Switzerland, France · 36 Days · 26 Moments · March 2017

Lauren's tour through Europe

5 May 2017

Tirana Albania - we only had an evening here therefore we spent it in a shopping mall near by and in the hotel. By this time I was feeling exhausted and decided to have a quiet night to myself before heading to Dubrovnik

3 May 2017

The next day we went back to Athens on the boat where we had a driving tour and dinner and then the next day headed for Meteora. Meteora was a very little town however on the cliff tops were churches which the monks had built many years ago. There were hundreds of stairs to climb and it was 26 degrees but was definitely worth it. That night was a pampering night in the hostel with a group of us making natural face masks

1 May 2017

Our last day in Mykonos was spent hiring quads and touring around. We visited little Venice where we had some amazing lunch, went strolling the streets and visited the windmills. We then went to Super paradise beach and Argari... Beach. That night we hit up town again and danced the night away

30 April 2017

Mykonos Greece. Words can not explain how beautiful this place is. Day 1, lazing by the pool on a bikini drinking cosmos and really living the dream. That evening we dressed up and headed to a club called paradise where we got face painting, could dance in bubbles and have plenty of amazing cocktails by the name of "how far can you deep throat". That night ended on a high with a few of us going for a late night skinny dip. The next day Stacey, Anj, Bruce and myself all went out on a private cruise where we visited Greek ruins where archaeologist have only recovered 30% of the island since the 19th century, some people went swimming in the ocean (far too cold for me) and then we just relaxed on top of the boat as well as having one of the most amazing Italian pastas which I have ever had (pasta in Greece made by an Italian was certainly better than pasta in Italy) we got back at around 7pm and after a tiring day we had an early night.

28 April 2017

Due to the little time we had in Athens that evening we visited the Acropolis followed by a delicious buffet dinner at the hostel. The next day involved another boat ride - this time only 5 hours as we headed to the island Mykonos

27 April 2017

22 hours on a boat really wasn't too bad. We travelled from Rome, Italy to Athens Greece. The ride was reasonably smooth - we played card games, drank cups of teas and talked about life, the next day was mainly spent travelling on the boat and bus.

25 April 2017

When in Rome! Walking down the small streets, visiting Trevi fountain, visiting the Colosseum and the historical structure. The next day we were able to go on a historical tour of Rome which involved seeing old structures of the city from 400 BC as well as having a very informed tour of the Colosseum and how it was used originally. We visited a building called ..... Also known as the birthday cake where we were able to see panoramic views of Rome and take some amazing photos. We were also lucky enough to visit Vatican City as well as being able to see the Pope as it was a Wednesday and Mass was on. All throughout Italy we ate pizza and pasta however I must say.. I think it is really not that nice, Italians way of making everything simplified really did not float my boat

24 April 2017

Florence is a city with a lot of history, it has some amazing churches, bridges, buildings and sculptures. Our first day we visited a leather factory and had a tour on how to tell if something is real or fake leather. After that we went on a tour around Florence learning about the history behind the sculptures and bridges - that night we visited a karaoke bar where Anj and I were up the street and got mugged by some crazy Italians - that night ended up finishing pretty early and they next morning was spent exploring as well as eating pizza and gelato.
Detour through Pisa which of course involved visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was even able to pick up the tower 😏

22 April 2017

Hello Venice... What an amazing, beautiful place. My expectations were high for Venice but they were certainly met!! The canals, gondolas and bridges really made the experience. We walked around Venice visiting famous land marks, visited a church and went on a Gondola ride on the Canal. We are more pizza and gelato and certainly made the most of a city which certainly will not be around forever. That night we had a masquerade party and ate pizza in the gondola at the campsite. Next stop was Florence

21 April 2017

Nice, France. Probably one of the most gorgeous beaches I have seen so far! Our first evening we went for a bit of shopping followed by visiting a restaurant and ordering a whole bucket of mussels. That evening was our tour guide (ash) birthday so we decided to celebrate! We all met in town and then visited one of the local bars (Wayne bar) where we had far too much to drink and were able to dance on tables. 21/4/17 It was lovely being able to chill out in nice, that morning we walked up castle hill to an amazing view point of nice and the beaches. The rest of the afternoon was spent drinking alcohol and lazing in the sun. That night we all dressed up - hoped on the bus visited a perfume factory and headed for Monaco. We visited the casinos, saw some amazing buildings and also go to which a car show that was on involving Lambourginis - I will 100% be back to see more of Monaco and Monte-Carlo

18 April 2017

Barcelona is beautiful! Our first night in Barcelona was spent eating a popular Spanish dish, drinking at a local bar with a lot of dancing followed by visiting one of the local night clubs until the early hours of the morning. The next morning we went site seeing to ....., The ..... (Steven) and visited ..... The ginger bread houses at sunset. That night we went back to opium for dinner and had an amazing steak although it did cost $60 for that and a bourbon and Coke.

17 April 2017

Switzerland was short lived, the next day involved a 7 hour drive back to France to a place called Avignon. We stayed at a campsite which I must say was probably one of the worst places Iv ever seen so we spent very little time there. That afternoon we went sight seeing, had Moët and chocolate on the river while watching the sunset and then continued the evening at a bar. 18/4/17 Goodbye Avignon - hello Barcelona

15 April 2017

That evening we arrived late to Switzerland and of course since I was a bit hungover the night wasn't that great, I ate a few mouthfuls of dinner and tucked myself in bed for an early night. 16/4/17 That morning I woke up feeling 10x better, we ate breakfast and headed up on the train to the highest point of Europe. The view was AMAZING! the higher we got; the thicker the snow was and once we reached the top it was a freezing -11 degrees. We managed to get a topdeck topless photo at the top, visit the ice palace, had a snow ball fight and got some amazing photos playing in the snow ( definitely one of the best trips Iv had on my trip so far). That night involved heading to the campsite pub and dancing/singing our hearts away - although I remained very sober

14 April 2017

Second day in Paris involved more sightseeing on trains and on foot with Stacey and Anj. We visited The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower for close ups and went for a ride on the Carousel - later that afternoon we went to the outside of Moulin Rouge. That night involved dinner at the restaurant next to the Generator hostel a visit up the tallest building in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower light up followed by a huge night involving Violet Vodka shots, snails and far too many cocktails with Mario (the bartender). The bus ride the next day to Switzerland was probably one of the worst things I have ever experienced!

12 April 2017

The next day involved Stacey and myself touring around Paris exploring the catacombs, arc de ?? And walking down the famous street in Paris. That night involved getting to know everyone a bit better include meeting a girl who I have a mutual friend in Wellington with (Bryony) followed by a delicious dinner at a random restaurant and the semi nude Cabaret show

11 April 2017

One night in London was spent at Stacey's old flat and meeting her old flat mates. That morning was an early start getting up at 3.30am to get the train and bus to Wombats in central London where we met everyone for a early 6am start. 12/04/17 We headed on our Topdeck bus for Paris 1.5 hours on the ferry followed by a 6/7 hour bus ride. First night in Paris involved a site seeing bus tour, picnic dinner with all the topdeckers underneath the Eiffel Tower and eating snails and frogs legs. It was then a quiet one as we needed to catch up on sleep due to our sleep deprivation from the past week of travelling.

10 April 2017

Goodbye Copenhagen! Our last full day involved, visiting a well known castle and neighbour garden, a 300 step climb up the city hall tower with amazing panoramic views and a guided Canal tour around Copenhagen. Last stop before our departure was visiting the famous Nyhaven street and getting a classic tourist photo with the different coloured houses. NEXT STOP.... Back to London

9 April 2017

The next day was filled with doing boring things like washing and sorting our bag. That afternoon we went to Warpig - a meat crazy restaurant with Mike and a guy from Mexico called Santino. The food was amazing!!!! Next stop was Tivoli gardens filled was beautiful gardens, lights and an amusement park! The evening turned dark and the lights turned on - the roller coasters and other rides were so much fun! The last bit of the evening was spent watching the Tivoli water and light show and I managed to get me a Drew 🦄 and then heading off to bed.

8 April 2017

We arrived in Copenhagen to slightly warmer weather - we got the train into central station and literally walked 2 minutes up the road to urban house where we were staying. We unpacked our bags and set out looking for somewhere to eat - KFC it was. We then headed back to the hostel and decided to have some drinks down at the bar. I guy named Alex from Montreal came over to our table and introduced himself followed by his friends Michael (from Ireland) and Maia (from Ohio) - these 3 people had only met due to being room mates at the hostel. The 5 of us got to know each other and decided to hit up Copenhagen nightlife. Uhh the hangover was real 🙄

7 April 2017

Last day in Iceland! Today consisted of our own tour - we walked 40minutes in the 6 degree weather to find Pandora so we could continue with the Pandora travel charm bracelet. We then hoped on the hop on hop off bus and continued to see more of Iceland. We visited the Hallgrimskirkja where we were able to go up the lift and take photos of the most popular street in Iceland and see panoramic views through the clock tower. There was only one thing left to do and that was to get our #twinzontour photo

6 April 2017

Onto Iceland we went!! I was very nervous about landing due to the thought of snow on the runway but the landing was actually fine! We landed and God did it look dead. It was like being in Waiouru, the ground was flat and the grass was brown. We headed to the Loft Hostel and settled in, that night we were meant to go on a tour to see the northern lights however it was cancelled and also again cancelled the 2 nights following so we missed out. The next day was filled with travelling around some of Iceland on the Golden Circle tour. We visited Blue Lagoon (aaaaamaaaaazing) the tectonic plates where you can stand on the American continent, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir geothermal area.

4 April 2017

The next day consisted of a flight to Dublin (Ireland) - we arrived around 11pm so didn't get to do much exploring! We stayed at the Generator Hostel which amazing although our roomies were pretty odd and got odder 😂. Our first day consisted of hoping on the on and off bus - visiting the Guinness store, Kilmainham Gaol and temple bar (a well known place to eat and enjoy the nightlife in Dublin) The next day was an early 5am wake up followed by a bus tour venturing off into other areas or Ireland - we visited Belfast as well as going to the popular tourist destinations (Giants causeway, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and Game of Thrones locations. It was then our last night in Dublin 😫

2 April 2017

London Eye

1 April 2017

Happy Birthday Day Dad!!!! Arrived in London to see Stacey there waiting for me! We set off on the train to Hammersmith and started our adventure! That night we went out in London to The Toy Shop (amaaaazing cocktails) in Putney followed by clubbing in at The Slug (popular place for Australians and New Zealanders in Fulham) what a great night! The next day we decided although we had had a big night out that we need to make the most of every minute in London. We visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye followed by a freezing cold bike ride around Hyde Park.

31 March 2017

Just arrived back from Rarotonga and heading for Europe 31/3/17. Had drinks and dinner with Marshy (Rarotonga boy 😏) and set off for a 17 hour flight to a stop over in Dubai followed by a 7 hour flight to London! Flight was great - free wifi and reasonably good food!