France, Italy · 12 Days · 35 Moments · September 2017

Loz's tour of France, Italy and Switzerland

19 September 2017

Bonnie's friends parents chauffeured us around today and we couldn't be more grateful, what a day! Best platter of my life washed down with delicious wine....heaven!
Today we ditched our tour group, went rogue to visit wineries in Tuscany ❤️

18 September 2017

More of Assisi
Start of new tour today...Assisi first stop

17 September 2017

Pamper night in!
Rome-ing around I love people watching and this guy fascinated me!

16 September 2017

Last day/night with our Topdeck girls, wines in the lane way and the off to our toga party farewell
Vatican City- Lined up for what felt like a lifetime, it was pretty but lost my daughters.. had the worst coffee ever and couldn't wait to get out of there!! Arrived to our air bnb and all was right in the world again!

15 September 2017

Rome for the day/night
Phone was dead for most of today so none of my own pics but this is a pretty photo I found on insty

14 September 2017

Florence is the next stop!

13 September 2017

Perfumery, then to Monaco

12 September 2017

Itinerary for Nice

11 September 2017

The best hot chocolate ever and jungfrau adventures!

10 September 2017

Arrive in lauterbrunen today

9 September 2017

Paris in the afternoon..more food and our first wines
Walking through Paris for the day
Market stalls and French pastries ❤️

8 September 2017

First sweets in France and some sightseeing
Picnic under the Eiffel Tower turned into picnic in the bus
Itinerary for Paris
Ferry from Dover to France. Bus from Calais to Paris