Canada · 8 Days · 106 Moments · March 2017

Leah's & Catherine's cross Canada adventure

31 March 2017

Walked in to see actual Lake Louise
Having a fancy cocktail (the only thing we could afford at this restaurant)
The main Lake Louise lodge
Anna & I!
A very healthy ski hill lunch on the backside lodge
Lake Louise gondola
Some action ski shots from Anna
Remind anyone of signal hill??
Top of the back bowl
Snow report at Lake Louise
Driving to Lake Louise with Anna

30 March 2017

Calgary at night
Noelle's favourite ice cream spot!
Banff hot springs
A very elaborate four course meal. Salads, cheese fondue, hot rocks for meat and Toblerone chocolate fondue!
They had phones at the tables for calling other tables???
Supper at the Grizzly House fondue restaurant
A kind stranger helped us with our photo shoot (his name tag said Jimmy)
Anticipation for Friday
More of the Banff springs hotel
Pretending like we can afford to be in the hotel
Inside the Fairmont Banff Springs
Squash masala soup at the Wild Flour cafe in Banff
Downtown Banff!
Line dancing! The bar was filled with people wearing flames jerseys after the game. And they unironically played the cha cha slide at the bar

29 March 2017

David graciously donated his wine (he thought Devils rock was an appropriate bottle for me)
Downtown Calgary! (Apparently the Discovery Centre logo is ripped off of the Downtown Calgary logo)
Crave cupcakes in Calgary
Noelle suggested ramen for lunch (it was so tasty)
We went to Noelle's (very fancy) gym and even put a pin in the map!
The featured exhibit: Star Trek. They gave you a Star Trek watch to track your progress in the "Star Fleet"
The area with various energy forms, the Bow river to play in and some space related exhibits
The design area featuring using music to make art, movement to make sound, and making mini movies!
The "being human" exhibit. Featuring drums that beat at your heart rate and tons of interactive exhibits
The lobby featuring dreaded blue blocks we have at the DC
Future trekky
Telus SPARK- Calgarys Science Centre

28 March 2017

Dinner at an Italian restaurant. Catherine and I split the Gorgonzola to start, and I had fettuccine with prosciutto, squash, and a few too many mushrooms
Exploring the student union space and of course the bar
Exploring the brand new Engineering Building at the University of Calgary. So much student space!
A few selfies on Danies deck! (Mountains in the background)
The great reunion has begun
Lunch at the Lady Bug Cafe!
No caption necessary
Getting ready for my Olympic debut
Danie going to see Chester
Olympic park in Calgary
Maple rolo donut 👌🏼
Excited by the sheer volume of donuts
Donut mill in Gasoline Alley!
Jerica's beautiful house on the south side of Edmonton
Jerica's puppy Jaxx!
Me befriending dogs

27 March 2017

On thé way to Edmonton featuring a chocolate snack from Hamilton
Inside Mezcal
Tacos at Mezcal ft: wild boar, Atlantic cod, and pork belly!
"Supper with Jesus" as our server said featuring an amazing margarita
Visiting with my Aunt Sue in Hamilton!
Walking on a trail by Lake Ontario
Salt lick where Kate and I went for lunch!
Pork belly bahn mi sandwich and Mac n cheese for lunch
The street which my favourite band is named after!

26 March 2017

Spent the evening pretending to be an engineering student at Mac
Kate's grams 85th birthday!
Kate's grandmothers 85th birthday and her grand children!
Salted caramel pancakes with vanilla crème, and it came with eggs, potatoes, and sausage. So. Much. Food.
Deep fried blueberry pancake balls with cream cheese icing!
Breakfast at Denny's!

25 March 2017

"Over the moon" dessert with vanilla crème brûlée, raspberry and lemon mousse. Was amazing 😍
The most elaborate packaging for a dessert
McGuire riding the hover craft!
Big demonstrations in their theatre
Marla using the system to "Age" her
Kids making it rain with paper
Met Rachel when the Science Minister visited the Discovery Centre!
Teaching engineers how gears work
In the lobby!
Made it to the Ontario Science Centre
We couldn't help ourselves. Chocolate chip cookie doughhhh
Found the cookie dough shop with Sarah, Marla, Kate and McGuire
I couldn't help myself in the Butter Avenue Store

24 March 2017

Pizza with sweet potatoe and maple syrup on it for dinner (it was tasty!) and gelato for dessert
And so it has begun
Amazing indigenous sharing circle area!
Campus bar beside a green house!
Imagine the Breezeway looking like this (campus bar with large patio FYI)
Very cool doors in university hall
University hall
A picture with her #1 fan
Kate and her group for her capstone engineering project
Made it to Kate's house and Catherine is clearly happy about the 16 degree weather
Boarding our New Leaf flight in Halifax!!