United States of America · 7 Days · 33 Moments · March 2017

Karen and Laurie's journi to Alaska

12 March 2017

Lake Crescent, our final stop before going back to Seattle.
Ruby Beach. Looks almost like Kalaloch except have these islands called sea stacks.

11 March 2017

We have a cabin at Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park. This place is supposed to have fabulous sunsets but the weather made it all gray and foggy. This beach is covered with huge logs. We were warned that every year someone dies from a log accident.
We had to modify our plans bc of the rain. We might see much less of the Park than we hoped due to rain. We went to Lake Quinault and to Quinault Rain Forest (temperate) today. There's still some ice on the ground.
So rainy here in Seattle. Today we drive to Olympic National Park where we will stay over night

10 March 2017

Running water and flush toilets are a luxury. The sign says conserve water. The water delivery man came today.
Sledding was fun but hard to control. Nice to be able to throw the sled by the front door and come inside to get warm. Karen had taken a video of me sledding down. When she was walking up the slope, she stopped and said "I hear voices". It was the video that was playing in her jacket pocket. Haha. It's that quiet up here. That's why we couldn't snow shoe, if something happened no one would find us until the afternoon.
Snow shoeing was a bust. Too dangerous because snow is too pristine. You can see the pole go down at least 4 feet. Lady pic shows how some of the snow cover is hollow too. Not sure what would cause that.
Oh no! We have to work on the car before we go out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Snowing this morning. Just a little below zero, getting warmer but we still need the same amount of layers.

9 March 2017

Tonight is very hazy. Although the prediction for AB is good, might not be able to see it.
We went dog sledding in the afternoon. It was fun and the scenery was beautiful. Our musher has already qualified for the next Iditarod We will be cheating for her!
I had fresh Alaska scallops for lunch. They were fabulous.
We went to Chena Hot Springs Resort today. The waters from the springs are supposed to be therapeutic. In one area, cool water comes out like a sprinkler. I'm another area, a warm heavy stream will give you a massage. Last night someone told us put up your hair. If you get it wet and it freezes, then it can break off. We both made sure that we tied our hair up The first lady I met at the springs had gotten some hairs wet. It was frozen white. I asked her if it would break off and she said "no!" She let me try to break her hair and my touch just thawed the frozen hair. Should not have believed those ladies last night.
I told Karen, it's warmer today and she said it feels the same! Actually it does, -17 and -27 both feel freezing cold to us! Forecast calling for increasingly warmer weather, might even snow.

8 March 2017

We received our photo from last night. That's what we got dressed for๐Ÿ˜Š
We saw AB tonite. So nice to be able to view in shorts and t-shirt from the comfort of our room. However we still got fully dressed to get our picture taken with the AB at the main lodge.
Beautiful sunset. Hope we see AB tonight. There is a tour group coming up tonight. We are invited to join the but it takes a LOT of work to get dressed to go out. Even though the building is close, you can't go without putting on boots, gloves, heavy coat etc.
We r staying in a cabin outside of town. We have two large picture windows which we can see AB from the comfort of our beds!! Very remote here, bring all your own food with you The cabin has four rooms. We have the one with the white door, bottom floor.
We visited North Pole, Alaska.
Went to an ice carving festival. They charge you to see, not free like Japan. We ate lunch at a place called Alaska Cheesesteak.
We saw aurora Borealis from the waiting area in Joy AK. Photos from iPhone using a special app to shoot AB. We didn't get back to our hotel to 4am Got up so late had to rush and check out. Good thing we had a suite, just ate breakfast in the room.

7 March 2017

This is my food as served to me, not eaten yet. I was a little disappointed in my soup at the Yukon Camp $13 and you pay AND tip before you get your food, cafeteria style. Menu said noodles with a medley of greens but I got one tiny piece of bok choy and shove of meat. I told my guide about it but he said that we are out in the wilderness and it's difficult to get supplies in. When they are running low, they ration the food. Well then maybe they should discount the food. However, I must say what I did have was very tasty
Sunset @ the Arctic Circle latitude
9 passenger plane ride
Heading for Coldfoot in the arctic circle

6 March 2017

You have to plug your car in at night. Hey - I hope no one takes our cord, belongs to the car rental agency.
We have a 4WD Nissan Rouge. This is a picture of the parking lot at Fred Meyers. You can't see the lines so you guess where it is. Same with the roads, can't see the yellow lines because covered with snow since no one drives on it to melt it.
We had Thai food for dinner. At first we thought the restaurant was closed because no one cleared the front steps. They had a side entrance shoveled.
So fun to watch each team. A new team starts every 2 minutes.
The Iditarod rarely starts in Fairbanks. We were lucky that they moved the start location to Fairbanks after we booked our room.
Wow, even colder this morning
Took us awhile to get to Fairbanks, but we got here safely. It is COLD here -24. Brrrr! In the shuttle ride to the hotel, the driver showed us where the Iditarod would start, about 1 1/2 miles from our hotel. He said many street will be closed. We asked if we should walk and the driver and another passenger said no! The driver said I experienced people can get frostbite.