North America · 5 Days · 21 Moments · March 2017

Leandro and Erin's tour through Puerto Rico

2 April 2017

Unfortunately the whole mini vacation was over, we had to go back to NYC, our jobs and our non vacation life 馃様 The flight back was ok, the plane had nice options of entertainment and we got back super tired but totally satisfied, coming back from our first and I hope not last, adventure/relax mini vacation! I want to thank Erin, who made all this possible and was such an awesome company, and had to tolerate me with all my crazy things! 馃槀馃槝 I will never forget this trip! Thank you guys also for being part of this, and following this adventure through Puerto Rico 馃嚨馃嚪 馃槑
We had barely 3 hours sleep and we had to drive all the way back to San Juan to drop the rental car and get the plane back to NY 馃槥馃槶 We were so sleepy and the road almost at SJ had a construction, but we made it on time, the whole thing was between 2 to 3 hours driving. I want to recommend and say thanks to our Airbnb hosts Ricardo and Vivienne and La Casita, was a really clean, comfy, gorgeous place, the host put a binder with nice areas around to visit and stuff they recommend, it is close to the city of Rinc贸n and some nice beaches, a very good price, you can fit up to 4 people there, and the have Gaia, a beautiful dog that we always made some time to pet her! If you guys go one day to Puerto Rico, I totally recommend La Casita!

1 April 2017

After the cave hike, we drove to Gozalandia waterfalls. The way there was a little tricky, the road was closed, but a local let us drive through his property and over there they charge 5 dollars to park the car, but once you get to the main waterfall and see how amazing it is and also there is on top a hole with a heart shape, you feel like everything was worth it. This was the most crowded place we had been at the whole trip, so we decided to go down the river to check more of the area. On the way we saw gorgeous natural pool and mini waterfalls and I almost grabbed a snake when I was trying to get to the top of one rock. After enjoying the water we went back to the main one and saw some people climbing the rocks to jump from top of the waterfall! 馃彏馃嚨馃嚪馃槑
On day 4 we started the day driving to a big park where we could go hike in several trails and see some caves. Getting there, inside the park was a little confusing, the signaling wasn't good and we didn't had signal to check on the phone. So we parked the car at the first parking area we found, and we walked until the beginning of trail 37. It is a beautiful park, nice trails and was really hot, I wish we had found a river while we were hiking 馃槀 and after a long walk we found a nice cave, the only problem was that we didn't have something better than an iPhone light to help. On our way down to the cave, it was so slippery that we both felt and got covered in mud. 馃槀

31 March 2017

After eating again at Restaurante de Bocas, we decided to go walk at the beach. I wish I could take pictures of the sky and our view, but unfortunately my camera isn't good for that. But we ended up laying down on the deck, and seeing the ocean, the moon and all those stars, it felt like being in a planetarium, because we could clearly see the constellations. After we stayed there a while looking at the sky and hearing the live music that was playing next to us, we went to get the car, and at the parking lot we found a lost crab, and Erin tried to help him go back to the ocean, but he just ran away to a different direction! 馃檮馃槀馃嚨馃嚪
Going back to the house to take a shower and go to dinner, we stopped a little bit to play with Gaia. She is this beautiful dog that lives with the owners of the house that we are staying.
After all, we decided to go back to two of our favorite beaches from the other days, and we did a quest to find sea glass, just because, and we ended up with a lot, we had to stop at some point 馃槀馃槀 next art fair, we will be there 馃槀馃槀 So one more time, the second beach we went was the most beautiful, with a pretty view and a pretty mermaid that I brought from NY, and the best was that she was using my towel covered with the shield of the best soccer team in Brazil! 馃榿 We had lots of fun at that beach! 馃懌
On day 3 we woke up a little later, we were super tired. After a breakfast at the Airbnb house, we decided to go look for random beaches around us. We ended up finding some, but they were more surfes kind of beaches, and super rocky at the shallow part. But they were very pretty too! Our favorite was one with a lighthouse, and when we went down to the water, Erin almost lost her flip flop to the ocean, was a super funny scene to watch! 馃槀

30 March 2017

A funny thing happened in the beginning of day 2 when we were having breakfast in the city and a random guy showed up out of nowhere and gave us a map of Puerto Rico, and just disappeared. Eventually, this was the map that saved us, showing how to get to the waterfall and the beach where we saw the sunset. Who was that guy?!? 馃槀馃槆馃槀馃嚨馃嚪
During the night, back to Rinc贸n, we found out a nice little art fair that happens every Thursday night, and Erin got a few pretty necklaces for her, made of sea glass. After that we had a nice snack at a really cool restaurant/bar/club called Cafe 413, that is located right across the street from the fair.
Driving back to the house, I told Erin to drive by the beaches, and almost close to Rinc贸n we found this amazing beach where we saw a beautiful sunset, one of my favorites EVER, and again, we had the beach for ourselves! I took so many pictures there, and the water was so warm, I loved that beach, we had a really great time there with a view that I will never forget! 馃嚨馃嚪馃寘馃槑
On our way back, I found on the road, one of my favorites fast food restaurants, Pollo Tropical. Since we were tired and hungry from the hiking, we stopped there to have a nice meal there! 馃榿
Day 2 we decided to go hiking, and our host recommended a place called Salto Curet, located in Maricao, that was less than 2 hours driving from the house. The road was full of pretty views, so I made Erin stop all the time so I could take pictures with my camera 馃槀 and even though we thought we were lost when the GPS said that we got there, we drove a little bit more until the end of the road 425, where there was a destroyed truck and nothing else, and we saw the beginning of the trail. Luckily Erin told me to buy a pair of shoes that I could hike and go inside of the water, because they have holes underneath so the water never stay inside, since most of this hike we stayed walking inside the river. When we finally got to the waterfall, we were speechless because was so beautiful and the best, no one there, was like our own privet waterfall! On our hike down the river to go back, out of nowhere, some rain got us, but the weather was so warm and nice, that the rain came like a gift!

29 March 2017

In the end of the first day, we went to the city of Rinc贸n and we found the Restaurante de Bocas, where we had a delicious dinner. After that we were so tired that we just went to the Airbnb place to sleep.
Finally we got to our Airbnb house and it is amazing, the owner is nice too (we are staying at his guest house) and they have a beautiful dog that is the best! 馃惗 We even have two extra twin beds and it is an area across the island from San Juan, took us to drive here around 2:30 hrs.
The first beach we decided to go in the water, was the beach in Rinc贸n. The water temperature was perfect, nice and quiet beach, and good infrastructure also! 3,5 stars hehe 馃槑馃彇
We went to this beach first, but we just went quickly and we didn't got the name from there! 馃槀 But it was a beautiful view!
Our first meal in PR was super local, we had some Wendy's, and after we got a few things at CVS!
After a tiny mistake, we realized our car reservation was for Costa Rica (SJO), and not Puerto Rico (SJU) 馃槀the price was a little higher than we were expecting 馃挷but now we have a Nissan Versa and we are ready to rock!
The first Puerto Rican store at the airport! 馃彎馃槑
The day started super early, we went out at 2:30 a.m. to go to the airport, the flight was 5:30 a.m. and even though we left early, we made it just on time. Was just a quiet flight, we needed the nap and we got to PR at 9:00 a.m.