 Love having Wednesday off, just means getting to sleep in(: although I definitely scared the contractor cuz he didn’t think anyone was home whoops. Aidan, Caroline & I went downtown and got some lunch at the glass market which was so frikin cool its a giant market place of food & it’s beautiful I had some pizza and a chia smoothie bowl & then we all got gelato. Then we went to the National Denmark museum. Worst 90kr ever spent, it sucked but the only cool thing was the Viking exhibit I just wish it was bigger than one room😪 don’t worry I’ll see better museums. After we got a quick glass of wine (horrible wine, I wish I had some barefoot). My host fam made a delicious dinner tonight, marinated chicken w green beans & bacon. The chicken came with barbecue sauce & Alexander thought it would be funny to make it a different color so he put blue food coloring in the barbecue sauce lol it was actually pretty good. Already feeling a little homesick but looking forward to London(:

28 January 2019

Days 17&18 Now that I’m in more of a routine my days aren’t as exciting but still good. Yesterday classes were alright, I hungout with some girls from my core course in a cute coffee shop so that was good. Today after class I got lunch w/ a couple kids from my network & I finally had one of those open faced sandwiches (smørrbrød) I got some tuna it was awesome. the sun also came out today which was super nice because I was starting to worry it wouldn’t come back. I’ve also had some good dinners with the family: yesterday we had steak & only me & the dad ate it, no one else likes steak! Isn’t that wild? Then today I had some classic danish dish that I can’t pronounce but it was basically a meat mixture of pork & beef covered in breadcrumbs; not the healthiest but it was delicious. I’ve also started to figure out the grocery store & im also trying to learn some danish on duolingo ps first pic is 7/11😍

27 January 2019

Day 16 All these morning classes really make me appreciate sleeping in on the weekend😍 woke up to some cinnamon rolls which was a nice surprise. Pretty chill day so I went to the gym for like three hours just to get out of the house. Lucky for me there’s a Joe & the juice right under the gym so u know I got another tunacado sandwich😋 then I watched the world championship handball match with gitte & Alexander & it was so funny watching him jump around and scream in his seat and bounce off the walls haha but it was much deserved because Denmark beat Norway & the game was in Denmark!! Hopefully I can see the parade in Copenhagen tomorrow(: then we had some delicious tacos for dinner, some of the best taco meat I’ve ever had actually & a lot of fresh veggies it was ~outstanding~ 😉

26 January 2019

Day 15 Slept in which was amazing and made a delicious lunch for myself! Then gitte Alexander & I went to Alex’s handball game. While the boys were warming up, gitte & I took a walk down the cross country ski path and it was absolutely beautiful (I didn’t get any pictures because I didn’t wana be rude & be on my phone during the walk) but I love the snow. The handball game was super cute, the 11&12yr old boys had a ton of fun and Alex (#6) played really well! He scored one goal & they won 23-22! Sitting with the parents reminded me of watching Ryan’s soccer games & seeing all the parents talk & gossip (@ann) it was nice actually! Once getting home I got to ft some of my buddies from home & catch up with all the happenings in madison(: then we had dinner which was a little awkward because the kids didn’t like the meal & were being stubborn (thank god I don’t know Danish) but then we had some delicious ice cream which I guess is unusual for them but it was perfect cuz Ive been craving it

25 January 2019

Day 14 Busy day! Class was super interesting I love my WW2 class, gang crime is a little boring but our teacher told us she grew up on an open prison because her dad was the warden... crazy but their prisons are so different; there’s no gates or fences, they have their own rooms etc. anyway I got lunch w some kids from the neighborhood then hungout w Hunter & her roommates. Hunter actually then came over for dinner & met my host family it was awesome they got along super well! And the dinner was just amazing & we had wine at dinner😋 at night I went back downtown to meet the kids in my neighborhood at A-Bar (Australian bar) & damn everything is so expensive here but we had a ton of fun! I definitely love hanging w these kids. On the walk home we stopped at 711 to get water (u can also get liquor there) & we accidentally got sparkling water😷 I had to walk 25min from the train station to the host in the snow alone for half of it but it was beautiful😍

24 January 2019

Day 13 Kind of a boring day today. School was pretty normal, I even participated in class today so I guess u could say Im getting comfortable. I also got my favorite sandwich in Denmark so far: tunacado which is tuna avocado tomatos & pesto from joe & the juice. Ive also really enjoyed going to the gym more, Ive even started to notice some typical people there (for example the girl who slams her feet on the treadmill while running at ~15mph yet holding onto the hand grips, gota love it). It’s nice to be getting into routines though & feeling more safe & confident being around the city / town. We had some delicious gyro meatballs w pita tomatoes & tzatziki sauce for dinner (but I still had a bowl of Cheerios later). Not a super eventful day but very productive! Also, to show how confusing the grocery store is, here is a picture of the “bandaids” I bought which turned out to be a 75cm long bandage strip that Ive been cutting into bandaid pieces. Looking forward to mom & dad coming🙏🏼

23 January 2019

Day 12 No school means being touristy! Aidan & I took the train downtown & stopped to get some coffee & desserts when we saw the guards marching down the street. Then we went over to Nyhavn to check out the canals. After that we went over the bridge to Freetown Christiania (a community that broke away & lives by their own laws aka hippies who do a lot of drugs & everything is covered in graffiti), it was a very strange place, we didn’t stay for long. Then we walked the canal front and found the trampolines and ~jumped around~ for awhile. During our walks we tried some danish candy (salty black licorice really isn’t that bad). After working out, I got back to the house only to have some pizza for dinner which was surprisingly similar to pizza in the US. It feels good to finally be getting used to the city and even starting to plan trips with the other kids in the program!

22 January 2019

Day 11 I actually got up early today which was a first & enjoyed some Cheerios. My ww2 teacher showed up & he’s so cool his name is Torben he has grey hair & small circle glasses & a hoop earring lol he felt bad about not showing up last week so he brought us pastries & wow we’re they amazing😍it was a super awesome class, unlike my gang crime one today; my teacher says “uhhh” in a danish accent about 20x a minute & it’s the most distracting thing. Maybe I’ll count next class. After, i worked out at the gym I just joined! Just grinded for 2 1/2 hrs, but the crazy part was having to convert everything the metric units lol. We had some type of cous cous dish & chicken for dinner which was good but the kids were in some kind of mood: wouldn’t eat the food & the girl will not talk in English & it’s super uncomfy. Not sure how to befriend a 14yr old but I’ll work on it. Tomorrow we’re ordering our pizza so I’m excited to try it Danish style (didn’t take many pics today so enjoy old ones)

21 January 2019

Day 10 Woke up in a winter wonderland; I guess the weather is following me cuz my host fam said it rarely snows here... got to sleep in today because humanitarian law was cancelled, not complaining tho because I hate having to wake up at 6:30! The city looked beautiful with all the snow, it was nice to walk around a little. Had another stellar smoothie from Joe & the Juice while I did some homework, then did some shopping of course. I also joined the gym here in Holte so hopefully this will justify all the pastries (fun fact: real Danish pastries never have cheese in them (and I’m pretty sure no cherry fillings either)). Pro tip: if you’re going to eat a pastry here, you must eat Tebirkes, it’s sweet dough with sugar and honey I think in the middle (?) topped with poppyseeds; sounds weird but I promise is delicious. While I was struggling to do some reading tonight, hunter and I booked flights to London for next weekend so definitely looking forward to having some new adventures😜

20 January 2019

Day 9 To start the day, my neighborhood network had our jump start event where everyone in the area got together w their host families to mingle & meet one another. We had to give little introductions about us & where were from so of course I told everyone about cheese curds in wisco. We also all had to sing a song and of course the Americans sang Country Roads, it was kind of funny actually. Later on I went for a walk in the forest preserve and came across a cute little farm with chickens sheep & horses; felt like I was back in the Midwest :) then at night, Gitte & I went to the grocery store (which is a hot mess, they store everything in crates...). BUT they wanted me to cook dinner so I made them chicken Parmesan and they LOVED it! Even the kids ate it and they’re super picky

19 January 2019

Day 8 Got a chance to sleep in today which was such a luxury after these early morning wake ups Im not used to (yet). Went for a walk in the neighborhood & forest preserve nearby, I decided not to listen to music or anything & just kind of explore, it was nice. Then, Gitte’s family came over & I was very intimidated. As the night went on they progressively talked in more & more English & I learned a lot from her brother and her parents: we talked about Denmark’s history and colonialism and the influences that led to the landmarks in Europe (spoiler alert: it’s the Roman Empire but not for Denmark because they built a wall, ironically). We had curry meatballs w rice & the toppings incl peanuts, pineapples, bananas, & raisins. If you’re confused don’t worry I was too, I ended up making myself a trail mix. Then had some coffee & cookies(:

18 January 2019

Day 7 Busy day! Had two classes, but my WW2 prof didnt show up so we left after 30min... it’s ok tho because I got to get a coffee and some chia yogurt thing. After class, hunter and I decided to do some exploring by walking up 7 stories to the top of Rundetaarn which was very cool. Then we got super touristy and went to Nyhavn to take some pics with the canal & colorful houses. We walked along the bridge and saw the most beautiful sunset, definitely worth the sore feet and frost bite later! At night, my host sister Celine made dinner, a lovely plate of chicken nachos. Then the kids from the Lyngby neighborhood decided to have some fun and took a trip downtown for some festivities. Thanks Studenterhuset, Dubliner, and the Drunken Flamingo for letting us have some drinks and dance like typical Americans! It was actually a ton of fun and the 10 of us kids got along very well. Best moment: getting in the middle of the dance circle and someone saying I was “the life of the party”😜

17 January 2019

Day 6 First day of school!! Too bad I had to get up at 615 & walk to the train station in the dark & rain. Definitely not happy but that’s what I get for not figuring out the bus system. Just to make it worse a girl took my unassigned assigned seat but have no fear I will take it back! My classes were good, I’m especially excited for psychology of peak performance to learn how people reach their potential and beyond, I even signed up (was peer pressured) to be a class representative (meet with the teacher once a month to go over how the class is going). In between classes, Hunter & I got some pastries and coffee, but after she left I took an adventure to the Royal Garden. It was nice but I think it’ll be better in the spring. For dinner we had Frikadella which are danish meatballs and it’s my new favorite dinner😋 it was amazing I think I ate like 12 meatball no shame. My favorite part of the day was walking to the train and it started snowing & the colors of buildings looked beautiful

16 January 2019

Day 5 Starting to feel more and more danish from the commute. Today I had orientation for my core course Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict. Professor seems super cool except here u call them by their first name so I’d just say Alex. Then I did some shopping at got myself a smoothie from the popular juice place here. I tried elderberry for the first time and it was amazing I’m hooked. Also I tried a dessert called flødeboller which is basically chocolate covered marshmallow fluff and it blew my mind. Probably going to gain 30lbs by the time I come home. It was also my host moms bday today so we had a nice dinner of shrimp cocktail (for them is shrimp with ranch dressing avocado tomatoes and lettuce) potato soup and then chocolate mousse. After dinner, Gitte, Celine, & I talked a lot and one thing I thought was funny is that they don’t have prom here so I showed them my prom pictures and they loved it. Definitely connecting more and feeling better about the city!

15 January 2019

Day 4 Each day is feeling better and more comfortable, but very scary. I ordered my first meal by myself; the food and coffee were not good but I did it by myself! Then I went downtown and met up with some friends from my neighborhood network at a local coffee shop and just talked. After that, we met a larger group where we got our Student Visas taken care of, now I can legally be in this country. Next a group of 8 of us took an adventure to the Carlsberg Glyptotek museum where we walked around the Winter Gardens and saw a bunch of sculptures. Although I’m not a huge art person, it was fun to walk around with some friends. Then all of us took the train back home, nice being with other people who have to commute too. Aidan and I walked home together since we live close by even though it was kind of could but I liked having company. Then Crilles made salmon pasta and after Gitte and I had a nice talk comparing US & Danish customs. I’m also feeling more comfortable with the family

14 January 2019

Day 3 I was so nervous for orientation today! Gitte took me to the train station. Orientation was amazing the place was beautiful and they had a singer & I met some cool kids. Then I had my housing orientation & met the kids in my neighborhood network who are amazing. We had fun joking around and getting to know each other. After going on a tour of the school, I went to Hunters dorm and met her roommates who were fun. They don’t have a lot of space but the location is great. Once I got home we had lasagna for dinner along with 4 other kids from Alexander’s class for their group dinners. One of the girls has a DIS student (Aidan) who I met so she came over and we had a little play date with the kids too! I think my favorite part of the day was exploring the city and also talking to the younger kids (who have great English!)

13 January 2019

Day 2 I slept for 12hrs thanks jet lag but woke up to some fresh danish pastries😋 Gitte, Crilles & I had a good conversation about Denmark’s government, which then inevitably led them to asking about trump, it was funny. Then I walked around our neighborhood which was beautiful, the water and houses are amazing. After, Me Gitte Crilles & Celine went to the city to show me the train and where my classes would be. The city was interesting, very different from what I am used to but cool. I think I was too overwhelmed to be very excited but overall very cool. We walked past Nyhavn then made our way to the royal palace. We went home shortly after that due to the rain but I’m excited to explore more. I also had an amazing chai latte so I will definitely get more of those!

12 January 2019

Day 1 Exhausted. Flight was fun there were A TON of DIS kids on the flight, a danish lady behind me was so confused why there were so many young people. I listened to the Odesza album the entire plane ride and watched The Interview, but did not enough sleep at all. My host family is super cool they’re very nice and we had hamburgers for dinner so off to a great start! My room is very nice, different than home though. They have a lot less colors in their house but I have a lot of space and a huge window! Anyway off to bed😴