Thailand · 21 Days · 19 Moments · November 2017

Thai Travels Take Two 28.11.2017 - 20.12.2017

19 December 2017

No caption needed for this beauty! 😎

18 December 2017

Goodbye Thailand 😢! This is one of the things we will really miss. Walking into a night market, deciding what you want to eat and having it cooked in front of you for £1!! Krabi we loved your night markets they reminded us of the North with your tasty cheap food, refreshing fruit smoothies and jazzy live music! Next stop Malaysia...
We've really enjoyed our time in Krabi town. We decided to head to the town instead of the touristy beach areas as we just wanted some Thai culture before leaving Thailand. We weren't disappointed. We visited a beautiful temple, watched fisherman work in the river and of a night time enjoyed night markets. We also spent time around the pool soaking up the Thai sunshine ☀️

16 December 2017

Today I got put through my paces with a Muay Thai trainer called Art, which also gave me a swift kicking when we sparred. He was very knowledgeable and gave me the time of day when I announced to him I've never trained before. He didn't believe me though as he and the owner thought I had a fight coming up. I think I may need to lay off the pies before stepping back in the ring.
Today we visited the Koh Lanta Animal Welfare rescue centre. They take in stray cats and dogs from the island where they bring them back to good health and then they try to get them adopted. We went early to walk one of the groups, we had the pleasure of walking Mojo. He has full of personality and really energetic. After the walk we got to just chill with the group and Mojo was constantly searching for our attention! Mojo has been adopted and will be going to his new home on Boxing Day, this made leaving him slightly easier knowing that he is going to a new home but Kyle and I would have happily adopted him there and then. Also out on our walk we saw monkeys which Mojo also saw, not something you normally see out on a dog walk! Lanta Animal Welfare are doing an amazing job and one day we will definitely be adopting our very our dog from them 🐕💜

14 December 2017

Koh Lanta at night time 🌙

12 December 2017

A very busy day for us. We visited 1. Shark Point 2. Bamboo Beach 3. Monkey Beach 4. The Lagoon 5. Maya Bay 6. Sunset 7. Snorkelling at night time with Bioluminescent Plankton The photos from snorkelling are all on Kyle's GoPro so we will have to wait till we are home to see these. The Bioluminescent Plankton was just WOW, one of the best things I've ever done. It's plankton which when disturbed at night time and there is no light around glows!! So cool 😎

11 December 2017

So this morning we took a ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi. The boat was amazing, we sat on the top deck in the sun the whole way, not a cloud in the sky as you can see!! Shame a northern couple were having a domestic behind us but they eventually moved else where! Once on Phi Phi we checked into our hostel, booked a few things for up coming days and then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach where we watched the sunset 👍🌊💜

10 December 2017

We've had a wonderful day today exploring Coral Island and Raya Island. They are both small little islands South of Phuket. The sand was white, the sea was emerald and clear and the sun was out = perfection!! We arrived at Coral Island first where we could swim and relax then we went for lunch (all you can eat Buffett = happy Kyle!). The view for lunch was stunning, but there were lots of chickens walking around 🐓 so I felt a little on edge!! Then on to Raya Island where we snorkelled, incredible!! The water was so clear and we saw so many beautiful coloured fish. We can't wait to see what we've captured on the GoPro when we get home!! Then we could enjoy the final beach which has to be the most beautiful one of our travels so far. Complete paradise 🌴🌊☀️

9 December 2017

So today was the day that Kyle finally found the courage to get his hair cut! You can see the joy on his face 🤣!! They did a great job and as you can see from the last photo, Kyle was pleased with it 💇‍♂️👍

7 December 2017

So we took a plane from Koh Samui to Phuket today. The airport on Samui was great, free food and drink and the whole thing was outside. We have never seen an airport like it! Kyle was taken away by flight attendants as he left a battery charger in his bag, and if left there his bag would not be taken to Phuket luckily enough it all got sorted! Kyle of course approached the matter in his usual very laid back attitude, me on the other hand was a little concerned!! We arrived in Phuket and the sun was out ☀️😁 yay!!! A nice afternoon spent by the pool but unfortunately it is now raining with thunder and lightning! Hoping it will clear by the morning 🤞

6 December 2017

We saw the sun this morning but unfortunately it didn't last long as the storm was on its tail! It has continued to rain ever since. ☀️⛈ not quite the idyllic island get away we had in mind.

5 December 2017

The first Xmas tree we've seen 😍 We're both seriously missing the lead up to Christmas!!!
We safely made it to Koh Samui yesterday but it hasn't stopped raining with thunder and lightning since we arrived. Heading to a new island on 7th (Phuket) and we are praying for better weather!

2 December 2017

So it may seem from the Journi that we have been very lazy the last 4 days or so but this wasn't the case. We were in fact undergoing our PADI Open Water Diving Qualifications. We completed theory based sessions and an exam as well as a pool session to build confidence and 4 amazing dives! We are now qualified to dive to 18metres. The 4 dives in the ocean at different dive sights were just mind blowing. The feeling of weightlessness and breathing underwater is just so incredible. This has been a huge challenge for us both but with the help of our INCREDIBLE instructor Sai we did it! She was so incredibly patient and supportive (especially with me!), we couldn't have asked for a better instructor. OCEAN SOUND DIVE AND YOGA YOU HAVE BEEN AWESOME! Bucket List: Scuba Dive ✔

1 December 2017

An afternoon at the beach, can't complain! Weather still isn't great but it's definitely improving. Come on ☀️ you can do this!!

30 November 2017

Shame about the weather but it does still look beautiful!
3 month old green turtles!! They will be kept here until they are old enough/strong enough to be released back into the wild where they can then lead a healthy life. Number 12 was my favourite!! 🐢

29 November 2017

Just to keep you all updated we have arrived in Koh Tao. It's been a very long 27hours using 8 modes of transport. The last stretch a 3 hour ferry ride was HORRENDOUS, 80% of the boat being sick (including Kyle and I) waves that must have been at least 6metres high (2 of which covered the boat). I've never been on a journey like it and I now completely understand mum's dislike of boats! Annoying thing is, the only way off this island is by boat so will plan very carefully for when the weather looks like it's improving! We saw this picture once we arrived on the island and it sums up exactly how we were feeling!