Canada · 6 Days · 102 Moments · November 2017

Leah's visit to Vancouver

14 November 2017

Finally left Montreal after a 2 hour delay!
Early morning leaving Sarah and Alex's en route to the airport!

13 November 2017

Very excited to be touching the giant green sea anemone
Macarons from Granville market! Not nearly as good as Thierry but what can ya do
I couldn't get my dog printed on a latte, so my next best bet was a cod fish
Alex and his dickbutt latte
Very glad to see Jillian even if it was for a short period!
Dumplings, tea, some kind of sweet and condensed milk bread, and spring rolls for lunch with Jill Bennett!
Me in all my glory petting sting rays
Sarah touching some rays!
Super excited to pet some rays
A preserved coelacanth! One of the "living fossils" researchers didn't know were still alive until recently
Spotted jellyfish! Not pictured: the backstage tour we got to do in the jellyfish rearing centre with a colleague Natasha who works at the Vancouver Aquarium!
A rare false killer whale (a type of dolphin mistaken for killer whale which are also dolphins) which the Vancouver aquarium rescued as a calf
More of the outdoor portion where the stellar sea lions lived
Pictured: me convincing friends to touch the sea anemones
Part of the very expansive portion of the outdoors to the aquarium
A very cool display
A sea pen In BC Waters! Also live ratfish that are not pictured
Live hagfish! The sign was quite comical describing they would eat their dead from from the mouth through to the anus
Really excited about jellies and the aquarium
Foyer before the BC Waters exhibit! Which Ruby, a former curator at Petty Harbour is the curator of
Giant turtles in the Tropical area!
So much great sustainability messaging!
Corals & anemones
Seahorse glamour shots. There was a pregnant male slightly hidden in the tank!
Inside the bat cave! Fruit, nectar and insect bats inside
An anaconda partially underwater- couldn't see the head anywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️
Some ridiculously cute monkeys
Some birds!
Inside the Amazon exhibit, with giant cocoa bean trees shown, we didn't find the sloth sadly
Rare pignose turtle from Papua New Guinea
And Alex's turn!
Sarah Shannon inside one of the aquarium exhibits!
This begins my tsunami of ocean pictures!

12 November 2017

Sarah Shannon who also happened to be vacationing in Vancouver joined for dinner
Didn't get to go to Tofino this trip, but I did make it to Tacofino!
Into the Gastown district for supper
This water play zone that spanned part of the exhibit!
If you called or texted the number the whole wall would go wild and follow your signal!
Bottomless hole??
Some more cool stuff in the Eureka! Zone
Air Cannon &a Shimmer Wall!
A harp that plays with just motion!
Their demo stage! We saw part of the Fire &a Ice Show, Chemistry Show and Air Show!
There was always a lineup at the sperm game 😂
Some cool programming ideas i want to replicate!
Science World!
In Fort Langley for breakfast!

11 November 2017

Using a $600 VR simulator Alex has from his work!
Trying to find where the real housewives live in North Van!
A lookout over Vancouver on Cypress Mountain!
Whistler Brewing company!
Inside Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Base of Blackcomb mountain!
One of the trails with a covered bridge linking the various little marketplaces
Canadas Olympic Gold medalists
Olympic Rings!
Stores in Whistler village
One of the Whistler villages!

10 November 2017

Skiing beer from Fernie Brewing Co
More of the art installation!
Westbank art installation
Water plane area!
Digital Orca art installation by Douglas Copeland
The Olympic torch!
Super fancy grocery store in Downtown (equipped with a fountain and all)
Stanley park seawall and beaches
Macarons at one of the best pastry places in Vancouver! (I got earl grey and salted caramel)
Favorite mural from the mural festival!
Murals in Mount Pleasant area
Science World!
Olympic Village neighbourhood
Belgian waffles and coffee in Commercial Way to start the day!

9 November 2017

Steak at Sarah and Alex's in Langley!
Kelsea & Kora-Leigh!
"Little free liability"
The largest blue whale skeleton on display in the world!
See if you can find my sponges on the wall of biodiversity
A star-nosed mole!
Blank panthers are just jaguars with melanism #themoreyouknow
Inside the Museum of Biodiversity (still apart of UBC campus)
The rose gardens at UBC
More of the MOA
But also laying in a hammock for a long time because I'm sleepy 😴
Inside learning about indigenous cultures across the world
Outside of the Museum of Anthropology (MOA)
The beach! Managed to see a seal too, no nude people though
My descent down a million wooden stairs to go to the beach
UBC has a beach (clothing optional)
Outside the museum of anthropology on UBC campus
Went to Kelsea's and got to see one of my favourite dogs Gracie!
The pictures don't do it justice! So pretty
Went for a walk where all the rich people live in Kitsalon neighbourhood
Chef Ned Bells restaurant in the Four Seasons!
An early morning getting up at 5am to transit for two hours to Vancouver meant coffee (and a salted caramel donut)