United States of America · 134 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Leandro and Erin visit Midwest

9 June 2017

Friday was my last day and Erin drove me to the airport in Grand Rapids where I was taking a plane to Newark. We ended up getting there too late and the line was huge, I almost lost my flight. The flight was ok, I watched a movie there and finally we had landed in Atlanta for a connection and then at Newark around midnight. The problem of getting to Newark this time on a Friday night going to Manhattan, is that the train was packed of drunk people and it was a disgusting situation. I got home around almost 2 a.m. and finally get the rest that I needed from that day! I had a great time in Michigan and I can't wait to go back! It was an incredible experience and I thank Erin and her whole family for making me feel home there! 😁 PS: And I had to wait for a few more days to have Erin back to NY after my trip back.

8 June 2017

Thursday wasn't my official last day, but it was my last day of cool activities. We got up, went to Erin's sister's work to pick her up and we drove up the Muskegon river and we rented three kayaks so we could go down the river, enjoying te beautiful sunny day, the nature and along the way spotting some wild animals. It was amazing, we took around 2 hours on the river and the best part, were the only ones there! After that, Erin and her sister noticed that even though they put sunscreen, they got a little burned. When we drove back, we stopped at the beach close to their dad's house and we stayed there for a little bit until we had to drop her sister back to work. So after me and Erin got ready, we went to her mom's house and picked up her two nephews to have a fun evening. We did mini golf, go karts and the batting cage, finishing with some arcade. And then back to her mom's house, we stayed there chatting and having a good time enjoying my "last day" with her family!

7 June 2017

Wednesday was the day that Erin's mom took off to hang with us, but before we met her, Erin took me in the morning to a driving range so she could teach me a little bit of golfing. I was pretty bad, it is way harder than it looks, but once in a while I was able to hit the ball. πŸ˜‚ So later we met her mom and we drove all the way to another beach (where Muskegon river ended up in Michigan lake) and it was a beautiful place. We had a really nice and long walk to a dog beach and we headed back to eat in a nice restaurant by the beach, that on the deck it look like you are on a boat. After that we went to Erin's nephew baseball game, my first baseball game ever, and it was amazing, even though were kids playing, the end was exciting! And to finish the night, I went to one of Erin's favorite bar, where she showed me line dancing, another first experience for me and it was really cool, but since I wasn't feeling so good I didn't do anything, but I look forward to learning it next time.

6 June 2017

Tuesday was the first day of intense activity, Erin's sister, Karlee came to pick us with her friend, and took us the Michigan Adventure, a really cool amusement park, and on the way there we also stopped at her new house that was really beautiful. Back to the park, this park is two in one (regular amusement park and water park) but the water park would only open later. We had lots of fun on the rides, specially the roller coasters, we went a little bit in the water park, and we pet some animals in the mini zoo. After the park we had a really nice dinner in a incredible restaurant (where Erin's mom and brother-in-law work) and we finished the night watching Wonder Woman in the movie theater (awesome movie by the way).

5 June 2017

On Monday we were ready to do so many activities, but unfortunately, everything we tried to do was closed on Monday (Bowling, ice skating, mini golf, rollerblading,...). So we decided to walk the Grand Haven main street area and the beach going to the light house, the light house walk was closed too πŸ˜‚but we had a pretty nice time walking on the sand, enjoying the view, and we had ice cream (sea salt caramel, my favorite). After that we went to do some shopping, to get new bikinis for Erin, because the next day we might go to a water park, and some groceries too. Later on that day, Erin showed me were she used to live here and then we went to her mom for a good time and some dinner, and I made for everyone some caipirinha (Brazil's most famous alcoholic drink) with some of the cachaΓ§a (the Brazilian rum) that I got for them.

4 June 2017

On Sunday we woke up late, and then we went to eat a nice breakfast and go to the mall to walk around. While we were at the mall we realized that we were late to Erin's nephew soccer match (which the score was 9x0 to her nephew's team). After the match we had a graduation party to go, it was really nice, and we had great food and great company. When the party was done we went back to the house that we are staying, and we took a trail over there that finished at the Lake Michigan and we had a beautiful view at the lake's beach and we took a short walk through the sand. And to finish the day, we watched at the local sports bar the Warriors kick Cavaliers ass. 😁

3 June 2017

At the train station we upgraded our seats for first class, because was cheaper than just check our bags hehe and we had a pretty nice lounge, snacks, drinks, really worth spend a few more bucks. So we went out, we saw a protest against Trump, we found a cool park, saw the famous Bean sculpture, we went to the Navy Pier, and got lost in a really cool maze there. After that, we went to eat and watch the final of Champions League (Real Madrid x Juventus) at a nice Irish bar and we ate a lot. On the way back we walked around some parks and came back to our VIP lounge at the station πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ to charge our phone, energy and to get on the train to Michigan. Chicago was a really fun short stop, nice city, neat and pretty!
We got to Chicago and we needed to wait until night to take the train to Michigan. Mean while we got a day pass for the local train, went to the Union Station to change and drop our luggage and go explore a little Chicago. PS: Entering the station, it felt so familiar, I didn't know that so many movies were also shot here. It is a small, nice, pretty train station!πŸš‚
Another trip and another early flight, we ended up going to bed so late, to wake up 4a.m. and head to La Guardia. This time the airport was really empty, easy to get through the check points and finally this time the TSA didn't stop me, but the stopped Erin and did a whole check on her since she was a threat and brought water in her bag πŸ˜‚