Italy · 77 Days · 9 Moments · September 2017

L'aventure de Anastasia - Milan, Italie

15 December 2017

Let's add something green. Although it was already october, it was still warm and sunny. I suppose this is how it should be in Italy.
Local flea market in the town. Milano is always about fashion.
The same day in the evening. Castello Sforzesco. Great place. They had a market full of local products, such as cheese, wine, fruits, sausages and more other things.

4 October 2017

Old part of the town. Near to the academy of Brera.

3 October 2017

A walk together with my sister near to Arco della Pace.

2 October 2017

China town. Of course, everything is cheaper there and you can have fresh Chinese dumplings 😌
Academia di Brera. My sister is studying there, so that couldn't not be in my album.

1 October 2017

30 September 2017

So, this is how my first day in Milan has started. "Crazy cat café". Somehow recently too many people have started to bring me to such cafés. The one in Milan is pretty nice, full of cat lovers, obviously.