Australia · 86 Days · 8 Moments · March 2018

Lawrence's journi to Australia

18 June 2018

Mama has just arrived at 706 and her little flock are excited and keen for her attention. Lovely gentle mother/ woman

20 May 2018

Had a lovely morning tea for Veronica birthday

18 May 2018

Veronica 2nd birthday

11 May 2018

Highlights of our golf trip , Rain and more rain. No golf anywhere, lovely drive through the Western District Colac Warrnambool , Port Fairy , overnight lunch at Dunkeld,then overnight at Narrapumelap. Coffee at Skipton then Riverview and Des ‘s Jim’s lunch at Inverleigh and farewell to Jenny and Con. and back home

9 April 2018

Grace in her high chair

30 March 2018

Lovely weekend in Lorne
This is more difficult than I remember

25 March 2018