United States of America · 91 Days · 10 Moments · June 2016

Texas, Y'all - a Summer Camp Summer

30 August 2016

Austin, Baby! Staying with a new camp friend in his apartment in The Austonian! Wow. Tallest building to the west of the Mississippi. Pool outside on the 10th floor. Beautiful views from the top, looking out over the city! And a day out in the city to see Graffiti Park, amazing.

7 August 2016

Evenings off call for some relaxing, so off we go to what the locals call "The Slab" in Kingsland. It's basically a partially dried up portion of river bed, which is great for splashing around in, enjoying a couple of rapids and cooling off from the punishing Texas sun. Head here for sunset and some spectacular pictures!

26 July 2016

R-Bar is a Marble Falls treat, and has The best queso you can get! Definitely worth a visit, for its friendly staff, food, and live music.

17 July 2016

The rodeo was such a good night out! Fell right on our day off between terms. Barrel racing, cattle roping. Awesome. A definite Texas experience.

4 July 2016

Fourth of July! In the US! Complete with fireworks display, snow cone truck, a County Fair themed evening at the corral, and slip and slide down by the lake! What a day!

23 June 2016

Having canoed two and a half hours down the lake from camp, we stopped at Honeymoon Ranch (just a 10 minute drive!) Keeping the 12 teens entertained and motivated was difficult, but once at the ranch we all enjoyed food, fires, activities and a night under the Texas stars.

18 June 2016

Went to Double Horn Brewing for one of our first dinners as a department at camp and it was pretty good. They sell own-design tshirts and beers. This time was the funniest meal I've ever been present at, with two best friends, who couldn't stop laughing when the waiter never filled up my glass, even though he did all the others. Spent our whole time sucking on the straws loudly to see how long before he noticed. Crying with laughter.

8 June 2016

Camp dances are held every Wednesday. Bring your best costumes and moves, and get down with the kids (til it's bedtime at least!) then on to the weekly Counselor meeting.

2 June 2016

First exposure to crazy Texan culture - country dancing at a bar, which was A-Mazing.

1 June 2016

Camp Champions. New home for the summer, and so far, so so so good. Learning new skills and making new friends. Along with being a horseback counselor, I'm now learning how to teach Indy, Archery, and handle reptiles!