Australia · 242 Days · 101 Moments · August 2017

Journey of Perrine & Guillaume - Australia

26 April 2018

Afternoon at alligator creek !

24 April 2018

Day at little and big crystal creek with Lorene : waterfalls and natural slides in the tropical North Queensland !

23 April 2018

Sunset at Mount Stuart with Lorène & Clément !

22 April 2018

Nice Sunday spent on the Strand with Clément and Lorène, our friends from the French islands, who live in Townsville and are hosting us Sunset at Castle Hill to finish the day !

20 April 2018

Back in Townsville for a few days Catching up with our friends who still live there !

19 April 2018

Flight from Melbourne to Townsville - beautiful sunset above the clouds !

18 April 2018

Back in Melbourne for a couple of days, after 1 month and a half in New Zealand!

3 March 2018

Our trip along the East coast of Australia is over! We will be back in Melbourne and then Townsville though, in a couple of months... but for now we are flying to NEW ZEALAND You can follow our new adventure on our journi NZ !

2 March 2018

Time to sell our campervan before flying to new aventures ! Here are a few pictures of the inside of our home for the last 4 months [We bought it as a normal van and transformed it into a campervan before leaving Townsville. Guillaume has built everything, from the bed to the "kitchen corner", and even set up solar panels on the roof !]

1 March 2018

Last few days in Melbourne : view over the city in Dandenong Ranges National park

27 February 2018

Coming back to Melbourne with this beautiful sunset on the road !

26 February 2018

Last days on the great ocean road : surf and sun bathing !
Star gazing on the great ocean road !

25 February 2018

Sunrise at the 12 apostles !

24 February 2018

23 February 2018

Kangaroos all around us for dinner !
Day 1 - Hiking at the Grampians National Park

22 February 2018

More of the great ocean road : Loch Ard Gorge, London Arch

21 February 2018

The 12 apostles ! The most famous spot of the Great Ocean Road

20 February 2018

1st day on the great ocean road ! One of the most beautiful coastal roads of the world We visited Torquay, the place where the surf was born! We also saw the famous Bells Beach, where international surf competitions take place every year

16 February 2018

Last days in Tasmania: Joseph Chromy, amazing wineyard and gastronomic restaurant 😋 Stop at Launceston and then Devil's Gullet on the way back to take the Ferry to go back to Australia

13 February 2018

Chill a couple of days at the Bay of Fires, famous for its vibrant orange rocks, sparkling blue waters and long white beaches

12 February 2018

Mussels and scallops at the Freycinet Marine Farm

11 February 2018

Hiking Mt Amos to discover this stunning view of wineglass bay ! Wineglass bay is one of the most famous beaches of Tasmania To finish this great day, sipping wine in front of the sunset with an american couple we met at the camping

10 February 2018

1st day in Freycinet national park : we spent the afternoon relaxing in Honeymoon bay We saw a bull ray while snorkelling ! And amazing star gazing at night

9 February 2018

Fauna of Maria Island : A baby wombat with his mother, heaps of kangaroos A marine reserve with fishes never seen before and big rock lobsters (it was forbidden to fish unfortunately for us!)
We spent one day on Maria Island, a wild and beautiful place We saw "painted cliff", a natural work of art shaped by erosion Then we continued our walk to the fossil clifs

8 February 2018

Tasman Peninsula - Cape Raoul Hike Stunning steep cliffs of 200m high, with seals dozing in the sun at the bottom We saw many other animals on the way: echidnas, wallabis, cacatoes...
2nd day in Tasman Peninsula Snorkelling on a wreck in Canoe bay

7 February 2018

Camping on Tasman Peninsula, surrounded by many cute animals as usual! Kangaroos, wallabis, possums, and heaps of birds (kookaburra on the pic)
1st day in Tasman Peninsula The arch, the Devil's kitchen and the Tessalated rocks (natural geological formation)

6 February 2018

Sunset for our arrival on Tasman Peninsula !
For our 3rd day on Bruny Island, we came back to the same surf spot And after a good surf session, time for a haircut for G in front of a quite nice scenery !

5 February 2018

Star gazing on the island Can you spot the shooting star ?
2nd day at Bruny Island Hiking all afternoon to discover more the island
2nd day at Bruny Island First time we surf in Tasmania ! At the beautiful Cloudy Bay Then breakfast with a view :)

4 February 2018

We spent our first day in Bruny Island discovering white-sand beaches (adventure bay), stunning lookouts (the Neck, isthmus of the island), and picking wild blackberries!

3 February 2018

We took another ferry to reach the small and beautiful Bruny Island, north of Hobart The first night, we slept in front of the beach, in the Northern part of the island.
We spent a couple of day in Hobart, Tasmania's capital. We enjoyed a free concert Friday night after a fish and chips on the wharf. On Saturday we discovered the famous market of Salamanca, full of fine food and hand made products. We tried the "salmon sausage" and all the delicious berries The second picture is the view on Hobart from Mount Wellington

2 February 2018

We visited the famous museum of Hobart, the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) constructed just next to the river. Twisted but funny !

1 February 2018

Western mountains of Tassie : beautiful landscapes and a sulphur lake !
Hiking around lake St Clair
We stayed for the night at Ocean beach, a remote place near Strahan
Unexpected sand dunes on the road !

29 January 2018

We decided to start our journey inTasmania in the North West coast. We had the chance to stay in Burnie, at Georgia's (our roomate of Townsville) parents', where we picked up delicious raspberries ! Their driveway with very high trees was impressive

28 January 2018

First day in Tasmania and also first hike at the Lake Dove in the famous Cradle Mountain national park The scenery was absolutely beautiful and we were not disappointed by the start of the discovery of this big island We also had the chance to see several wombats on the road

27 January 2018

Today we take the ferry to Tasmania (with the van) ! The ferry to go there lasts all day, from 9.30 am to 7 pm. Only crossing Melbourne's Bay takes about 2 hours We will stay in Tassie for 3 weeks

26 January 2018

After working one month it is time to hit the road again ! After a quick stop at red hill for lunch, we are back in Melbourne for Australia's day and also for G's birthday ! The counter of our van has now reached 400 000 kms ! It means we have traveled around 8000 kms since the beginning of the trip We finished the day at Fitzroy, a nice district of Melbourne, where we ate at The Vegie Bar

24 January 2018

Boat tour at the sailing club ! The club lend us a boat during one of our breaks

18 January 2018

Days off means we get to see the sunset !

6 January 2018

Although we work a lot (around 15h per day !!), lunch breaks' view is not too bad 😊

3 January 2018

More pictures of the sailing club where we work

1 January 2018

Happy new year... at work !!! We were working for new year's eve and at midnight, to start 2018, we were still cleaning the kitchen 😂.. with a glass of champagne at least !

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas from Australia !
Christmas dinner at the beach !

24 December 2017

We will stay in Mornington Peninsula for a few weeks and work as kitchen hands in Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club. Summer holidays just start here and it is very busy, so it was pretty easy to find a job. This is the view we have from work !

22 December 2017

Nice sunset in Sorrento !

21 December 2017

Walk to fort Nepean and encounter with an echnida !
Mornigton Peninsula Washing dishes with a view !

17 December 2017

Brighton beach, south of Melbourne : famous for its colorful beach boxes

16 December 2017

We spent the weekend in Melbourne. It is a nice city to live, especially at Chistmas time! We discovered lots of little lanes full of graphs

14 December 2017

We spent a couple of day exploring Philipp Island On this island lives the smallest penguin in the world (around 30 cm tall). We could observe the "penguin parade" at dusk. When the sunset goes down, these little penguins come back to the island, after a day at sea, to socialize and to breed. We can't share any pictures of the pinguins because it was forbidden to take pictures, not to disturb them.

13 December 2017

Exploring Wilsons Promontory National Park Nice hike to finish the day with a view point for sunset !

12 December 2017

Well arrived in Victoria ! After a stop at Lake Tyers, we spent our first night in Victoria cooking pizzas in a very nice campsite just next to the river

11 December 2017

At Bendalong we met stingrays on the beach ! The big one is a bull ray, and the small ones are eagle rays. We fed them with small pieces of fish a fisherman gave us. The stop at Bendalong was very nice, we slept in front of the beach and had a great surfing session

10 December 2017

On the road between Sydney and Woollongong, we stopped at the famous 'Figure 8 pools', surprising shapes in the rocks which form natural swimming pools !

8 December 2017

2nd day in the Blue Mountains: the 'Grand Canyon walking track!

7 December 2017

1st day hicking in the Blue Mountains ! Amazing landscapes, and especially the famous lookout on the 'Three Sisters'
After a week at Sydney, time to hit the road again ! Beautiful sunrise in the Blue Mountains
Beaches around Sydney (Manly) !

1 December 2017

Sydney Fish Market: the 2nd biggest in the World after the one of Japan ! Visit of Sealife Aquarium : we saw dugongs, sharks, rays and many different species of fish

30 November 2017

Well arrived in Sydney ! The visit of the city began with the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge We are staying at Rob's place, a friend of our Townsville's roomates

29 November 2017

Back in Rio ! Copacabana beach

27 November 2017

Nice day spent walking along the coast of Newcastle
We woke up with this amazing view. Perks of living in a van and sleeping (almost) wherever we want !

26 November 2017

Nelson Bay : surf at the beautiful One Mile Beach and beer tasting in a brewery !

25 November 2017

Time for a beer and admire the sunset on Stockton beach !
Unreal landscape at Worimi dunes ! A nice Aussie couple took us on a 4WD tour to explore the 32kms of sand !
We found this beautiful lookout randomly, the hike was worth it !

23 November 2017

On the road after Port Macquarie : encounter with kangaroos and watching of paragliding
The Lakes Way A very nice aussie couple lend us their canoe to explore the lakes !

22 November 2017

The road between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie. Amazing view point at Wellington Rocks !

19 November 2017

Few days in Byron Bay, the most eastern point of Australia. One of the coolest place we've visited so far !

17 November 2017

We left Queensland and arrived in New South Wales !

16 November 2017

Gold Coast : from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta !

13 November 2017

Well arrived in Brisbane city ! Sunset on Mont Coot-Tha with a view on the capital of Queensland
Surf session in Noosa
Sunshine coast ! And scenic lookout on the road to Brisbane

12 November 2017

Carlo Sandblow for sunset
Rainbow beach in front of Fraser Island

3 November 2017

Billabong Sanctuary before leaving Townsville

2 November 2017

Last day with all the roomates in Townsville ! Sunset on Castle Hill

2 October 2017

Nice Sunday in Mission beach!

19 September 2017

Week-end catamaran : Holbourne Island

18 September 2017

Sunset on Holbourne Island

16 September 2017

Week-end catamaran : Holbourne Island

8 September 2017

3 September 2017

Whitsundays islands : white haven beach

27 August 2017

Magnetic Island : wild koalas and camping on the beach