Indonesia · 46 Days · 63 Moments · April 2018

Perrine & Guillaume's adventure in Indonesia

11 June 2018

Boat trip to Menjangan island (or the deer island, named like this because deers leave on the island!) We spent the day at sea, snorkeling in this beautiful natural reserve. We saw many colorful corals and fishes, and even big barracudas (last picture) After getting back to Pemuteran to grab our backpacks, we went to Gilimanuk - with a couple of friends met during the boat trip - to take the ferry for the next island : Java ! Arrival in Banyuwangi for a short night before climbing Ijen crater!
We spend the day exploring the numerous temples around Pemuteran. On this Sunday, there are many families visiting the temples. Everyone is very well dressed, with traditional clothes - mainly yellow and white. It is a lovely spectacle to see, pretty fascinating ! We also have to cover our legs with the traditional sarong to enter the temples. [1st temple : Melanting temple] Balinese bring baskets full of offerings for their Gods : home-made meals and cakes, rice wrapped in banana leaves, fruits but also more surprising stuff: bottles of water, soda cans...

10 June 2018

We continue our tour of the temples. Monkeys prowl through the area, hoping to steal some food ! [Belatung and Pulaki temple] Then we go to the beach to check the biorocks set up there. There are also a few statues underwater. We go up the hill to watch the sunset with a great view point over the village and the sea! At night, we go back to the same restaurant than the night before, they serve delicious and fresh organic food! [Kubuku ecolodge]
After a very long day of bus, crossing Bali island, we finally arrive in Pemuteran. For our first night there, we discover a nice black-sand beach... but as many other beaches in Indonesia, it is full of trash, and especially plastic wastes... Moreover, this day is the World Ocean Day. Hence we try to collect as much trash as we can. It reminds us of all the work Gili Eco Trust does in Bali and how much work still has to be done to limit plastic pollution! In less than 20 minutes we collect a big box of waste (mostly single use plastic, bottles and straws) and we could have spent all day collecting all rubbish...

7 June 2018

Last moments in Nusa Lembongan: we are going back to the main island of Bali ! Our initial plan is to go to Amed, North-East of Bali. However, it is a sacred day in Bali - The yellow day: every temple is decorated with yellow ribbons! - and there are very few public buses in the island. After a misunderstanding with a guy, we take a bus that takes us... to the opposite side of the island : North West ! Whatever we are flexible and our planning can change, therefore we decide to stop in Pemuteran for a few days !

6 June 2018

Today we take a boat for another island ! We are heading to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, the two small islands next to Nusa Penida. These two islands and far more touristy than Nusa Penida and when we start our tour of the island it is crowded. Despite all the people, we manage to find a cute little place to eat next to the beach and not far from the mangroves, in Nusa Lembongan. Then we head to the blue lagoon in Nusa Ceningan. This place is stunning and the blue of the water leaves us speachless ! After observing the surfers, we go back to Nusa Lembongan for a beautiful sunset on the sea, from the cliffs just next to our hostel !

5 June 2018

For our 3rd day in Nusa Penida, we decided to go on a boat trip, to explore the surroundings of the island, and especially to see manta rays closer, after seeing so many from the shore. We were lucky and we got to swim with manta rays again ! However, after a few minutes, a lot of boat arrived on the site and that's why we would not recommend swimming with mantas in Nusa Penida. There were so many boats, following the mantas, that it looked more like chasing manta rays and we felt like the animals were stressed by so many people around them. When we saw everyone coming around, we decided to step aside from the animals.(The boats were more respectful in Komodo National Park.) We also saw nice corals and huge groupers! In the afternoon, we crossed the island to go to the very remote Suwehan beach. We had the beach to ourselves, probably due to the difficulty of access, and the bumpy road (again!)

4 June 2018

Second day in Nusa Penida - After a very bumpy road we reach Atuh beach. This famous beach is a little jewel hidden between the cliffs. The place is not so easy to reach so it is still preserved.

4 June 2018

Second day in Nusa Penida - This time, we choose to explore the eastern part of the island. On our way, we stop at Giri Putri Cave, a very huge and impressive natural cave with a Buddhist temple and people praying inside. We take time to explore the little villages on the road and observe fishermen on the shore.

3 June 2018

Leaving the small Gilis for another small island East of Bali : Nusa Penida ! This little jewel was unknown a few years ago but now it starts to become pretty touristy, especially in famous places such as the view point on Kelingking beach (in form of tyranosaurus rex) Despite a lot of tourists, we can still enjoy the wild beach below the cliffs, as the steep stairs discourage most of the visitors to go down. We could even spot a manta ray at sea, not far from the beach ! Our discovery of Nusa Penida continues with our motorbike, on a very bumpy road! From very high cliffs, we have the chance to observe a school of mantas! Then we take a bath of fresh water in Tembeling natural pool, a little basin surrounded by small temples. Finally, our day ends with a nice sunset at Crystal bay beach !

1 June 2018

More pictures of cute little places in Gili Meno and Gili Air !

31 May 2018

Before leaving the Gilis we had to explore the other two islands! We spent one day  exploring Gili Meno on land and underwater : turtles, underwater statues and swings on the beach ! We missed the last boat so it gave us an excuse to stay on the island for one night 😊

30 May 2018

Back in Gili Trawangan for one more week of volunteering! We help the association with its project for the Ocean Day, with the hashtag #ISpeakBlueToo Among our duty : turtles' eggs saving and mapping of the island ! Dinner picture is at the sister's restaurant of our favorite café : Pituq restaurant 🤗 (vegan and organic delicious food)

29 May 2018

Exploring the coast around Senggigi with a motorbike : great view points and huge black sand beaches with no one around ! A stop in a delicious organic restaurant, with French owners, by the beach : Coco beach ! And a great sunset to end the day :)

28 May 2018

Back in Mataram to get our visa for the 2nd month in Indonesia ! This administrative formality made us come back 3 times to the administration office but at least we didn't have to leave the country and could stay more than one month ! -first time : to give our passeport (few days ago) -second time : to make pictures and take footprints -third time : to finally get back our passeport ! (2nd time and 3rd time during the same day hopefully) - Last day with Jeremy in Lombok  : we explore the surroundings of Mataram, and go to Narmada park where there is a public swimming pool and temples. We visit the little villages around and go for a walk in the traditional market - Lombok is a muslim island and it is currently the month of ramadan. As there are almost no tourists in Mataram, it is very difficult to find food during the day. We almost have to fast too ! This is very different in the touristic places, like in Gili islands : almost all the restaurants are open there.
Beautiful sunset over the sea, at Merese Hill on the way back to Kuta!
Gerupuk: a fishermen village well known for its waves (which are pretty far from the shore).

27 May 2018

2nd day with Jeremy ! After a quick swim at our hostel, we explored the East Coast of Kuta with motorbikes. Nice stop for lunch on the beach !

26 May 2018

Still waiting for our visa, we spend a few more days in Lombok. It is also the opportunity to catch up with Jeremy, a friend who works in Vietnam and was in business trip in Indonesia ! We spent the week-end with him, discovering the surroundings of Kuta, South of Lombok. For our first day together, we ride until the famous and nice Selong Belanak beach, with a few stops on the road (Mawun and Tampah beach) and a typical indonesian lunch on the beach We end the day playing funny card games in a bar with locals !

25 May 2018

We had to leave Gili Trawangan island for a few days, to renew our visa in Mataram, Lombok's capital city. We took this opportunity to visit Sekotong Peninsula, a remote and unknown place of Lombok ! We stayed a couple of days there in a nice hostel along the beach. We went until the very end of the peninsula : Desert Point, an impressive reef break surf spot !

23 May 2018

Life at Gili Eco Trust Association as a volunteer : beach cleaning, waste management & games with the children at the local school And everyday a beautiful sunset to end the end !

23 May 2018

Trying SUP yoga at sunrise Pretty magic at this hour, a very quiet beach and a few turtles hanging around !

20 May 2018

Day 22 Sunday spent exploring the island Gili Trawangan : Snorkelling in Halik, a nice diving spot with turtles !

19 May 2018

Day 21 Gili Eco Trust's ecotour, with Sean She showed us the big dump at the center of the island, where tons of waste are brought everyday. It shows us once again how important it is to reduce our everyday waste. We discovered the crushing machine for glass bricks - made of collected glass bottles - used for buildings. We also stopped at the horse clinic and bank sampah (the waste management place of the island).
Day 20 Beach cleaning in Gili Trawangan : Every Friday, Gili Eco Trust organises a public beach cleaning : everyone is welcome to join, so we can clean altogether : tourists, locals, expats... A restaurant or a bar offers a free beer to each volunteer after the one-hour beach cleaning. Every Friday is it a different plac,and a different partner offers beers. These events permit raising awareness and make people realise how dirty beaches can be in Gili: you can judge by the amount of trash we collect at each session in only one hour !
Day 20 More pictures of the biorocks : how Gili Eco Trust restores the coral reefs around the Gili Islands! This technology is a technique to create artificial coral reefs. It allows corals to grow faster and stronger than on natural reefs. For more informations : One of the biorocks has become a place prized by tourists as it has a great potential for funny pictures : two old vespas were sunk not far from the beach !

18 May 2018

Day 20 Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the volunteers of the association go to "Bank Sampah", the waste management place of the island, and help locals to sort out the waste, and especially plastic bottles. You can see the result of our work with the pictures before and after !
First sunset in Gili T, followed by a djembe concert on the beach !

17 May 2018

Day 19 First day at the Association Gili Eco Trust where we will be volunteering for a couple of weeks. This non-profit organisation is committed to coral reef restoration (biorock technology, cf pictures) and waste management (waste collection and recycling) on Gili Trawangan. The association also offers ecotourism information and tours, and takes care of animals of the island (cats and horses). For more information :

16 May 2018

Day 18 After our arrival in Mataram, we went straight to Gili Trawangan, where we will be volunteers for a couple of week. For our first day on the island we eat at the night market.

15 May 2018

Day 17 Leaving Flores after two weeks on this beautiful island. Crossing Sumbawa (the island West of Flores) until Lombok, a long journey : First we take the ferry from Labuan Bajo to Sape. After a stop in Bima, where we eat in the cheapest local restaurant, we take the bus and ferry during the night, to finally arrive in Mataram, Lombok's capitole city, the next morning

14 May 2018

Always so nice to see cute turtles ! These pictures were taken at the end of the Cauldron dive : the place is called Chinese shop because of all the colorful corals you can admire
Diving with manta rays in the Cauldron a.k.a. Shotgun (3rd dive) ! This dive is named like this because of the very strong current in this area : you can see by yourself the bubbles of the diver on the picture. You have to hold on very tight to rocks during the dive if you want to slow down a little, and enjoy the view !
Second dive of the day in Castle Rock ! Black-tip sharks and heaps of colorful fishes : we are not disappointed by Komodo underwater world!
Day 16 Diving day again in Komodo National Park ! We are going to the North this time. 3 dives for Guillaume in strong currents, and first time scuba diving for Perrine !
Snorkelling with Manta rays !!! Last stop of the 2-day cruise at the little Kanawa Island
Hiking of Padar Island in Komodo National Park : stunning view on top !
Day 15 After a night on the boat in the middle of Komodo National Park, our second day of cruise starts with a nice sunrise on the sea

12 May 2018

Day 14 2 day cruise in Komodo National Park ! The first day we went to see the famous dragons of Komodo on the islands Rinca and Komodo They are pretty impressive : 2 or 3 meters long. The dragons are very dangerous and already killed tourists or locals. Their bite is poisonous. They eat deers and buffalos in the islands.

11 May 2018

Day 13 Diving day in Komodo National Park 3 dives for Guillaume in the best spots (Batu Bolong, Tatawa besar) : so many beautiful fishes and corals, turtles and black-tip/white-tip sharks! The underwater world life is absolutelty amazing there !

10 May 2018

Day 12 Arrival in Labuan Bajo, our last town in West Flores and also the gateway to Komodo National Park Sunset on the bay to finish the day !

9 May 2018

Day 11 Ruteng : the spiderweb terrace rice field

8 May 2018

Day 11 - The Seventeen Islands : snorkelling and islands hoping !
Day 11 - The village of Riung, gateway to the Seventeen Islands

7 May 2018

Day 10 - In the morning, we went to Air Panas Soa, the hot springs of Mengeruda In the afternoon we took the bus from Bajawa to Riung, an epic road  : it took us 4 hours to do only 70 kms!

6 May 2018

Spectacular sunset at Wolo Bobo with a view on Mount Inerie!
Day 9 We rented a scooter for the day to explore Bajawa's surroundings : visit of the traditional villages of Luba and Gurusina surrounded by mountains and with a view on Mount Inerie Then bath in the hot springs of Naruwolo !

5 May 2018

Day 8 - When we woke up they were already cooking breakfast ! They offered us fried bananas (pinsang goreng) followed by pumpkin, zucchinis and beans with rice. Then, we went to the traditional market of Desukoto with Juliana and Gerard, (climbing at the back of a truck!). After the market, it is time to say goodbye to our host family and take the bus to Bajawa (a folkloric local bus with loud music!)
Day 7 - Juliana cooked a traditional dinner for us : fried bananas, fried fish, rice, chilli sauce, noodles. We tried to learn a bit of indonesian, but they spoke and understood well english so we could easily communicate. They gave us the only bedroom of their home and went to sleep in the house of their family in the same village !
Day 7 - Visit of the villages around Kelimutu and particularly of Wologai traditionnal village We met Juliana and her family (her husband Joseph and their 4 kids). They invite us to stay in their house for the night and we spent the afternoon with them. Juliana showed us her garden : she grows every sort of herbs, vegetables and fruits for her family. She is very proud to say that she grows all of it without fertilizers and that she doesn't need to buy any veggies in the market. She also grows a delicious coffee, and rosts it, and then processes it into coffee powder ready to drink ; she produces arabica (April to June) and robusta (september to december).
Day 7 - Wake up at 4 am to see the sun rising on Kelimutu volcano and the crater's blue lake : pretty spectacular !

3 May 2018

Arrival in Moni late afternoon
Day 6 When we wake up, Eta has already cooked breakfast for us ! Fish is on the menu ! Unusual for breakfast but delicious Then we take the bus for Paga and Koka beach We stay in te beautiful Koka beach for a few hours, and swim in a crystal clear water. Lunch on the beach : fresh squid with local fruits and vegetables.

2 May 2018

Day 5 - We are heading west to the little village of Sika. While we wait the local bus in Maumere, we meet Stefan & Eta at the bus station; they organise for us the visit of Sika, their home town. We discover the old portuguese church, and climb the mountain nearby for the view point over the village. Eta offered us to stay at her place in Sika for the night and she cooked a local meal for us !

1 May 2018

Sunset in front of our cottage after a day at sea !
More pictures of the snorkelling next to Maumere
Day 4 - Day boat trip around Maumere, with an Austrian family met at the hostel 1st stop at Nangahale, a fisherman village, and then snorkelling in Pulau Pangabatang and Pulau Babi
The cottage where we stayed next to Maumere (Lena House)

30 April 2018

Day 3 - The first island we will explore in Indonesia is Flores : we take a flight from Bali to Maumere, and then we will cross Flores from East to West After 4 hours-delay (not unusual in Indonesia !), we finally take off and can enjoy a scenic view all along the flight In the evening, we arrive at Lena House, a nice cottage by the beach not far from Maumere

29 April 2018

Day spent in Kuta, organizing the next steps of our travel in Indonesia Sunset at Seminyak beach and dinner in a local restaurant in Legian (Warung Murah)

28 April 2018

Uluwatu Temple for sunset with monkeys trying to steal from people !
First day in Bali : visit of Bukkit Peninsula and in particular Padang Padang Beach, a famous surf beach

27 April 2018

Flight from Cairns to Bali, well arrived in Indonesia ! Ready for 2 months exploring this huge archipelago !