North America, Asia · 13 Days · 76 Moments · June 2016

Lauren and Lucas's Honeymoon!

7 July 2016

Final treat- complimentary champagne. Thanks Delta! Also my unsuccessful attempt at taking a pic with both our rings. #failure

6 July 2016

Last night!

5 July 2016

Some pics from our time at Busena Terrace in Okinawa. Not much to see other than the beautiful blue water of paradise.
More beautiful views
Welcoming views
Flying to Okinawa

4 July 2016

Flying to Okinawa
Goodbye to the Arashiyama Benkei and Kyoto!
Last breakfast in Kyoto
Sayōnara Kyoto!

3 July 2016

Final keiseki in Japan! "Important a chance meeting, From Land Lady" ?????
Walking through Gion- the location of many shops, as well as of frequent sightings of geishas/meikos/geiko (we didn't see any during our walk)
Kiyomizu-dera Temple. A storm was rolling in at this point
Fushimi Inari shrine - a symbol for this shrine is the white fox which reminds us of Tod 🐺
Fushimi Inari
Went back to Nanzenji after the tour to explore the beautiful zen gardens some more. Again, really hard to capture their beauty. It was not, however, hard to capture how hot and sweaty and burnt we were at this point.
Last ramen of Japan, beers, and gyoza
Nanzenji Temple and gardens - it's difficult to capture how stunning these gardens are.
Bike tour through Kyoto- we saw Heian-jingu Shrine, Nanzenji Temple, Kawai-jinja Shrine, and Philosopher's Path

2 July 2016

The room attendants preparing our futon
Kaiseki in Arashiyama Benkei: night 2
Kinkaku-ji (Golden) Temple. It was impossible to capture it's gold color in pictures
We saw a part of the traditional tea ceremony and learned to make macha (ground young green tea leaves)
Snuck a photo inside the tea room in Gion, and refreshing frozen beers after a long hot day in Kyoto
Soba lunch where we sat on the floor to eat
Nishiki Market and the foods we ate there!
Tenryugi Temple and zen gardens
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. We are super photogenic.

1 July 2016

Usually not allowed to take pics in onsens (hot springs bath) but this one was empty. The one in Hakone was much larger (and fancier). There were outdoor onsens in both hotels as well.
Kaiseki dinner at Arashiyama Benkei
Arrived in Kyoto at Arashiyama Benkei! They gave us a honeymoon gift of two cute cups.
Goodbye to Gora Kadan! They gave us parting gifts (a framed picture of us and an incense flower)
Sayōnara Gora Kadan! We will miss you soooooooo much :(
Breakfast on our last day in Hakone

30 June 2016

Today's kaiseki was shabu-shabu, which is the sound the beef makes when you swish it around in the boiling hot pot of broth (swish swish). The sashimi was also unbelievable
Us in our yukatas (bathrobe kimonos that you wear to the hot springs)
Afternoon cake and tea
Our awesome tour guide, Shin, invited us for coffee in his home.
Nice, clear skies on our ropeway ride up the mountain (JK...we felt like we were inside of a cloud)
A wild pig, tram car ride down the mountain, and driving around Hakone
Enormous Japanese style breakfast

29 June 2016

Night 1 in Hakone: 9 course traditional kaiseki dinner, served in our room
Our room at the Gora Kadan 👀
Pictures from the lobby of our unbelievable ryokan in Hakone, the Gora Kadan
While we were waiting for our room to be ready, we went to the Hakone Open Air Museum. It was extremely foggy, but that made everything look even more eerie and interesting.
Sayōnara Tokyo! Hakone here we come.

28 June 2016

Robot Restaurant Part 2
Robot Restaurant (crazy show with robots)
Senso-ji Temple Part 1
Senso-ji Temple Part 2
Tsukiji Market-Day 2

27 June 2016

Tsukemen- ramen where you dip cold noodles into hot broth. So good
More Bar High Five - rated one of the best bars in the world, and we agree!
Bar High Five!
Weird Pachinko adventure. We won ~15 USD in snacks?
Making sushi
Sushi making class!

26 June 2016

Food and drink tour
Japanese craft beer at Urban BBQ Smokehouse
First ramen in Japan 😱
Our first meal was tempura at 新宿 つな八 ! We learned the correct way to eat it (with special dipping sauce, salt, and radishes) from the diagram.
Meiji Shrine
Exploring Tokyo, day 1
Can see Fujisan peeking over the other mountains this morning

25 June 2016

Our Tokyo Hotel
Walking around our area
First meal was tempura!
Away we go!
Airplane head