Indonesia, Australia · 9 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

Leah's adventure in Bali, Indonesia

23 August 2017

Snorkelling and flying fish Last swim in villa pool, checked out and caught a taxi to drop our bags at mum's hotel. Grabbed the driver from yesterday to take us to nusa dua for snorkelling. Got to nusa dua to discover a major water sports operation with thousands of boats and people everywhere. Chose flying fish and snorkelling for our activities. Flying fish was awesome fun apart from my dress flying in my face. Snorkelling with fishies, feeding them bread while people did underwater walks below us in scuba gear. Back to seminyak for manage and Greek again for dinner with mum and dad. Realised it was quarter to eight so smashed our dessert and then high tailed it back to their room for a shower and jumped in a cab to the airport. Such an awesome holiday and was sad to leave.

22 August 2017

Tanah Lot Met mum and dad at their hotel to go to tanah lot with a driver. Walked around looking at the temple on the water, beautiful scenery. Then a bit of shopping at the market there which was super cheap! Stopped at a homewards store on the way home. Swimming in the afternoon, this time playing a leaf dart shooting game with a frangipani leaf (we're good at making up our own games with stuff we find in the pool). Went on a mission around the streets looking for a nice place to drink, ended up at a Greek restaurant where we sat drinking and eating for a few hours. Had an Aussie lady and her daughter from briabane next to us for a while, had a chat to them. Saw a girl and her boyfriend almost fall off their scooter sue to the Aussie guys next to them, as they drove off the girl shouted "you're so fucking drunk" and the Aussie guys struggled down the street almost running into everything. It was quite hilarious - you had to be there. Called it an early night with full bellies

21 August 2017

Relaxing in luxury Mum and dad came over to see our villa and we all swam and relaxed die a few hours. I turned into a lobster from too much swimming and spinning of frangipanis. Ginger moon for lunch - bao and pizza. Then more relaxing followed by Japanese for dinner.

20 August 2017

Shopping and football Markets with mum in the morning, then met dad so lachy and him could watch the panthers play Canberra while mum and I got a taxi down the road for shopping. Bought a few things - lovely shops! Then back to the bar to meet lachy and dad, where an Aussie girl was asking dad about his scar. She wanted to buy him a beer for being rude, but he'd had enough beer so she gave him a wrist band instead. After dad went home lachy and I found a place down the road that was doing two for one mojitos, so we had about three each and some food then back to villa foe a swim. Out to dinner at Italian with mum and dad. Delicious.

19 August 2017

Drinks and afl Swim in the morning and then up to the rooftop bar for a drink before heading to a bar down the road to watch gws play west coast in the afl. Had quite a few drinks and sat there for ages. Swims at the villa in the afternoon and then a set Indonesian menu at the hotel restaurant for dinner.

18 August 2017

Last morning in ubud Off to the markets for some last minute purchases. Explored the back streets of ubud Centre, buying some fried vege cakes from a little street store on our way. Back to mahanadewi for the last time and driven to seminyak by wayan, with us directing via google maps. Checked into gorgeous villa and had a swim in our private pool, then wandered down to eat street to have a few drinks and some dumplings at a bar, before meeting mum and dad at 6:00 to get a taxi to biku restaurant for her birthday dinner. Met noeline there and had a lovely dinner.

17 August 2017

Riding for ribs Woke up to a cold and rainy looking day so decided to have a lazy morning in the room. Ventured out at around 2 to hire a scooter from reception and go for a little ride. Wayan's wife was there and told us to wait for him to get back, making us a watermelon juice while we waited. She was lovely, telling us that all the staff and their family loved us and thought we were super friendly... *puffs feathers out like a proud bird*. When wayan returned, he offered us his scooter to take. We graciously accepted and rode off I to the sunset... Errr I mean rode off down the road. First on the agenda, a quick zip around some of the side streets in town, trying to avoid the traffic and not get our limbs taken off by the cars and bikes driving past. After a little bit of exploring in town, we drove out of town, passing through and awesome tree lined, walled street and out into a more rural area

16 August 2017

Stop monkeying around Today was monkey forest day. After spending the morning relaxing watching Rick and Morty we trundled off in the direction of the monkey forest. Monkey encounter number one occurred approximately 10m in, he was sitting smack bang in the middle of the pathway eating a banana gifted to him by some kind and touristy type tourists. We continued down the path to a little bridge thing that led to a pretty rainforesty gorge. Not too many monkeys here, but it was very picturesque and contained an old mossy temple and plenty of old mossy animal (mainly monkey) statues. We made our way around the forest (monkey encounter 2-200) watching monkeys on pathways, monkeys in trees, monkeys eating, monkeys cuddling baby monkey babies and monkeys fighting. So many monkeys. After leaving the forest had some nice sushi, pho and pizza at a little restaurant in the way back to our end of town. Stayed in, skipped dinner due to fullness of bellies and watched movies and read in bed.

15 August 2017

Another relaxing morning watching movies in bed and reading/playing word games together. Breakfast delivered at 8:30am, scrumptious food cooked by wayan, the owner's wife. Had four drinks going at one stage, a coconut, fresh pineapple juice, mandarin juice and my coffee. Surprisingly did not spend the day peeing 😜 wandered back into town, first to the market to buy a few dresses and a wedding ring for lachy to replace his missing one! Then onto the venezia spa a recommendation from mum. Enticed by several ice cream shops along the way we finally gave in and had an ice cream prior to our massage. Scrummy. The venezia spa was lovely, with Balinese gardens and ponds full of fish. I had a massage, body scrub and flower bath and lachy had a massage and hot herb treatment. So relaxing. Afterwards we made our way back to oops bar again for cocktails and waited for the live music to start. Spent another few hours there drinking mojitos and listening to acoustic covers of classic rock songs.

14 August 2017

Ubudian outing Woke up at around 9 and had our breakfast delivered to the room at 10. Lachy slept, still exhausted from the dickhead o'clock arrival the night before, and then we left to explore ubud town, about a ten minute walk from mahanadewi. We explored the streets of ubud for a few hours, stopping for lunch at a cheap little place for some Indonesian food and bintangs for lachy. After lunch we stumbled across a nice looking place called the oops bar and restaurant. Got ourselves some front row seats where we were able to watch the frenzy of activity on the street whilst indulging in cheap and delicious cocktails, or in lachy's case, plentiful bintang tall-ies. 6 hours, some food and quite a few cocktails later (oops - maybe the place is aptly named) we trudged back to our hotel, passing some local dudes playing pool in a garage thing along the way - lachy stopped for a quick chat and probably wanted to stay but like a good husband followed me home.