Europe · 9 Days · 41 Moments · November 2017

Leanne's tour through Europe 2017

13 November 2017

The Invalides Museum. This used to be a hospital. However it now houses the French Military Museum and the Tomb of Napoleon Bonepart

12 November 2017

We came across a bridge in Paris where lovers put locks to indicate that their love is locked forever. It cannot be unlocked as you throw the key into the Seine River. So of course we put our lock on the bridge too
We had lunch in this very French patisserie after coming back from visiting the Palace of Versailles
The palace of Versailles where French royalty has lived. They were restoring the gold gilding when we visited - very extravagant
In the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles just outside of Paris
Thoroughly enjoyed the Moulin Rouge. Robert thought the 'fabrics' were lovely haha

11 November 2017

At the Eiffel Tower for dinner at Restaurant 58 - lovely
At the Eiffel Tower at night - it looks so magical all lit up with gold lights
At the Louvre in Paris to see the Mona Lisa.

10 November 2017

The Eiffel Tower at night is magical. From 6pm to 11pm it lights up with a sparkling light show every hour
A cruise along the River Seine at night in Paris before heading to the Moulin Rouge
Farewell dinner of snails as we say goodbye to our fellow Trafalgar tourists. The traffic here in Paris is insane - 12 lane roundabouts with no lane markings and cars going in every direction . It's a miracle we made it to dinner. I am very thankful for my life right now
A beautiful day at the Eiffel Tower in Paris - very romantic
The Eiffel Tower - beautiful

9 November 2017

Paris at night is beautiful. The Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe
This crazy box like building is the Grand Arch in Paris - our hotel room looked over it
The truck stops in Europe are amazing - you can buy anything from food and drinks to hardware, cars, expensive jewellery, and souvenirs

8 November 2017

Some of the sights of Lucerne, Switzerland - a 13th century wooden bridge with 132 paintings adorning the roof beams, and the chocolate shop with a waterfall wall of chocolate
It snowed in Switzerland when we were there - so magical
This little fellow was on a small farm outside of Lucerne. I put my fingers to his mouth for him to sniff and he took my thumb and sucked it for ages
A farm visit in Lucerne, Switzerland
The beautiful scenery around Lucerne Switzerland - the grass is like carpet
To the summit of the mountain in a wooden train, then a double decker gondola. It was snowing on the top of the mountain - stunningly beautiful
At the top of the mountain
The train and gondola ride to the top of the mountain

7 November 2017

In Lucerne Switzerland- the Lon Monument- such a sad and pained expression on his face as he knows he is going to die. This was carved out of the marble wall
One of two 13th century wooden bridges still standing in Lucern Switzerland

6 November 2017

The Basilica in Rome. The interior is stunning! Touching the foot of his statue is said to bring good luck. Some of the past Popes are entombed in the Basilica in wax to preserve their bodies. The Swiss Guard, a gift to the Vatican from the Swiss government, Guards the Basilica
Inside St Peters Basilica in Rome
One of the ceilings in St Peters Basilica. It is actually a flat ceiling painted to look curved. Amazing!
St Paters Basilica in Rome and The Sistine Chapel. These photos are photos of photos as you are not allowed to take photos inside The Sistine Chapel. The ceilings were painted by Michelangelo. Apparently he was forced to paint them by the Pope at the time and was treated very badly by the Pope. Michelangelo hated painting and preferred sculpture

5 November 2017

Having dinner inside ancient ruins in Rome. This restaurant used to be a Roman bath and spa where gladiators used to prepare for battle in the nearby Colosseum. Some of our fellow Trafalgar travellers
It was raining so bad that after an unsuccessful attempt to get a "selfie" at the Colosseum we gave up and took a selfie in front of a picture of the Colosseum
The inside of the Colosseum in Rome. It was rainy very hard so here is our best attempt at a "selfie" at the Colosseum
The Colosseum in Rome
The Arch near the Colosseum in Rome
In the Vatican City to see the Pope give a blessing
At the Vatican City to see the Pope give a blessing. He appears at the window where the red velvet is draped and says a prayer.
The ancient ruins of Ostia, near Rome. The ruins cover and ancient city, including houses, a theatre, a coffee shop with an ancient menu on the wall and ancient public toilets with no barriers. Ancient Romans would use these toilets them wash themselves with a communal sponge kept in a bucket of water