North America, Europe · 21 Days · 24 Moments · August 2017

Laurie's Europe Adventure

6 September 2017

Santorini!! Definitely my favourite of the Greek islands. First experience having to tender to the island pier. Cable car adventure to the top where we could experience magnificent views. The first village we visited was Thira. All the white buildings build on the slopes of the crater. Cobblestone pathways led us through beautiful shops and eateries. Hailed a taxi and ventured to the next picturesque village Oia. This is where we enjoyed a gyro and a beer as Taylor recommended. More cobblestone roads and magnificent views of all the white charming buildings perched on the cliff side overlooking the spectacular sparkling sea. Many antique shops and resteraunts throughout the winding cobble stone streets. Spectacular panoramic photo opportunities available from the medieval castle.

5 September 2017

More ship fun!!!
Old Town Corfu

4 September 2017

Next stop Corfu Greece
First Port Stop. Bar Montenegro. Short stop and so we chose not to disembark and instead enjoy the pool and margaritas

3 September 2017

A little onboard fun
Train to Venice today and then a water taxi to our ship. The Norwegian Star will be our home for the next 7 days😀

2 September 2017

Cinque Terre: The scent of the sea tour. Unforgettable whole day tour of one of the most amazing and enchanting landscapes. Five villages hanging between the sea and land. Manarola: tiny harbour and picturesque buildings clinging to a ravine. Riomaggiore a village dating back to the thirteenth century. Houses leaning on each other. Monterosso is an ancient fishing village with enchanting beaches . Vernazza is a seaside town surrounding a small natural port. Amazing day❤️

1 September 2017

Tuscany bus Tour Adventure. Picturesque views of the vineyards. Experienced a fabulous lunch and wine tasting In Chianti. Medieval Hilltop in Monteriggioni with its still intact walls and real atmosphere of the olden times. Gothic architecture throughout the narrow streets. Beautifully decorated shops lined the streets. Then off to to experience the leaning tower of Pisa. A lot to experience for one day😊

30 August 2017

Florence..."Firenze "Posh shops and beautiful architecture. Highlights...Cathedrals, Ponto Vecchio Arched River Bridge, Piazza Della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo Statue, Marble Sculpture of David, Piazza del Duoma square where we enjoyed our Pizza and Beers
Today we took the train to Florence. A bit of a gong show but we made it on the train and checked into our hotel. Excited for our next adventure 😊
Spanish Steps. Very Grand. Beautiful Views.

29 August 2017

Breakfast at the Vatican and guided tour. Early start at 6:30 but well worth it. Our tour guide Tiffany was exceptional. Breakfast at the courtyard. Explored the impressive Museums and St Peter's Basilica including the majestic Sistine Chapel

28 August 2017

Trevi Fountain. Beautiful gathering place
Hop on Hop off bus. Sightseeing Rome
Colosseum and Roman Forum guided tour. Unfortunately unable to understand the tour guide to hear the history but the scenery was amazing. What an experience ❤️

27 August 2017

Two favourites...Pizza and Wine
Two favourites...Pizza and Wine🍷
Our Smart Hotel in Rome for the next 3 nights. On check in Mom and Connie got stuck in the revolving door and the front desk clerk had to help them And it begins....😀
Landing in Rome😀

26 August 2017

Trust Air Canada. Plane malfunction and 4 hour extra layover in Toronto. Substituted with a smaller plane. Not all passengers were lucky enough to make it on...But we did😀.
Cheers! First drink In Toronto
Getting closer....Toronto!

16 August 2017

Got my Euros...Getting excited for our adventure...3 more sleeps😊