North America · 8 Days · 13 Moments · November 2016

Lauren's voyage in Saint Lucia

21 November 2016

We stayed at in airbnb last night. The house of two professors, one from Palestine. He cooked us a delicious breakfast of eggs bacon special Irby bread and olives fresh from his garden! Then we drove to Grayson Georgia to visit Lisa, Scott, Megan, and Zack. We were able to say goodbye to Lisa and William met her for the first time. On the way home we ate at this burger joint called farmhaus in Augusta.

19 November 2016

Bye Saint Lucia! We enjoyed starting our life together with you!
Our last morning we went to the pool real fast. Before that I almost drowned again in the ocean and lost my awesome wedding hat in the waves. Wilm laughed a lot at my struggle.

18 November 2016

When we came back from the hike, we got a much awaited call that we were able to get a reservation to Gordan's, a restaurant on the water. We had steak and sword fish. It was delicious. We hung out by the water on a swing for a bit before getting shuttled back to the resort.
Next, Tito drove us to the volcanos center. Everything smelled like sulphur! We then went to a hot spring where we took a mud bath. On the way back we picked up our best meal- BBQ chicken with garlic sauce, homemade bread and Piton beer on the side of the road. On Friday and saturdays this is what everyone eats for dinner.
We made it half way with our Mountain Goat guide who offered us weed on the way up the mountain. He had the fasted record for making it up and down. At the end of our hike Mountain Goat broke open a coconut for Wilm and I. We also ate coconut and vanilla ice cream🍦 .
Our hike! We took a trip out to the Pitons with our driver Tito. He loved the fact that in Sat Lucia you can drink and drive, smoke weed in public, and that there was a 5:1 ratio of women to men.

17 November 2016

Thursday we ate breakfast at the resort and had yummy juice☺️we went to le grande resort at 11am and spent the day at the beach playing with Williams go pro. They had swings and hammocks over the water. I was able to get some time with God - he reminded me of being all satisfying and desiring intimacy with me when all around me there was beauty and thing that satisfy the flesh. It rained! We took quick showers and went to eat at an Indian restaurant. We danced our wedding dance after dinner. We came home to dessert on our bed! Which I indulged in- and a bath with flowers in it!

16 November 2016

That night we came home to this! With a hot bath outside on the porch.
Day 3- We went to another Sandles resort called Haycan, it was a long trip with traffic but interesting to drive through the town. There was a gorgeous double rainbow!
Day 3- We snorkeled this day! William is a fish and I swallow salt water and flail around like I'm drowning. William saved me! And it was still beautiful and fun! The views were amazing. There were not that many fish but it was a great first for me.

15 November 2016

Upon arrival here's our bed! We checked out the resort and ate day 1. Day 2 we relaxed more and went to the spa.

14 November 2016

The start of our honeymoon we wore these awesome hats that said, "Just married to my love."