Europe, North America · 3 Days · 5 Moments · August 2016


20 August 2016

Our hotel was right off Times Square, Hotel Mela. We were literally 20 steps away from the square, so it was obviously the first site and place we visited/seen. These photos are taken further into the holiday as i didn't have my phone out when we first visited, Im a take everything in with your eyes first kinda person lol To be honest though, i wasn't completely impressed with the square, it may sound silly but i expected it to be huge compared to how it is, the pictures i had seen before were a tad misleading. Although it was the perfect place to stay, everything was very nearby (other sites) and the Big Bus Tours were fantastic, took you to every big site seeing place and i would highly recommend getting a New York Pass. Ours was only two days for the time we were there so we didn't get to see everything we intended too so we tried to get all the biggies in before we flew off again. Other than that Times Square is very pretty at night, and had a lot of construction going on.

19 August 2016

Central Park Part 3
CENTRAL PARK CONTINUED More sites, less selfies LOL. I'll say it again though, please! wear sensible comfy shoes. I made the mistake of wearing pretty sandals to go with my outside and ended up with feet that wear sore for the rest of the holiday. Also we went in August and it's a lot hotter in New York than i expected that's for sure! the occasion down pour of rain but other than that it was very warm, summer clothes advised lol
CENTRAL PARK!! IS BY FAR, one of the most beautiful places i've visited, it's so peaceful and pretty which i did not expect at all for it being slap bang in the middle of a city. What we've also discovered from bigger pictures is that we didn't even see half of it! 3 hours we walked about the park thinking we've seen all there was to see but it turns out we missed a lot! So we are definitely going to revisit New York another multiple times, I feel like it's a place you can visit 1000000000 times and each time will be completely different. The only thing that saddened me about Central Park was the amount of homeless people sleeping amongst the trees and bushes. A regret i have will visit was not getting a horse and carriage ride through the park, but there's always next time!! I highly recommend Central Park be near the top if not at the top of your places to see in New York list! especially on a sunny day. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES EVERYWHERE.

18 August 2016

The flight! officially the longest flight i've ever been on. It definitely didn't feel like a full 8 hours, the excitement is probably what made it go quickly. We (my boyfriends family and me) flew with an American airline, can't remember exactly what it was called but they were excellent, the kept everyone fed and watered regularly. I've never experienced that on a flight before as every other flight i've been on was only a few hours. We had an early flight, few things that were knew to be traveling to the USA were the questions from flight staff before even checking in at the airport, then before we landed we had paper to fill in with all our details. Once we landed we then went through to an area where there was more questions, finger print taking and eye pictures. It was all very strange as i've never experienced it traveling from the UK to Europe. The taxi to the hotel was interesting.. in my opinion, America's, new york's (i know not all) drive like maniacs!! *BEEP BEEP*