North America, Europe · 9 Days · 32 Moments · April 2018

L'autre trip des dudes en France

13 April 2018

Coming home! Need to add photos of our last day once we're home 😬

12 April 2018

Not a bad week of activity for two sick dudes!
Our last afternoon we spent doing lots of walking, sneezing, blowing our noses, forgetting to eat lunch, buying magenta jackets, and oh yeah, we also went up the Eiffel tower.
Final crepe. I tried a chorizo and cheese, but unfortunately can't taste anything. Jack went with the tried and true Nutella.
Gratuitous metro shot.

11 April 2018

Wrapping the day up with one more helping of boef bourguignon and this time a rabbit stew as well. Delish!
Notre Dame!
We did some reading at Luxembourg park, then ran into Nico and his family when we were doing sail boats. All in all a fun time πŸ™‚
We got the good crΓͺpes!! And the good Starbucks, and got to see the old man again!

10 April 2018

Oh wow. The boef bourguignon was incredible at this place around the corner from our hotel, Le Volant Basque. On the way out, we made reservations for tomorrow night too.
Today had been low key. Jack's ear medicine seems to have done the trick. But we're both still sick and low energy. Just some walking and eating today.

9 April 2018

Jack's ear started hurting tonight so we took a scavenger hunt to find him help. The clinic turned us away, but the pharmacy gave us some meds to try along with a doctor's number in the morning in case they didn't work. The views from the Ubers were not too shabby, and one of the drivers struck up a conversation with Jack and happily chatted in French with him the whole time. I loved listening πŸ˜€
Dinner at an Italian place next to the Eiffel Tower called Firmine.
After a four-hour road trip back to Paris, we say goodbye to our trusty steed. Our trusty steed being the Volkswagen T-Roc.
After a second rough night with coughing and general sickness, we set out to explore Mont St Michel this morning. Since Jack had been there with his class last week, he played tour guide and was most excellent. After exploring, we sat down for a crepe and tea before hitting the road back to Paris.

8 April 2018

After a very full day, we finished the drive to Mont St Michel. Grabbed a very tired dinner, took a few pics, and off to bed. Tomorrow morning we'll hopefully have more energy to tromp around before the drive back to Paris.
The last of the D-Day stops for us, Pointe du Hoc. This place is always awe inspiring.
On the way out of the cemetery, we parked next door and took a quick jaunt down to Omaha beach. Jack really loved this stop because the bunker placements were right above the beach so he could visualize what D-Day probably looked like.
We continued our journey west and walked through the American Cemetery in Normandy. The number of soldiers and civilians killed, and the number of lives impacted by the war is humbling, and the cemetery was a solemn reminder of that.
The Longues Sur Mer battery continued with the extreme fog, but was as amazing as ever. We even got to reproduce Owen's famous blowfish photo in front of the second gun emplacement. 😬
Next up was Arromanches, but the fog started rolling in pretty thick by this point. We enjoyed a nice lunch of coq au vins and a salmon crepe and set off again.
We had a long night last night... Jack's been fighting a bad cough and my allergies have gotten worse every day. Last night neither of us slept well but we had a long day of adventuring to do. So we did our best πŸ˜€. We started with the Merville battery, on the far eastern front of the invasion beaches. They have a C-47 that participated in D-Day, and an impressive array of bunkers. It's so far removed from the beaches though, that I'm not sure we would hit it again.

7 April 2018

We checked into the hotel, then hit the Caen Memorial museum. Jack befriended a Sherman tank.
Road trip to Normandy! We were gonna train to Caen, but with the rail strike we wouldn't have been able to get back to Paris on Monday, so we rented a car to drive the whole way instead. On the way, we stopped for lunch at a road stop with a cafeteria and a weird French Red Robin. Le sal oisseau was delicious?

6 April 2018

Another delicious meal, this one at a place called Le Temps des Cerises. It was a quaint little place tucked away in a neighborhood a block from the Seine. We had shrimp salad, scallops with risotto, and lamb with mashed potatoes. Nom.
Couple more photos of our Seine walk :)
Me and dad went and got a snack before walking next to the Seine where we got some good photos.
By accident we happened upon the first Celio store that I discovered seven years ago. Jack is big enough where the small size fits him, so he loaded up on tshirts. A train and lots of walking to get back - we saw a guy who had put casters on the wheels of a van, and was flipping it around on a narrow street.
We slept in until 9 this morning, but poor Jack has a deep cough that kept him up a bunch. We met up with Jack's classmate Sophia and her dad for crepes at La Creperie de Josselin. It's a bit hard to tell from this pic, but just about every store on this street is a creperie!

5 April 2018

We had dinner with all of Jack's school friends and parents, and now we're ready to crash. It's been a long day.
I arrived and found the hotel, and took a quick nap for good measure. Then I accidentally walked to Jack's hotel instead of metro'd. My brain is still in PST. But I got him!!

4 April 2018

Leisurely morning packing, then got a nice lunch with my lady in Seattle. And I'm off to find Jack!