Bosnia and Herzegovina · 3 Days · 15 Moments · August 2016

Laura's venture into Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herz

13 August 2016

In summary, Sarajevo is a city with multicultural roots. The people are friendly and tend to speak in English even though it's not their mother tongue. My favourite part was the markets, seeing the artisans making the coffee sets and jewellery was great!
Day 15: Back on a train again. This time from Sarajevo to Zagreb. Going to have a one night stay bk at main square hostel then go to Croatia's national park on a day trip tomorrow.

12 August 2016

Sarajevo film festival. Lots of people but know celebrities we recognised.
The museum of modern art.
The link bridge, designed with a loop in the middle to encourage crossers to stop and admire the view.
Enjoying a Bosnian coffee (and hot chocolate) when the sun decides to come out. Was also impressed by the talent of a blind busker and generosity of passers by.
Day 14: The part where east meets west. Two parts of the city but worlds apart. In the east are lots of small shops selling scarves, trinkets and hand made jewellery and tea/coffee sets. In the west are bigger chain stores.

11 August 2016

Some other sights of today. One of many bridges, the original clock tower and the water fountain.
Beautiful building. The university library where Serbians burned 2 million books during WW2.
Quick stop for a traditional lunch.
Sarajevo is a multicultural and religious city with many mosques, churches and synagogues.
Bosnia history museum. Found out about the assassination that was an influential part of the beginning of WW1.
Day 13: A very wet day in Sarajevo. Had to buy an umbrella and cardigan!

10 August 2016

Went out for food. I think I'm going to like this city. The menu was massive, but... 4 pages of mains (Mexican, Italian, Asian and sandwiches), 4 of drinks, then 14 of desserts!!! I went for the Nutella pancake as a 'lighter' option after my big burrito. The pancake was huge! Ha
Day 12: After a 10 hour train journey, and 30 minute walk, we made it to Hostel Luxury Inn. Very nice hostel. Although a little unusual that you can't wear your shoes inside, and being next to the cathedral makes it noisy at times in the morning.