Canada · 11 Days · 79 Moments · February 2019

Leah's journi to Canada

24 February 2019

Outside of the Calgary Public Library!
Very cool building near the library
Had a laugh at whatever kid was on the computer before
A tipi in the library
Beautiful study spaces in the library
Super cool free machine that would randomly print short stories!
Inside the brand new Calgary library with people swing dancing in the main lobby

23 February 2019

David, Noelle, Nik, me, and Danie from left to right of the crew who was skiing today
Chocolaté chip cookie, vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce at Made by Marcus
Went to Made by Marcus Ice-cream after skiing in -25 weather
Almost -30 with the windchill at Sunshine Village in Banff. No photos except what David could take on the go pro due to extreme cold. The minimum amount of layers we wore were five and some people wore up to seven
Danie and I on the hill
Me on the hill (wearing Danies jacket)

22 February 2019

Noelle and I bought four pints collectively. A espresso churro, salted butter caramel, chocolate brownie cashew (dairy free) and a pistachio cherry
Picture from the Alan Doyle concert
Danie and Noelle and I went to see Alan Doyle and before the concert I put five dollars in a slot machine and did pretty well (I stopped there)
Went to a very fancy coffee shop in the mall where I had a drink that had condensed milk in it (so tasty!) The to go cutlery even looked totally real.
Swipe for more pictures of a HUGE indoor garden in the top of the Core Mall. Multiple fountains with fish in them!
Inside the Core Mall in downtown Calgary

21 February 2019

Bets pizza ever. Four cheese with truffle oil and honey at Una
Amazing kale cedar salad at Una
Before dinner we went for a beer at the National (grapefruit flavoured beer pictured)
Danie and her house that she and David bought two years ago
Noelle and her house she bought last year
Amazing view over Vancouver and very easy to see all the neighbourhoods if compared to a map
Sean and I had breakfast at the airport together
Vancouver airport with tons of indigenous artwork around
Saying bye to Sarah and Alex’s apartment in New Westminister

20 February 2019

At the top of the hill
This run was called “Robertson’s” and we went by to see if we could ski it- it was a black diamond. The photo does not do it justice but it was probably 10 degrees off from being a 90 degree drop with trees and moguls... skipped this one for now
Sarah’s champagne
Fancy hot chocolate that I had (Alex had one too)
Sean and his mulled wine
Sarah with her champagne
Amazing glass bar at the top of Whistler
Second day skiing with incredible visibility and views

19 February 2019

Sean pretending he skied that day
Alex ditched me this lift ride
Alex and I took a break in a lodge on the Blackcomb side and there was a “Nintendo zone” with Switches and about 20-30 kids all playing video games in all their ski gear
The “Peak to Peak” gondola went between the Blackcomb and Whistler mountains. Very large gondola that held probably 20 people (most hold 4)
We took the gondola right across and this is what we could see...
Inside the main lodge at Whistler. Tons of food options including a Starbucks, Pho, Indian Food, but so expensive (Water was FOUR dollars)
They had multiple inukshuks across the different parts of Whistler and Blackcomb
Very low visibility skiing day making it challenging to ski and we had to move around the mountains looking for areas with better visibility
Top of the hill where the main lodge and “Peak to Peak” Gondola is
Whistler at the bottom of the hill where the tickets (don’t even ask me about the price). Second photo is lineup area where tickets are and you can see one of the hotels

18 February 2019

Condo in Whistler
Did not try one but it sounds interesting and was one of the foods at the Vancouver Aquarium!
Cool plastic debris exhibit
Anemone display
My anaconda don’t.....
Pig-nosed turtle
Vancouver Aquarium!

17 February 2019

Short ribs with puréed celery root made by chef Alex
Charcuterie Board to start supper
Spent most of the day shopping before going to Whole Foods where there is a self serve macaron fridge
Photo shoot in Sarah’s very fancy office elevator

16 February 2019

Some photos Alex took
Quick stop for some soup dumplings midway through the Stanley Park trek
Totem Poles in Stanley Park
“Girl in wetsuit” art in Stanley Park
Stanley Park lookoff
Breakfasts at Sarah and Alex’s in New Westminister

15 February 2019

Butter Chicken poutine!
Original Canada Goose jacket at the Canadian Pacific Mall
Vancouver Art Gallery
Andy Warhol piece
Indigenous art made using images from the Hubble Telescope
Alchemy Art Piece
Lunch at Joey’s
Sky Train from the airport!
Overnight in Toronto from my flights being bumped. Hotel is Four Points Sheraton near the airport!

14 February 2019

Payton from school and I ended up being on the same flight and coincidentally had seats together!
Valentine’s Day dinner at the airport with Siobahn and Payton from school