North America, Europe · 47 Days · 46 Moments · December 2018

Leanne's Adventure to Iceland 2018

27 January 2019

21 December 2018

This was an adventure of a lifetime! I will treasure my memories fondly! Thanks for sharing my adventure with me! Pennie Cornwell Shilana Yip Calum Donohoe Calum & Kristy Kathy & Sally Trudy Thompson Rhiannon Matravers Ruth

20 December 2018

My last day in beautiful Iceland! I spent the morning at the Blue Lagoon! What an awesome place to refresh on my last day!
Decided to take a last minute boat trip to look for the Northern Lights!! We were about 2 hours into our search for the lights and all of a sudden the sky lite up!! It was a spectacular site to see! The green lights were dancing all over the sky and changed colors to pink and some purples! You have to see the amazing show in person as a camera doesn’t do them justice!! What an awesome way to finish this adventure!! Mother Nature at her finest!!

19 December 2018

Day 6 December 19th Wednesday Went on a whale watching trip this afternoon. Saw a humpback whale and followed it around the bay! Only one whale sighted. Kinda anti climatic 😞. It started to get very cold and rainy 💦💦🌨🌨 on the way back to the harbor.
Day 6 December 19th Wednesday Up for a hearty breakfast to start the day off. Going on a whale watching trip this afternoon.

18 December 2018

Our last dinner with our awesome tour guide Thor
Checking in to the Hotel Klettur
Day 5 December 18th Tuesday 10:00AM Heading back to Reykjavík to do some power shopping in downtown!
Day 5 December 18th Tuesday Visiting the sheep before we embark on our last day.

17 December 2018

Here we are at our lovely accommodations after a long windy and rainy drive!! A big storm is on its way!!! This farmhouse is our Tour Guide’s wife place of birth! Her nephew is the major of Vik. Her niece is the police!! The servers came from Poland to see the Northern Lights!
Jokulsarton Glacier Lagoon on the south east coast!
Day 4 December 17th First light we head out to hike on “Breidamerkurjokull Glacier.
Gerdi’s Guesthouse

16 December 2018

Lava fields for miles and miles!
Our first stop today is to Skogafoss waterfall, one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland!!It is 25 meters wide and drips down 60 meters.
Lava Fields for miles and miles!
Day 3 December 16th Sunday After a disappointing night of not seeing the Northern lights😞, we even took shifts from 11:00 pm to 2am, but alas no lights. We left our lovely guest house after yet again another great breakfast spred! On our way to the next stop on our adventure!

15 December 2018

After the awesome relaxing dip in the thermal hot spring Gamla Laugin, the secret lagoon ,we head to our stop. It is an Icelandic farm house converted into a guesthouse. It is supposed to be an ideal spot to see the Northern Lights.
A little ways down the road from the geysers we stopped at a little known farm to feed the ponies!
Day 2 December 15th Saturday Up at 06:30 to get the day started. Breakfast at the hotel was awesome! What a great variety of yummy foods! 09:00 AM Loaded up the mini bus and off we go to see the sites!! We start off with a short tour of the city of Reykjavík on the minibus, in the dark!! We saw the old harbor and the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. Then we take the “Golden Circle” route. We visit the binvellir National Park, the site of the first parliament, founded in 930, and a geological wonder where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are pulling apart. We then head Iceland’s geyser geothermal area where we see the Geysers. We then continue on to see the Gullfoss waterfall, also known as the golden falls! We drive down down the road to see the horses and bribe them with treats to take pictures of them and pet them.
Day 1 December 14th Meeting at 6pm at the Hotel Klettur Bar . Met Thor are official leader and Intrepid travel guide. There are 11 people on this tour. There are 2 Americans, myself included and the rest are all Australian Aussie’s!! We all wet to a local restaurant and had dinner together!

14 December 2018

The Lava Tunnel was fascinating. It was about 30 meters in and very wet and drizzly.
13:00 Off to the Lava Tunnel to go caving in Raufarholshellir”!!
Landed about 6:00 AM! I’m pretty sure I lost a whole day somewhere! LOL!! Shuttle to Hotel Klettur. Still pitch black outside. The sunrise, if you can call it that is at 11:00AM. Took a walk downtown and saw all the Christmas decorations and did some window shopping. This is the big church “Hallgrims-kirkja” at about 10:30 AM! Absolutely gorgeous!

13 December 2018

Stats from 36,000 feet.
You gotta live an airline where you can start your shopping before you even land!!
Here we are up up and away!! Friendly facts from the sky!!
Reykjavík airport is right in the middle of the city.
Ok here we go! 8 hour and 10 minute flight
Up at 8AM!! Ready to start my big adventure! Double checking that I packed everything!! Miss NOLA knew that something was up and that she wasn’t going to get to go!! Andy my Lyft driver was right on time at 10AM!! Very nice guy and good conversation! Got to the airport in record time! Check in was the easiest that I have ever had! Pre-TSA had no line and I just breeze through! Had a bit to eat at The Boudin Bakery. Now just waiting to get aboard! I think that a nice long nap will be in order!!