United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Laz's tour through Israel

4 June 2017

Flying high in the sky.......restless, and feeling anxious,,,,can't sleep and 6:46 hours to go.

3 June 2017

Finally boarded.... had to slip by cause my carry on size backpack was a tad too big.... made it, was meant to work. Glad I downsized. By the time I do some work, watch a movie or two, and take a couple of naps/walks, should be landing in Israel.
Day 1 - Began with a break at Bush Intercontinental Airport, kinda relaxing while waiting for our first flight, to Newark NJ Safely landed at Newark, again just chilling while waiting to board our flight to Israel. The aire of excitement and anticipation is steadily building, but then, we have an 11 hour flight.... so I need to kick back and relax. Take a nap and be prepared to hit the ground moving fast. Should be boarding shortly; by 10:00 PM EST.