Canada · 5 Days · 30 Moments · May 2017

Canada Train Trip

21 May 2017

I woke up the next morning to find an elk outside our door. I took this pic in my sleeping clothes. There's no time to change when it comes to wild animals.

20 May 2017

They shaved the chocolate for the S'mores. It was yummy.
The lodge was located on Lake Bacuvert (sp?) We enjoyed hiking around the lake.
Today we went upon an ice explorer to see Athabaska Glacier. Having been to Alaska numerous times, this Glacier was not so impressive
We get to Jasper National Park in the late afternoon If you notice the room, it's very dark. The Park and the entire town of Jasper lost electricity. We ended up having g a free dinner that night because the restaurants could not serve hot food. So they served all cold foods, but being a Fairmont, the free buffet was done with great style. Luckily power came on around 7:30. They must use pumps for water supply because the water was only trickling. They provided bottles and bottles of water. The outage cost them a lot of money.
My favorite thing on the bus ride is seeing animals.
Sunrise at Lake Louse. We are fortunate to have a view of the lake. I can enjoy the sunrise from the warmth and comfort of our room.

19 May 2017

We stop at Natural Bridge. That is the Kicking Horse River
We stop for lunch at Emerald Lake.
We go back to Johnston Canyon because Lake Morraine, a scheduled stop, is closed. Roads are still blocked by snow. We saw a line black near, and later we saw a mother and cubs. Much later we saw a huge grizzly on the train tracks. Our guide said that the train grain cars drop grain on the tracks as it travels, then the bears come and eat the food.
Today we are being moved to Lake Louise. We visit the lake (still frozen) in the morning, and will return at the end of the day.

18 May 2017

We walked to town for dinner and on the walk back, came upon an elk.
We went up a gondola at Sulfur Mountain. We were fortunate the weather was clear, we heard the day before visibility was limited, couldn't see the town. You could walk the boardwalk to the next peak but our guide warned us that the altitude was high and we had limited time. I wouldn't do it even if we had hours
The tour took us to Two Jacks Lake and Lake Minnewanka. Just viewing, no hiking.
The next day we did a tour of Banff. This is Mt Rundle. I asked our guide what is the white stripe across the mountain? I'm thinking it's a layer of some kind of stone. She said snow. Oh well, I'm from Hawaii, didn't look like snow to me.

17 May 2017

We enjoy the hotels outdoor hot pool. I can see that it's enjoyable during winter but doesn't seem like so much fun at winter. I didn't swim laps until the next day, but we enjoyed the jacuzzi too. There indoor pool is much longer than the YMCA.
Last hike of the day is to Johnston Canyon. We made it to lower falls. We started to upper falls but was getting pretty late so we turned back. When we reached the bottom and saw the trail map, we could tell we weren't that far from upper falls.
We drive to Surprise Corner to view our iconic hotel overlooking the Bow River.
We hiked to Cascade Falls base. Was ok but not worth the hard steep hike. It was a long way down too.
When I took this picture, I thought it was a chipmunk. However, as I compared it to the wildlife brochure, its a squirrel
We hike around trails at Lake Minnewanka. Lots of trails are still closed.
I bet if the weather was better, people would sit and relax in these chairs.
On the shores of Lake Minnewanka
Might be colder today. Yesterday's high was 46. I didn't bring my down jacket because last weather forecast said was warming but now I wish I had it.

16 May 2017

There's our hotel. It was all uphill from here, had to stop and rest a lot. So glad to be back in our warm room!
We were planned on taking a taxi back to the hotel. Not sure how we ended up walking along Bow River but it was great. We saw several elk. I thought it was moose but a local guy told me they are elk. Guess I saw only cartoons with a moose so I can't tell the difference
We had dinner at Park Distillary. The wood fired broccoli was so delicious. The fish and chips was some of the best I had. Must've been made on site because although the fish was fillet, they fried the skin and served it. Rotisserie chicken was just ok.
After checking in, we walk to the town of Banff, about 20 minutes away. Nice small town.
I recognized that striped building. Didn't realize Costco was here in Calgary.
We made it to Calgary. Typical flight heading east, hard to sleep on the plane. Connection in Denver was hard, getting from domestic to international was a long walk/run but we made it. No time to grab food though. We are on a bus that takes people to Banff hotels, about 90 minutes away.