North America · 10 Days · 14 Moments · June 2017

Guatemala, summer of 2017

13 June 2017

Back at Frida's because it's honestly amazing.
Spending our last Guatemalan morning eating at the Santo Domingo buffet and following around cute couples (mainly one).

12 June 2017

Last night in Antigua and we had the pleasure of dining at Frida's another time! Such a lovely restaurant with delicious food! Especially the Japanese tuna tacos!
guat & friends
Yesterday, we explored the city some more, visited a local farmer to help plant coffee, and migrated over to the Santo Domingo Hotel to stay for our last couple of nights.

10 June 2017

Our first day back in Antigua included: -Having breakfast at Valhalla, the macadamia nut farm -A little sightseeing right outside of the city -Visiting the farmer's market -Some rest after traveling

8 June 2017

hector ❤️
Relaxing evening hammocking in Guatemala!

6 June 2017

Working hard today. I couldn't be more proud of this team.

5 June 2017

Breakfast at Fernando's Kaffee
First morning in Antigua! Getting ready to eat some amazing breakfast and then head out to Ahicam!

4 June 2017

mom & dad
Day one: A day filled with traveling, planes, racing to our terminals, pollo campero, and laughter.