Greece · 1 Days · 2 Moments · July 2017

Skiathos 2017

8 July 2017

Yummy tapas!
On the plane We currently are on the way to Skiathos, a small tropical Greek island. Flying from Gatwick on Thompson airlines, are trip got off to a interesting start. Firstly, Dad came under fire for booking the wrong car park, using the valet 'summer special' service where he reluctantly had to hand over the car keys. A little while later after boarding the courtesy bus, mum realised she had left her phone in the car. Dad then called out to stop the bus (to which the driver grumbled "what? Why?!") & we all had to get off to allow mum to go back to get her phone. After finally making it to the airport, we made it thorough security to have breakfast at 'Armadillo'. After some parent fussing and grumbling, Jess & Mum sat down to a full English, dad had bannana porridge & eggs and I had my usual sausages & toast, which was very yummy. With some time before boarding, we stopped at WHSmiths (I bought a magazine and some white chocolate) & also went to super dry (I bought some shorts).