North America, Europe · 33 Days · 20 Moments · August 2017

Oulu 2017

29 September 2017

Traffic Light Party at Caio with: Benedikt, Giorgia, Elisa, Adrià, Felix, Nikkita and Blanca.
Around the world in 3 hours. ESN and NISO organized a gathering so we could bring food from our countries and try food from all around the world. Estefy, Juan and I made beans with nachos. We all ate sooo much, everything was delicious. My favorite dessert was a dark chocolate bark from Poland.

24 September 2017

Andrea had the idea to go hiking to Rokua National Park, which is about and hour and a half away from Oulu. So we rented a car and drove down there to spend the day. The park is huge and the landscapes are amazing. We spent the whole day walking, looking for berries and mushrooms, appreciating nature and having fun. On the first picture, from left to right: Moritz, Carlo, Miriana, Dana, Marco, Andrea, Kathy, Romain and me. 💕

23 September 2017

I went to IdeaPark today with Kathy, Marco, Romain and Moritz. We wanted to have a look at the clothes they sell and see how good the discounts were. Later, we came back home by foot, so we had the chance to see some nice landscapes. At night we had dinner at Baabel to plan our trip to Rokua the next day.

22 September 2017

With the excuse of planning and booking our trip to Lapland, Kathy, Marco, Romain, Moritz and I had dinner tonight at Jonas's place. Everyone wanted tacos so I made everyone participate in the making of the tortillas. We had tacos de alambre, which by the way were delicious 😍 Later we invited some other friends over to play some games and have drinks.

17 September 2017

Tampere day 4. This was my last day in Tampere. Thom and I went to the international food market and ate some delicious greek food (me: falafel, Thom: kebab). For dessert we had french churros with salted caramel 👌. We walked around downtown for a while and then he dropped me off at the station. Thom: Tuve el mejor fin de semana contigo en Tampere, gracias por presentarme a tus amigos y enseñarme un cachito de esa cuidad tan bonita. Te quiero ❤

16 September 2017

Tampere day 3. Thom (and I, kind of) hosted a mexican party for his friends. We cooked tostadas, and nachos con guacamole for everyone, we played mexican music and just overall had a lot of fun showing everyone a little part of our Mexican culture.

15 September 2017

Tampere day 2. Thom and I walked around the city a lot. We went to the biotech campus in the morning, had lunch with his friends at University and later went to a café to get munkkis (donuts). We had a lovely view of the city from the cafe's tower. Later we were supposed to go to a mexican party but we decided to skip it and have dinner with his friends instead. We went to a really nice restaurant and I tried stir fry (very Finnish dish made of potatoes, sausages and ham) for the first time, it was delicious.

14 September 2017

Tampere day 1. I'm here visiting Thom for the weekend. Today after I arrived at the train station, he gave me a mini tour of the University. Then we walked downtown for a little while and met some of his friends at a bar. Everyone is so nice and funny, I'm having a lot of fun with these guys.

13 September 2017

Our team name for the rally was Cha Cha Cha. From left to right: Lauren (China), Matthieu (France), me, Siva (India), Romain (Italy), Estefy (Mexico), Erwan (France), Katy (Germany), Jonas (Germany) and Marco (Italy).
Today ESN organized a city rally. It's a finnish tradition for students who are starting University. Since the point of it was to have fun with your friends, this time we could choose our own teams. We had four hours of running around the city center, performing ridiculous tasks. For the first one we had to act out a mini movie. Ours was Lord of the Rings related and we had Chewacca and Hodor in it, too. The judges really seemed to love it. Next we had to run around looking for certain objects. The third task was karaoke, and apparently we're experts at picking songs cause we killed it with We're All In This Together, Poker Face and Dancing Queen. 😂 For the fourth task we played charades with finnish related words, and it was so funny! And finally, we did a killer air guitar performance on a bridge, which the judges also loved. The winners were announced at the party at Tivoli afterwards, but most of us couldn't stay. (Which was good because spoiler: we didn't win.)

9 September 2017

After the ESN gathering, there was a party at Caio to announce the winners of the day activities and just have more fun with our friends. They announced that there was a tie between all the teams, so we had to have a karaoke stand off! Marco, Romain and I decided to sing We Are Young by Fun, and we got everyone at the bar singing 😂. I loved that everyone got up to sing, even Jonas and Roman! And 50/50* was obviously the best cause we were the winners! We won a bottle of wine (which must be very expensive because Finland!), and we shared with all our friends. From left to right: Romain, Marco and me. *Our team name explained: half of our team (Marco, Romain and me) are from Oulun Yliopisto, and the other half (Jojo, Jenik and Patrick) are from University of Applied Sciences. So, easy: 50/50. ✌
ESN-NISO afternoon. We had a lot of fun playing some pretty ridiculous games. Marco and Romain were in my team, along with Jojo, Jenik and Patrick. Our name was 50/50. The first game was about screaming and running in circles, just the finnish way. 😂 Then we played speed dating with two other teams and got to meet plenty of other people from many different countries. After that we went group skiing on sand, and we looked hilarious chanting "Left, right, left, right" trying to coordinate. And finally, we had to play frisbee. I was the worst! The games were so much fun, we had a great laugh in all of them! Later, we finally got to eat some fruit and sandwiches and OBVIOUSLY drink some coffee, cause we're in Finland. In the end, Marco, Jonas, Romain, Ampi and me joined a group of French people and we played cards and a drinking game (minus the drinking) which was hilarious! Overall, it was a great afternoon and I loved meeting so many people ❤

6 September 2017

Vulcanalia Evening Bash In the afternoon, Helinä invited us to the Process Engineering Guild Room to meet some other students. I met Estefy (another mexican girl) there, and that's also where I met Marco and Mika, his kummi. In the evening was the welcoming party for the autumn semester at OY. There was music (a band and a DJ), games, face paint and drinks. After the party we went to the lake to try to see auroras but we had no luck. 👎🏼

2 September 2017

Orientation and city tour: At orientation the first day, I finally got to meet some other exchange students, some from my faculty and some from education. Later that day, ESN organized a city tour around downtown, so I got to meet some other parts of the center.

31 August 2017

Dana and I went to the city center to walk around and get to know the city. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant called Coyoacán and were so happy to have a taste of home so far away.

30 August 2017

After 24+ crazy hours of travelling, I finally got to my apartment in Oulu today. Helinä, my kummi, picked me up at the ariport and drove me to my apartment. Finally getting to the place that I'm gonna call home for the next four months was pretty overwhelming. When I got to my room and closed the door, it all came down on me that I was alone in a city almost 10,000 km from home, with no internet and no friends. I went to University, which is right across the street, and called my family to let them know how was the trip. Then I went to the supermarket and bought some food and started getting comfortable in my apartment. It was such a crazy first day, filled with so many feelings, but I always knew I'm where I'm meant to be and this is gonna be the experience of a lifetime.
Let's start at the beginning: How did I get to a city that's 9,527 km from home? It was a looong journey. First, I flew from Mexico City to New York City (that was 5 hrs long). I met my friend Dana there and we had the chance to go to the city for a while. We visited the 9/11 memorial and just walked around for a few hours. Then we took another flight from NYC to Helsinki (Finland's capital). That flight was 8 hrs long. The stop in Helsinki was stressful because we only had 30 minutes to get to the other flight to Oulu, and we had to go through passport check. We nearly lost our flight, but we made it and in just 50 minutes we finally arrived to Oulu Airport. So, 27 hours after leaving Mexico City, I arrived to my new home in Oulu, Finland, on August 30th, 2017.

28 August 2017

Terminology #1 I only have 1000 characters on each post and I have a tendency to explain a lot when I'm writing. So I'm gonna have to copy my friend Thom on his idea of abbreviations for practicality purposes. Here are some of the terms I'll use, explained: - University: What we call Oulun Yliopisto, where I'm studying right now. -Guild room: Each learning field (the equivalent of each "carrera" in Mexico) has its own room at University where students from that field can study or just relax together. - ESN: Erasmus Student Network. A big student group dedicated to international minded and exchange students. They organize activities and trips to places like Lapland and Russia. - NISO: Network of International Students in Oulu. Pretty similar to ESN, they plan most of the activities and parties together. And for now, I guess that's it.
A little introduction. I've been in Oulu for 10 days. My life has been a rollercoaster of emotions since I arrived, but mostly everything has been good. I want to document this experience because I know it will be life changing, and I want to remember every part of it. I'm writing this mainly for future me, but I'm happy to share this with family and friends (old and new) if they are interested on my experiences. At the ESN introduction, they told us: "Exchange is not a year of your life, it's your whole life in one year." For me it's only four months, but I intend to make every second count. So, welcome to the best four months of my life. ✌🏼❤️ PS I. I'll write in English because it's a huge part of my personal experience here, so I'm going all the way. PS II. Huge thanks to Thom for showing me this platform, I love youuu.