Japan · 5 Days · 17 Moments · May 2018

Leanne and Ian’s journi to Tokyo, Japan 2018

25 May 2018

Final meal in Tokyo - conveyer belt sushi. It was so fresh and cheap! We paid $130 for seven of us including beer and sake! Thank you for following our Tokyo journi!
Toyota Science Museum with Miles’ granddaughters Leilani and Luana. History of Toshiba including interactive displays on static electricity, old video equipment and video games.
Day 5- Today we ventured out on our own. We explored Shinjuku where we went to the Hanazono Temple, small Daiso store, and ramen restaurant.

25 May 2018

Day 4 - Last evening of wagyu beef (I don’t even eat meat, but decided to try it tonight ) kuroge-wagyu.com
Day 4- Lunch at M&C Cafe. Good recommendation by Don and Ikuko.
Day 4- Daiso!

24 May 2018

Day 3 - sushi dinner
Day 3-made plastic tempura. Very fun and unique experience.
Day 3 - Imperial Palace Tour
Day 3 - Imperial Garden Tour with Senichi-San

23 May 2018

Day 2 - Sumo Tournament
Day 2 - Lunch at Shinjuku train station. Leanne had Tempura over rice and Ian had chicken katsu. Only $9 each. Oishi!
Day 2 - Akihabara electronics area. Incredible amount of stuff. My geek side didn’t come out. I didn’t buy anything.

22 May 2018

Day 1 - Been waiting for this! Ramen and gyoza dinner from a vending machine. Excellent! Happy tummy.
Day 1 - sushi lunch in Tsukiji, walked through Mitsukoshi department store then Asakusa shopping area. Photos in front of Sensoji Temple. People watching - girls in kimono and school children in uniform.
Trying snail
Day 1 - Tsukuji Fish Market. We ate the best toro ever!