Canada · 1 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Le journi de Cherith - Canada

28 June 2017

Highly zoomed in pic, but the best I got. 😟
and we carried on by boat around past Schwartz Bay and over to the dock at Butchart Gardens. Did a swing around a very crowded Gardens and got on the shuttle back to town.
In all my years of living on the coast I had yet to take a whale watching tour yet people visiting for only a day do it. This was my year. For David's birthday I bought us a whale watching tour combined with Butchart Gardens which I saw once before.....on a field trip when I was nine years old. Again, no time like the present. We did spot whales off San Juan island. Three groups. But to be honest, they were so far away it was rather disappointing. By law they can't approach and if the whales start heading towards the boat they have to back away. The only way you would get the chance for an up close and personal look would be if the whales dove, and surfaced right near you. Then the boat is required to shut off the engine. However....these are all the photos on the web sites and brochures! So a tad disappointing as I've seen them closer when sailing on B.C Ferries. However, being out on the water is always lovely.