France · 20 Days · 4 Moments · January 2017

Lou et Clément, Sicily 2016 - Italy

18 February 2017

For "ferragosto", we moved to Arcile with my Italian friend and many other Italian guys, there was a big party on the beach, everybody brang his tent, some drinks... and we danced all night long, it was sooo awesome! Italians know how to party, it was like American parties in the movies! There are some discotheques in Catania that are really fun too! Moon beach, sheep out... had a lot of fun there ! You will always find a place to party there !
In Sicily everything's beautiful, I went there 2 times before and I won't stop to go there. You can go to those "chioschi" and taste those strange juice with lemon and salt, I don't really like it but my boyfriend did, there's also this drink called Tamarindo (or something similar), and this is BOMB! We used to go to the "chiosco della luna rossa"in Acitrezza. In Sicily there are so much thing to do, you can just go to the beach, but be careful with the black volcano rocks, I hurt myself like a million times...
We passed 8 days in sicily (Catania, Acicastello, Acitrezza, Arcile...) at my Italian friend's house, then we moved to Rome for 4 days, it was our first trip together, it was just amazing

29 January 2017