Thailand, Indonesia · 18 Days · 29 Moments · December 2018

Thailand Gang’s Journey!

14 January 2019

12 January 2019

sweet burger spot today called strawberry fields. recommended by our friend who studied abroad here ◡̈

11 January 2019

Finns at sunset last night
fav spot

10 January 2019

“The Lawn” a spot where people go and picnic and there’s a pool / bar / restaurant, with steps leading down to the ocean
coffee shops. literally took out 1 million rupia yesterday... look at the prices for things lol. 1.2 mil is $84
practiced yoga in this studios today. perfect start, we’ll sunset surf tonight

9 January 2019

touchdown! we had an amazing first day/night here. friendly people, very much a surf town, much more colorful here, healthy shops/food
flight sights to bali!

7 January 2019

max scuba diving! saw octopus, eels, coddle fish, puffed fish, starfish, lion fish, sea urchins :)

6 January 2019

kayaking day!

5 January 2019

biked to paradise today 🏍😻

3 January 2019

Incredible sunset tonight in Phuket
Find yourself a bae who looks at you the way these Ellies look at Max

2 January 2019

t’was a great day
Baby elephant playing around
Ellie kisses!!
These elephants were incredible

1 January 2019

Found a great woodfire pizza oven where we ate way too much pizza
Cooking class in Chiang Mai! Took us to a super cool farm where we cooked a 5 course meal

31 December 2018

New Year’s lights!
sunday market is very very hype here. almost too crowded but really cool shops/food areas, so it was worth ◡̈

28 December 2018

27 December 2018

Bangkok layovers aren’t too bad