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Canada & USA travels

8 July 2017

What an insane trip with the best travel buddy. We have had the best time and have made some unbelievable experiences I will never forget! Till our next adventure- this is me signing off and saying the world is out there to explore, get out there and do it! 😎
3am wakeuo..thats what happens when you go ro bed at 5pm. Anywho..Dome for breakfast before going across the street to kit up and sign our lives away to sky dive. OMG! Best experience! So much fun- a tad nervous befirehand but honestly it is such a rush jumping out of a plane. Sensory overload! Its so cold, its so loud, your going so fast ( 2ookm)and then it all goes quiet. The view is unbelievable. We were lucky the weather has been pretty awful rhis past weeke and is set to get bad again on Monday. Very thankful we got to do it today, made coming home not so sad. Back to airport now and on the plane to hedland.
Time to go..... a bus ride to the airport...a 5 hr flight to LA (hungover) a 7 hour stop over..then 14.5 hrs to Sydney sitting in the middle of the plane, a 3hr stop over snd the 5 hrs to Perth. We were dead at the end of it and poor Blair had to drive our hire car 45mins to Rockingham trying to stay awake. Falling asleep writing this.. but we're home, well nearly.
A quick stop this morning to Union Square, which was a nice park and then to Grand Central Station for a look see which was nice aswell and then off to find Molly's Pub for lunch with a friend we met on our Contiki trip in Sth East Asia. Molly's was an irish pub with sawdust all over the floors. The food was great and catching up with Brandon was so nice. Afterwards we headed back to get ready for our 4th July boat cruise to watch the main event- fireworks put on by Macys. The cruise was lovely except the lining up for drinks, and not having allocated seating or enough seating for eveeyonw on the boat. Once we finally got chairs we settled in chattinf to the locals waiting for the fireworks. They were spectacular and a really fitting way to end our trip. We met a few ppl on the boat who convicned us to get an Uber with them into town for another drink before calling it a night. An hr later, one couple left but we went on for a (2-3) drinks and then home finally to bed.
Go the Yankees!!! We bought caps the first day we got to New York- 1. For the game we were going to see and the other reason was for the weather. It has been really hot in over on the east coadt. We left Key West sunburnt so hats seemed like a good idea. Any to the baseball we went. We had pretty good seats, but we started standing at the back to east and have a few drinks. We got a massive bjcket of chicken and chios which we didn't finish because it was so big- surprise surprise haha The Yankees played the Bluejays- thr only Canadian team. It was a great game and we loved the atmosphere, the chanting, the national anthems and just the gane in general- its really easy to follow. I would definately watch another game in the future and have even picked my favourote player- Didi Gregorius. Tomorrow is our last day in the US 😭😭 so ots home to bed now to rest up for the 4th July party tmrw night
Today was a fun day with a trip to Coney Island and a baseball game this evening. Coney Island was about 45mins on the train to get there and lots of fun was had. We webt for a walk along the beavh, it was pretty busy down there being 4th July weekend and it was pretty hot. We didn't take our bathers and good thing too- the water was pretty cold. Coney Island has that nostalgic old school fair feeling. I really wanted to get on the wooden roller coaster Cyclone- i didn't realise it was 90yrs old! We then opted for a modern roller coaster that was was pretty hairy. We lost our bellies a dew times and went completely vertical up one side to go down at the same angle on the other scary. Ne screaming was an understatement haha We went dor an iconic hotdog and beer at one of the takeaway places and wandered around for a while before returning back to town to get ready for the baseball
Today we went off to Madison Square Garden and Central Park..... We did an all access tour around MSG. Really cool place...we heard about some of the big sporting moments and other historical moments such as Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to the president, concerts by so many well known musicians and abiut the building itself. We seen court side suites that are purchased for 1.5 million per yr on a 3 yr contract 😲😲😲 Unfortunately we couldnt watch any sports game's as the ice hockey and basketball had already finished up for the season. Central Park was our next stop, love it! It was soo lovely but makes me appreciate our parks, space and country in general. The size of the park is insane, we hired bikes and rode around the whole park, that took around 2 hrs. We stopped at lakes, watched a guy propose to his girl in a boat on the lake, listened to buskers, had icecream and people watched. The bikes were the perfe t way to get around! Loved it!
HARLEM BRONX AND THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - MOMA Ive always wanted to seen the Bronx- huge history point, another layer of understaying and to see where amazing artists have come from. We jumped of the bus in Harlem for lunch and got a great authentic feed at this cheap buffet place serving ox tail, mac n cheese, all different spiced rices and loads of chicken drumsticks. It was soo good! Back in the bus we headed back downtown and jumped off at the MOMA. We didnt even touch the sides of that place and we were there for 2 hours- we checked it the Egyptian area, Age of empires exhibit, weaponery and defense exhibits, french royalists area, american modern history, africanhistory and greek history. Its not totally our thing but it was still really cool. You cant be in that area and not do a museum. The age of some of those artefacts blows your mind and the history behind the cultures again, just blows your mind. Bed bed bed!!! Sore legs and feet 😧😧😧

4 July 2017

Today was out official New York 1st day. We went to Brooklyn Bridge, the9/11 Museum and the One World Observatory. The bridge was great- such awesome views but super tiring, my feet were dead and it was super hot too but we did get a great artwork.from alovely gentlemen on the bridge. We continued on and did the 9/11 museum. Very confronting stuff. The fountains are a beautiful tribute and the museum is full of information and a very overwhelming place- I was bought to tears on more than one occasion. It is very inspiring to see a country come together as one after such a vicious attack. After that we went up to the One World observatory- you a great view of.all the area as well as rhe fountains and 9/11 grounds We went to go home for a good decent sleep πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
A day of bits and pieces... We sorted out the tours we wanted to do and made a bit of a check list to get through in the next week. Today we went to the Skyline in Hudson- an old train line thats been convertes into a walk and gardens through the area. Really nice! We went on to Chelsea Markets another hip place to wander through, onto Times Square for some photos- sooo busy! So many bright lights and people everywhere. Tonight we are off to a stand up comedy show which is always good fun.
Drive out day! Nothing to report here just our drive back to Miami to voard our flight to New York! We're coming for you New York!
A huge day was had today, safe to say we are both exhausted, sunburnt and ready for bed. We paid for an "all in one" boat tour today. Us together with 100 other ppl boarded the boat at 10am and went out for a day of fun! We jet skiied, snorkelled, parasailed, went on banana boats, climbed giant slides and stand up paddled boarded. A day like todat allows you to be a kid again jumping from one fun thing to another. We both flashed our bums accidentallly on the parasailing, both got thrown off the banana boat and I became a speed demon on the jet ski on my first ever time being the driver. Again finished the day with somw ice cold free beers went back to the room, had a shower and then went to The Stone Crab where they cookes uo the fish we caught on the fishing charter- it was soooo delicious! Off to checkout Duval St but not for long as Libby & Jim were sick and we were shatteres from being on the water in the sun all day. Home to pack and sleep for the drive back to Miami tomorrow.
After the fishing charter we went on a snorkelling sunset boat... The snorkelling was nice although we believe it has nothing on Ningaloo reef back home. We met another english couple Libby & Jim and enjoyed watching the sunset over some great company, bourbon and margaritas πŸ‘Œ
So no surprises here but we were up early 😲 today to do a fishing charter. We went out with another couple, they were pretty cool. Our captains name was Corey and he knew his stuff. We went straigbt out to a patch of "dolphins"as he called them. We found out later thats a nickname for Mahi Mahi. We all hooked one 😊 and keot them for dinner... FYI the minute they start dying their colours change. We kept going after that, looking for birds in the distance to indicate bait fish. This went on for a while before we headed back. We were trawling and on the way back in all 5 lives went off one after the other. Such a cool noise and moment. Holy cow we were at it for a while. My fish hist kept taking line and my little twig arms could barely reel. My arms and hands were so sore. Blair came to to my rescue and reeled him in for a while. He was a heavy bugger but I finally got there and we each reeled in a Bonito tuna. I had jagged mine in the mouth and wrapped my line around his tail

3 July 2017

High line, Chelsea Market and Time Square
Seeya later Miami ➑️➑️ to Key West we go!! We are driving down so first dtop is to pick up the car...we got VW convertible beetle haha once we got out of the city its one road all the way. Its a beautiful drive, ocean on both sides of the road. Such a holiday beach vibe. Although i wouldnt say beach, theres no shore. You just jump over the side and its up to your waist. Cars and utes are pulled over and take two steps and are in the water. Kinda strange. We've pulled over at a place called Robbies to fees the Tarpon fish. These fish are massive and can grow up to 8ft. We bought a bucket of fish for $3 and got to feeding. Im not very brave so i literally just threw mine in the alwater but Blair he was holding them inches from the water. There were pelicans just waiting in the wings to grab the fish. Cool thing to stop and do. Back in the road, slowly... one road in and out means that traffic goes pretty slowly. We finally got to our hotel- nice!!!!! we spent the arvo in the pool.

3 July 2017

Central Park and Pizza...New York pizza is so yum oh and big!
Beach day!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ– But first Wynwood walls. What a neat, totally awesome place! Graffiti everywhere and i dont mean tags, i mean proper murals. The whole area is covered and its still expanding- pair that with little quaint bars, boutiques and cafes you get a very popular attraction. the beach! We dont get too many days to just lie around unless we are hungover which we try to NOT do as it's a wasted day. We had to hire two days bed and the umbrella which was $45- bit steep i rekn but you have to have it as the sun is killer. We set up and not long after realised we need beers so Blairs gone to get some lunch and beers while ive stayed and held our spot. The water is sooo nice, just walk in and sit down, its pretty busy down here but i wouldn't say overcrowded. Dinner at one of the restaurants and hometime.
Nothing to report..hungover today 😣😣😣
Jumped on the bus this morning to check out Miami- we did a but of celeb house spotting- Rihanna, Sylvester Stalone, Gloria Estafan, David Beckham just to name a few. They live on these little islands and their houses are stunning. Speaking of cool houses a place called Coral Gables was a treat to see, some houses made purely out of coral. They sea level was originally quite high down that way. We crusied into Little Havana, cute little place- we grabbed some mojitos and checked the strip out. Lots of places to eat, cuban music in the background- we even went into Domino Park- where there was tables of old men playing chess and dominoes-pretty authentic stuff. We headed back to South Beach, got dropped off and then went to find food. Instead we found a pitcher of mojito....for $55 😲 we nearly died as thats like $70 when you convert it back. After we left we went to the ESPN bar where we indulged for the night and made friends with an english couple, Antony & Cora.

2 July 2017

After a bit of a mix up with hotels we did fonally make it to our apartment. 22st floor with a pretty great view of Miami. Unfortunately the pool is under not reno, not ideal when the temps in the 30's. Oh well, what can you so. We got an Uber down to South Beach for some food and a quick look n see. We had lunch at Mangos- a place where the waitresses clad in leopard jump on the bar for a quick provocative dance every 20mins or so. Our tour guide later told us that if your married you dont go there hahaha Every place is ready for a party with hookahs, pitchers of cocktails and music at the ready. We walked along Miami beach and checked out the pier where we watched a bunch of dolphins catching their dinner. We gathered some groceries from the store before heading back to our room and resting up for the next few days of adventure.

30 June 2017

There's a tropical storm coming towards New Orleans so we are kinda happy to be leaving. Its nothing too severe but the rain has set in. Today we fly to Miami-very excited!!!
The 9/11 fountain-theres is two, one where the North tower once stood and one where the South stood. Every single person who lost their life is etched around the outside and each persons birthday a white rose is put in their name by the city. We went into the museum and spent time listening to ohone calls, footage and looking at remnants of what was left behind. Such a prolific moment abd one I'll never forget, walking around with a lump in your throat at the thought of such a huge tragic event that has now shaped the world we live in. Theres a screen that you can leave a message on and it goes on the world map pin pointing where you are from and message you can leave for the vicitim's, their families, the affected and the country.
Brooklyn Bridge, Manhatten Bridge, and the One World Observatory. We didnt go to Statue of.Liberty just seen her from a distance- tickets to go up and inside are bookes out way in advance.
Brooklyn bridge, 9/11 Museum, One World Observatory
If you go to New Orleans you absolutely must do a plantation tour. One of the best things I have done. You understand the history of America more and have the opportunity to keep these plantation going to keep educating the generations of people going through them. The two we visited were Oak Alley and Whitney Plantation. Oak Alley was where part of Forrest Gump was filmed, where Jenny tells Forrest to Run Forrest Run! The Big Houses were the masters lived were so beautiful. There were memorials at Whitney plantation that showed just how many men women and children were enslaved and died there. They had the living quarters setup and staged to show the conditions they were kept in and went through their working equipment and processes. Sad and overwhelming experience that I am so glad we did

28 June 2017

This awesome jazz band called "Brassaholic" were playing on Frenchman Street- an authentic place still playing jazz and blues, serving amazing food and continuing their wonderful culture. These guys were unreal still firmly holding onto their culture while adding a young edge. Look them up πŸ‘€
We did another guided walking tour this morning of the Fench quarter. Learnt alot of history about New Orleans, looked at the housing stuctures and the french influence. Very interesting and very special. It's really hot and humid here in New Orleans- reminds me of being back home. We finished up and then headed back to our hotel to get ready for our next experience. Out to a bayou where will go an airboat through the swampland! So awesome! Such a great experience. Our captain was called T-Earl and was a giant 6ft 5" dressed in camo pants, hat and matching camo crocs with a great matching southern twang! We headed out on the boat, bloody fast those things go. Its such a rush! We soon slowed as we entered the swamp and immediately an alligator swam up to the boat. Clearly used to the boat coming through and giving marshmallows-this fella wasn't shy and was called "Bubbles" the swampland is beautiful and quiet. We kept going to see a racoon and another alligator both waiting us.
Our first actual day in New Orleans has started with the hop on hop off tour. Not sure if I have mentioned earlier in my entries hoe beneficial it is doing these tours. You can see so much of the area, get your bearings and pick where you want to return. Plus it saves you a heap of cash vecausr you can catch it for 3 days and hop on and off all over the city. So today we did the city tour and jumped off at the Garden District. This a guided walking tour, we walked through these beautiful neighbourhoods looking at all the Creole and American style houses and even did a spot of celebrity looking. Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, John Goodman all had houses in this area... we only seen John Goodmans dog however lol The city has alot to.offer and so much rich history- fadcinated to learn avout their cemetaries and how the graves are all above ground... Somehing everyone should google! I tried a Pecan Pie today- delicious! I stayed in tonight, whilst Blair has gone to play Poker.

27 June 2017

A day on the water!!!

26 June 2017

Fishing Charter in Key West

22 June 2017

20 June 2017

Both Oak Alley & Whitney Plantation

19 June 2017

Just a few pics of some of the houses in the french quarter. One is of an original orphanage that didnt burn in a well known fire in the area. Another of wording oitside a french bakery that had two entrances ine for ladies another unnamed for men and "working women". One of many plaques around New Orleans that the Spanish gifted as their claim. Alligators! An albino, the boat, T-Earl and the cute racoon who gets far too close to the water just for marshmallows. FYI- Alligators are coloured blind.

18 June 2017

New Orleans!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ We arrived at 1am this morning (times gone forward 2hrs) straight to the hotel and to bed. We woke at 12.30pm and by the time we got ready and had vebtured out it was 3pm. We went to The Crazy Lobster for our breakfast/lunch which was awesome! Blair had Catfish and I had Shrimp tacos. It was so delicious. There was a jazz band playing and we were eating on the Mississippi river..very cool. Afterwards we gathered some info for the next few days in town and headed back to the room to organise the next leg of the trip. We then headed down to Bourbon Street...a very messy place. We did a walk of the street, went to a wine bar for dinner and then found a loungey type bar for another drink that had a pretty good band. A walk to the casino to check it out, one more drink at the bar in our hitel and bed time. Ready for tmrw!
Last day in Vegas 😭 we spent our last day walking down to the Venetian to see the Gondola rides. Bit of a disappointment- we thought it was a canal around and inside the casino but it was just under a bridge out the front for $30 each! We passed and just took a photo instead, oh did I mwntion it was 40°+ outside. We then took an Uber over to the Rio to see the World Series of Poker. Blair was in awe, there was so many people playing and the cash prizes were over million 😲 we stayed and watched a final table tournament for an hr or so before leaving. We headed back to Planet Hollywood, Blair played some poker and I did alittle shopping before we left for the airport. Happy we were leaving an extra 400,000 young people were flooding into the city for an Electronic festival and the weather was hutting high 40's everyday. Bye Vegas! You've been fun!

17 June 2017

A bug boat on the Mississippi river

16 June 2017

The Gondolas and their swimming pool haha we were told that the designer went to Venice and took a drawing of the actual area and then had it redesigned here at the Venetian.
Today we headed on out to check out more resorts- today we made it to Hooters, MGM Grand, Luxor and Excalibur. Its crazy to see the sheer size and extravegance of these places and its for entertainment. That basically took us all day to and its a big day when it's 40°c outside. We xane vack to the room fir a quick refresh before getting ready to go see 'O' by Cirque Du Solei. Its was amazing! The best show I've ever seen. I loved everything about it! After the shie had finished we took an Uber up to Mandalay bay to a skybar in the top level with an amazing view of the strip for a quick drink and some photos. Earlier in the day we got onto a free guest list for Hakkasan nightclub which can fit 10,000 ppl inside but after lining up for an hr and still having atleast another 45mins to go plus $100 for Blair to get in (girls are free) we bailed. Bed time 😴😴😴😴
Still not feeling the greatest- day 2 of hangiver for ke and Vlair has a cold but we are still soldering on. We went over The Mirage and checked out Sigfried & Roys white tiger's (so beautiful!) aswell as the dolphin research facility where they do mini training shows to the public. After that we headed down to the Pawn stars store that is on tv, starring Rick, Chum Lee, The Old Man and Big Hoss. Cool to see it in the flesh and look at some very old and expensive items throughout the store. The store isn't far from Fremont Street so we walked there and walked the whole mall twice- having lunch, watching street performers, checking out the casinos and we even got to witness a fire show starring a giant pray mantis. We had booked in to do a zipline called Slotzilla superman style from one end of the mall to the other. Another great experience ticked off the bucket list. It wasn't the fastest zipline but it sure was different being above all those people and shops!

15 June 2017

The Bellagio were the show was, two of the mnay performers from the show and we stayed to watch the fountain go off. Then off to Mandalay Bay resort for pics of the strip.
Nothing to report today..hungover in bed- ALL DAY! Day wasted 😣😣😣😣
Up early today to explore the casino and then off to the Grand Canyon. We took a limo with 4 other people to the airport to jump in a helicopter and set off on another adventure. It was sooo amazing. We left Vegas and went over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and then the Grand Canyon. We landed down at the bottom and had a champagne picnic lunch before taking the chopper back. Such a wonderful experience, so thankful we can be here doing this. We headed back to our hotel to get ready for some drinks! We did a deal for $25 for unlimuted drinks until midnight... free pour and cheap liquor makes for a very hungover Lauren and Blair the next day. Was a great night making new friends, playing beerpong, riding the mechanical bull, playing poker and dancing the night away..

14 June 2017

12 June 2017

This stuff DOES NOT all.
Vegas baby!!!! Up nice and early to check out of our room and onto pick up our Chevrolet Camaro convertible 😎😎 Ridin' in style! It was a great trip, alittle cool in LA but the trip got warmer and warmer. By the time we got to Vegas I wanted the top back on haha and my dont get me started on my haur- the nottiest its been in a while. Blair was in his element and was like a child when we got here. So excited! This is his moment, he's wanted it for as long as I can remember. We did a couple of laps of the strip before we dropped the car back and headed to our hotel, Planet Hollywood. Omg! This place is fricken huge! Words cannot describe the glitz and glamour. A quick walk around of our hotel to get our bearings, an Uber out to the Vega sign, dinner and bed. Ready for a big few days

11 June 2017

Our last day in LA was an unplanned one. We had a late start- sleeping in, having 2min noodles for breakfast and then heading to the promenade for lunch abd then to the movies to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean... The weather was so nice afterwards we went down to the pier and had a quick game session in the arcade. We had a drink at the SUP festival before walking down to Venice beach and having some snacks and a few more drinks at random bars before heading home but not before we stopped in at a club across the street. There was a Luekemia fundraiser on so we stayed for very strong beers, a game of pool and some local talent. A good day/night out !
We paid to do a tour of LA mainly because our San Francisco tour was really good. It wasn't hop on hop off which we regret but lets go over the highlights. We started by walking up n down hollywood boulevard looking at the stars stars'. Found some pretty good ones- we read that they have to apply in writing to have their own star and raise n donate $30,000 to a charity. We we t uo the griffith observatory for photo ops of the hollywood sign, did some celeb house spotting, went on to venice beach/santa monica where we stopped for lunch and a wander, more celeb house spotting and then onto rodeo drive for a quick walk. We finished up there, went and got a couple of drinks and thai for dinner before heading back to the hotel for bed.
Im going to try and get a pic of all the big hotels.. a quick stop into Paris for a pic of the Eiffel tower. Jokes this is next door to our hotel.and half the size of the real thing. The welcome to vegas sign which has been there since 1959 and is a huge attraction!
Universal Studios rocks! We had so much fun today, we were like two little kids in a candy shop! We got there at 10am and left as it was closing at 7pm. We rode all the rides, favourites were Jurassic park and The Mummy. We had alittle bad luck with 2 rides and the shuttle bus breaking down but that didn't stop us. Harry Potterland was very cool the buildings and the inside of the castle was so real you felt like you were actually there. Despicable me, The Simpsons and Shrek all had 4D ride/simulatators- they made you feel sick but were still fun. Jurassic park you got wet and the mummy was a fast rollercoaster that not only went forwards but backwards too. We watched the Waterworld show which was sooo great and also the animal actors show. We did a tour of the studio looking at sets and behind the scenes stuff- the king kong and fast n furious simulators were really good too. Highly recommend this place! The day ended with a Duff beer and a very worn out Blair & Lauren!
Up and at em! Up we got refreshed and ready to explore. We took the beloved campervan back and went to our new hotel in Santa Monica. We checked in and then walked down to the Pier and hired bikes. We took the bikes for a ride along the beach and thought we'd ride to Malibu- we checked a few 100m's and realised it was 14km so we turned around and rode to Venice beach which was abut over a 1km. Very cool place with lots to see- just people watching is interesting. We seen muscle beach, acrobats on tight ropes, buskers, A LOT of homeless people, people smoking drugs, people passed out on the grass. The scent of weed lingers in the air and there is shop after shop of souvenirs, music, food etc. We took the bikes back and headed for the hotel for an early ready for universal the next day.
Bakersfield was just our stopover to LA. We made it to LA and not even using it the last night because we couldnt find any RV parks in the city just trailer parks for residents. So we stayed in a hotel and went to the Griffith Observatory that night. The vuew of the skyline was pretty good, you could see for miles and the observatory itslef was very cool. I wish we went to something like this when I was at school- so much info about the moon, stars and the planets in such a beautiful big building. We couldnt see the Hollywood sign, I don't think we were looking in the right spot haha

9 June 2017

Beverly hills and quick walk through part of rodeo drive, would have loved to do walk the whole thing and get jazzed up for a nice dinner but we were so time poor and its so out of the way.

8 June 2017

7 June 2017

Santa Monica pier and the beach

6 June 2017

The Observatory building and an actual piece of the moon!!!!

5 June 2017

Today a non eventful travel day in the end. We slept in today til 8am before heading out to Glacier Point & Taft point. We left these til last they are at the bottom end of the park and we would leave afterwards. So off we go to view Hetch Hetchy th6us big reservoir with two waterfalls on one side- it was cool but we were keen on getting up to Glacier point so we moved on pretty quickly. As we finally neared we see a sign pointing into the carpark saying parking and shuttle pick up. Quickly realising we would have to bus it to the top a ranger stopped the car and said they were having issues & it would be 2 hrs before we would get up there. Time wasnt permitting for us to wait 2 hrsand hike (another 2hrs) and leave and get to bakersfield in daylight. So we bypassed and have made it to Bakersfield early- good thing too. I have been so badly fatigued from the last 2 days of hiking I barely moved from a lying down position pretty much all day . Highlight of the day was having a shower 🚿
Hetch Hecthy reservoir/dam, a rainbow next to the reservoir outlet and a patriotic barn

4 June 2017

Exhausted is an understatement! Today was really hard! We headed out nice and early to beat traffic and get a good park- which we accomplished. We started nice and easy up to Yosemite Fall and then we hiked up to Vernal Falls and then all the way to the top of Nevada Falls and back down the other side. 26,000 steps and 4.5 hrs later and we had made it! It is rated strenuous- steep and long. At one point we were hiking up steep steps right next to the waterfall with the (freezing) mist drenching us. Blair powered through, loving every minute, me..not so much. Besides being freezing, not able to see from the mist, petrified I was going to slip and fall- once we got through it and knowing I could down a different way I was sweet. After 3 hrs we made it right to the top and sweet jesus! It was magnificent and worth it. The water is so fast and powerful! A great team effort πŸ‘«. Home for dinner and our sweet penthouse calling our names πŸ˜΄πŸžβ€πŸ‘£
Holy Guacamole! Yosmeite is awesome! We spent our first day here with a smidgen of frustration trying to get camp grounds reserved and parking. Being the start of summer and some schools have broken up for the summer break, busy is an understatement. Once we got oursleves sorted we decided on visiting Mirror Lake. It was a fairly decent hike, around an 8km round trip. The lake itself was alittle disappointing but the hike was fun. We went through water in some parts up to our knees and it was cold (5°c) water. We were buggered by the time we finished and headed back to our campgrounds to set up for the night. I took it upon myself to invite an elderly man and his thai bride to stay at our site (i'm a sucker) as they couldnt get anything else and he then proceeded to fill his whole rv with the grounds only water 😐😐 An early night was in order so after dinner we hit the hay ready for our next big day of hiking.
Yosemite Falls early this morning, Vernal & Nevada Falls and the well earnt beer at the end of the day!

2 June 2017

Big Trees-Calaverdes We drove from Napa to the Big Trees park to see the Sequoia trees...a-mazing! We seen a 2,000 year old tree. It was as tall as a football feild once upon a time and was 30ft in width. You've never seen anything like it. We could hear a bear scratching bark off a tree in the close distance and when we asked the ranger about it she said a bear had been spotted with her two cubs earlier that morning. We also seen a fox-alot smaller and cuter than ours, a woodpecker (which was soo cool, you could hear it tap rap tapping away at the tree) and also a couple of chipmunks who were keen on our noodles. We kept going after that and made it to Buck meadows (after a very tight and windy drive that is) where we've found a camping ground. We've made a fire for our sausages, put up the penthouse and now sitting back enjoying the outdoors...this is the life!!! β›ΊπŸ» Cheers!
The beautiful trees you had to see to believe. We googled this big old tree and were hoping for a pic underneath it but it fell down in January this year- not a bad life span. The 2nd tree has been stripped off its bark by a bear almost to the top. The windy road we took to get to Buck Meadows, awesome views and our camp, complete with a bear resistant lock box you put all your food in so your car doesnt become a target at night. Heres to sleeping on top of the car tonight πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
Today we've booked in to do a Sip n Cycle tour in Calistoga. It took around 45mins to drive there and then we met with Bridget our tour guide and Chris & Jen- another couple joining us on the tour. We got our allocated bikes and set off on a beautiful ride through the valley. First stop was Chateau Montelena- a lovely castle tasting room that had great wines and a lake called Jade Lake. The 2nd cellar door was Tamber Bey-a horse ranch too. It was cool, lots of horses, great wine and an even better host. The wine was lovely and he even gave me more whites because I can't drink reds. We stopped for lunch here- a great spread of dips, cheeses, meats and great company. Back on the bikes after this to the final cellar door, Twomey. I didn't rate this place that high but the ride there was nice. A great way to see some of the district and enjoy the weather and who doesnt love to do that whilst trying all different wines. Back to the RV park for dinner, quiet beers and an early night. 😊
We woke to a beautiful sunny San Francisco 😐 always the way. We had breakfast and checked out of the hotel and made for the rental place where we picked up our "Trailblazer". After a very short and dogdy induction we set off for Napa. A 1.5hr trip took us close to 3hrs with the traffic congestion and a car accident. Once at Napa, we had a brief look around at the RV park, pretty simple-had a beer and then headed into town for dinner. Dinner was good- Clam Chowder (they dont serve soup with bread rolls instead you get mini crackers πŸ€”) Blair got an amazing steak and we finished with a Chocolate Lava cake. The local beer was good. After dinner we headed back to the park to set up and head to bed in the "penthouse"

1 June 2017

Our "Trailblazer" we sleep up top in the penthouse πŸ˜„ It has everything you need except a toilet and shower so that means a few stops here and there

30 May 2017

We utilised the hop on hop off bus today. We went to the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito, Union square, back to Pier 30 and then back to the hotel. The bus has been a great way to see so much in such a short time and learn some great info about buildings, celebrities and some pretty awful "dad" jokes. The Bridge was really cool and history behind is really special. Sausalito was alittle deflating-lots of expensive houses but personally I think Glenelg or Robe is better. Union square was a big city shopping district with high end shopping- Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co etc.. we stopped for abit and had a look around but quickly left before my purse wanted to spend money lol Not before a big slice of pizza though πŸ˜‰πŸ•

29 May 2017

So we are 2nd day in at San Francisco. Nothing to report on the first day... 2hr delay before our flight the day was pretty much done and dusted. We got some chinese for dinner at the bottom of our hotel and chilled. Good thing we did because today we walked 20km. We walked to Lombard street- a very famous street with 8 hair pins turns as you go down the hill. The line of cars just waiting to go down is insane! Proceeded on to Fishermans Wharf where we went to "Musique Mecanique" an antique game arcade where most machines were in working order. Very very cool! One of my favourites We did the Alcatraz tour- another very cool piece of history we have now forever. San Francisco's weather is weird takes nearly all day for the fog to lift, then theres a blue sky & it doesn't get dark til 9-10pm but its been hella windy and cold. Not like Seattle We checked out the Sea Lions at Pier 39 before taking the hop on hop off bus back to the hotel. Now just resting the legs before the dinner trek

27 May 2017

The most amazing seafood dinner. Shared the Ultimate shared seafood between 3 of us tonight at Elliots Oyster House. Mussels, Scallops, Prawns, Crab, Oysters, Clam chowder and Calamari. Going to bed seafood happy tonight πŸ˜„πŸ˜΄
Day 2 in Seattle and we woke a little earlier to head to the underground city tour. Mind blowing stuff! Seattle was built lower in sections and still today you can go underground and walk under the side walks and see stores fronts from long ago. We finished uo there and did a spot of shopping stopped for a cheeky beer at an Irish pub ( got some free hats) and the headed back to the hotel room before heading out for a seafood dinner. We leave tmrw and head to San Francisco, we've had skip abit of the trip due to unavailability of RV's. We have managed to secure a trailblazer car and will pick it up after spending a few days in San Fran before heading out to Yosemtie national park and hopefully a ranch!

26 May 2017

Seattle is still soo cool.. Todays consisted of waffles for breakfast (included breakfast...winning!) a walk to the Space Needle tower to get tickets for that and the Chihuly museum. We began at the museum.. how wonderful! The exhibits and glass installations were out of this world. A truly talented artist. The space needle was good to get a birds eye view of Seattle and we have been treated to great weather since we landed yesterday. It's Memorial Day weekend so we also got to stroll around a festival. After that we went to a Japanese Garden which was fairly ordinary. Highlight was two males ducks trying to pin a female duck down to mate her in the pond πŸ˜πŸ˜… As I said its Memorial Day weeke d so hiring an RV is proving to be alittle trickier than first thought as its the kickoff weekend for camping and a long weekend. Oh well...we just have to keep perservering or change our plans. We were boubd to hit roadblocks at some point. Doing another escape room tonight πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Japansese Garden, glass sculptures/installations at the Chihuly Museum, views from the Space Needle and the fountain in the middle of the festival... Good day!

25 May 2017

Seattle is real cool! We checked out Pike Markets, so much good food, seafood stalls, amazing flowers for $20 and awesome crafts-such a great vibe. We bought a big packet of hubba bubba and walked down to gum alley and took some pics and stuck pieces on. Such a disgusting concept but kinda artsy to look at. Grabbed some Ramen and headed back to the hotel now for an early night ready for a busy day tmrw
The first Starbucks opened here in Seattle. Blair wouldn't buy me flowers, i did ask haha 😭 the men wkening at this seafood stall sing as they work at random times- again adding another a really cool vibe
We are currently sitting on a tiny air canada plane waiting to leave Canada to head to Seattle. Nancy a chic from the tour group is coming with us πŸ˜„ Yesterday wrapped up the tour, bitter sweet saying goodbye to new friends but excited for whats to come as well. We quickly checked out Stanley park and went to the Granville Island markets although we just opted for a drink at one of the restaurants. A group organsied one actual last dinner at the Old Spaghetti factory. $15 got you a soup or salad, a pasta and some icecream...bargain! We continued on to a brewery for last actual drink before more goodbyes. On the way went past this steam operated clock on the sidewalk. It weighs 2 tonnes, is powered by steam from a great underneath and cost $42,000. Every 4.5 minutes the Westminister chimes sound, every quarter is chimes and every hour a single chime sounds but.... it was broken when we seen it lol πŸ˜£πŸ•°

24 May 2017

Topdeck gals Hayley, Nancy & Bec πŸ’•
The beautiful steam clock in Vancouver
Last night was awesome! I was absolutely stuffed from skiing but still put a good effort in. Drinks were so cheap and we got drink tokens and a pizza token which we used on the way home- a saviour to the lack of hangover πŸ˜„ Today we have booked in to do an escape room in the village and then we're off ziplining. Good day of adventures booked but i can hear bed calling as we are very tired 😴
Can now say we can ski! We went up to Whistler mountain on the last day of the season when all the locals were drinking and going nuts on their boards and skis. The beginner slopes were closed and they werent running any lessons, we were advised not to do it but we did and it was awesome. Lots of falls, bruises and sore muscles but you cant come to Whistler and not ski. Pub crawl is tonight and should be a big night.
So Kamloops was just a stop over town, went out for dinner as a group and had an early night... perfect! Up early, maccas for breaky and we headed for Whistler. We stopped at a big lake but honestly it didnt cut it compared to the others we had seen. Whistler is beautiful and it is nice and sunny.

23 May 2017

Ziplining fun! I went upside down too! Love being able to witness nature so high up πŸ’•

22 May 2017

We seen a bear under the chair lift on the way down

20 May 2017

I've only managed a lemon merigue pie and an apple pie so far
Feeling very dusty from all the drinking the night before.
On the road again... tour guide calls these days coach appreciation other words a whole day on the bus. We're on our way to Kamloops back in British Columbia. Its a quiet day on the bus as most of us got on the drinks last night-lots of sore heads from the ski shots (a ski lined with 6 shots and you do it as a group.. We definately deserved them though after nearly 20km of bike riding around Jasper. Was an awesome ride down to Pyramid Lake. Blair and I hired a kayak and went around the lake. The ride back we took the mountain biking track-lots of fun. Blair and Chad went on ahead and got lost on an extreme track. Also still dont know all the people on the tour but i think i could name 30 which is pretty good i think.

19 May 2017

Pyramid lake and one set of the many jam donuts shots a girl on trip called Nancy tries to force on you haha and the famous ski shot!

18 May 2017

Athabasca Glacier, Athabasca waterfalls and the beautiful Elk we seen on our way home from dinner πŸ’•πŸ˜²
We finished the day off by going on a snow coach up to a Athabasca glacier with sights of Athabasca Mountaun. Very cool..literally! And then off to Athabasca falls. We seen a black bear on the side of the road!!!!! 🐻 We have now arrived in Jasper where we were craving a steak and veg for dinner and come back to our room for an early night. We were lucky enough to come across and Elk in someones front yard. It was huge and still had his massive horns. We watched it casually 'step' over the neighbours fence to start eating plants out of their garden before getting shooed away. Elk βœ” Bear βœ”
Just had my first helicopter experience over the Rocky Mountains! Absolutely insane! To be so high up and see for miles and miles all the snow, mountains, glaciers was unreal. Again, photos do not do it justice and I only got a few as i really wanted to relish in the experience. Our pilot even treated us to a sharp turn which left my stomach up near my shoulders 😨 We left Banff today checked out Bow Lake on the way to the helicopters and Jasper. Bow Lake was frozen but there was so much snow around with locals saying around 2ft fell last night. We all made snowballs and quite abit of fun in the snow. Still pinching myself nearly every day at the the experiences we are getting to have. Truly wonderful.
Helicopeter ride and Bow Lake
So we're half way through the tour 😭😭😭 We finished our time in Golden with the white water rafting....amazing experience! Everyone was most scared of falling off the boat but that didnt happen..thank god! Such a thrill, going so fast through the white water and thinking about paddling and holding on. But the water was like ice, fingers and toes were numbe before we even started. The hot shiwer and cup of tea around the fire afterwards was A-mazing! We spent the rest of the day on the road but we stopped off at Lake Emerald and Lake Louise. Both lakes were beautiful but as winter has chosen to stick around alittle longer than expected both lakes were still frozen. The sheer scale of the lakes is impossible to photograph but we still try haha Still trying to spot wildlife from the bus, seen some elk but still no bears or moose. Another inlcuded dinner with the group that night and then came the drinking.....!! 🍷🍸🍻🍾

16 May 2017

The first is Lake Emerald and the second is Lake Louise. Both originally named Lake Emerald from the same discoverer but later changed to Lake Louise after Queen Victorias daughter Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.

15 May 2017

Today we hit the road again.. 5 hours to the town of Golden. We stopped at an interesting littlw place that was full of dinosaur, moose and bear statues as well as goat feeding entertainment. You could pay 25c and a cup of corn was fed to the goat via a pulley system they pulled by a wheel and their mouth. How crazy is that idea?!?! We stopped off at a chateau for lunch which was lovely, and the scenery was πŸ‘Œ its getting colder. We stopped off at an information centre and seen Colombian Squirrels abd also got to make our first snow ball. Tonight we had some drinks to break the ice after dinner. We started earlier with tasting beers at a brewery..very nice 🍻 White water rafting in the morning...super excited but wpuld be lying if I said I wasnt worried about the cold water lol

14 May 2017

Top Deck tour has officially started-49 of us on this tour 😲! We seen snow! Granted it was far away on top of mountains but we seen it πŸ˜„ we stopped off on the way to Kelowna at Bridal Veil Falls, beautiful!

13 May 2017

The tiny red boat is an Aquabus we took to Granville Island... it really is the cutest!! I had sea legs for nearly 4 days afterwards after the 2p min journey which kinda sucks
Other professional napper..he would kill me if i got his sleeping face hehe
Vancouver! A beautiful city! We are staying on the 33rd floor of an air bnb which has giant windows. In the mornings we draw back the blind to see what weather awaits. A great view all the way to the water with beautiful trees in the background. We are under the illusion each day that "it doesnt look that cold" but it is... so we are on the hunt for layers aka thermals. Yesterday we did the Suspension Bridge climb. Totem poles, a flowing river and many paths and bridges made for a getaway into nature only 20 mins from the city. Today we went to Granville Island to check out the local markets which was very cool but mostly food. We took an aquabus to the island, it was cute. We have become professional nappers in the afternoons. We come back to our room jump under the doona and in minutes we are sleeping and we love it! Today we blew meeting ppl from the tour just to keep sleeping lol always tmrw! πŸ˜‰ Anywho I'm awake and need some waffles...time to wake Blair xx

12 May 2017

Capilano Suspension bridge
Moosing around!
Professional napping is the best!
View from our Air BnB... Vancouver, Canada

11 May 2017

First Starbucks

10 May 2017

5/10 cheese was orange, ham looked fake, lemonades were orange and like cordial. My taco was dripping oil 😣 #betterlucknexttime
So we made it..staying one night in LA purely to catch up on sleep (slept all day and up for a bit now before we head back to bed) and then off to Vancouver tomorrow. Staying in a suburb called Inglewood in our first Air BnB place. Googled Inglewood... we're staying in the hispanic part of town (HOLA!) and wont see anything other than the burger place (which was very ordinary) we went for dinner before we head back to airport tmrw. Feeling like we stick out like sore thumbs today haha πŸ‘πŸ‘

10 May 2017

Not even sure which timezone we're on now πŸ€”πŸ€”
The first day of travel.... sleeping tablets failed, got rejected in busness class= approx. 2hrs sleep on the first day of travel 😫😫 Blair stole a pillow and blanket from the plane πŸ™Š and we found two small couches in the Brisbane terminal and got another 2 hrs of sleep. Our flight to LA is much better...movies, oodles of food, better seats and free JDs & Coke so Blair is quite happy πŸ˜‰ Although two movies, lunch and another sleep and we still have 8.5 hrs of the trip to go....GAH!