Germany, Colombia · 37 Days · 63 Moments · March 2019

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8 April 2019

Birdie bird in Tatacoa Desert

7 April 2019

5 April 2019

Stunning Cocora Valley in the fog

4 April 2019

3 April 2019

2 April 2019

1 April 2019

Jardin, Antioquia

31 March 2019

Jardin, Antioquia

28 March 2019

25 March 2019

24 March 2019

20 March 2019

18 March 2019

Welcome to Selina, my home for the week!

17 March 2019

Hasta pronto, Santa Marta. Tu me gusto!
Back in Machete were it all began - you have no idea how much people can sweat (and smell) after 4 days in the jungle. Cudos to my minimalist attitude: one set of short, 2 sport tops and one clean tshirt for the car ride back to Santa Marta 😂

16 March 2019

In the early morning hours of day 4, we climbed 1200 crazy steps in the jungle to reach our destination Teyuna. As always, Jose and Julien kept up our good spirits and told us everything we need to know about the history and meaning of this sacred place. The views were magnificent and the vibes of this lost city are hard to describe. It is hard to grasp that someone built this in the jungle about 800 CE and that we are still able to visit it and explore the remains in 2019! Read more about the place on

15 March 2019

On March 14, we started our 4 day trek through the Sierra Nevada to get to the Ciudad Perdida, the lost City of Teyuna in the heart of the jungle. On our way, we hiked strenuous mud paths, crossed the river Burichaca probably 25 times and lost 4 kilos of pure sweat on the way. All the time, the most beautiful landscapes around us rewarded our efforts. I was lucky to be with a small group of great people - we were so competitive, we beat all other groups by far. If someone told us it takes 50 minutes to climb up a summit, we made sure it wouldnt take us more than 30 😁

12 March 2019

Spent some relaxed working days in Palomino. The garden of the Bikini Hostel was the perfect work space and in the lunch break I could escape to the beach. Again, the waves and current were so strong, unfortunately, it is impossible to swim. You can see how the waves basically 'ate up' most of the beach. This afternoon I had a quick Skype interview with the language school - not sure how that went, haha. But the course starts on Monday :)

10 March 2019

Today, I hiked 20 kilometers in Tayrona National Park. The park is part of the sacred grounds of the first people in the Sierra Nevada. It reopened ten days ago after their annual spiritual cleansing of the area. Pretty crowded with tourists in some spots, nevertheless absolutely stunning landscapes and a real good workout!

9 March 2019

Bohemia Beach is really am Arsch der Heide, but it has great sunsets views behind the palm trees and definitely the biggest butterflies I have ever seen.

8 March 2019

I fell in love with this tienda. I need to find someone who can paint my walls at home like this 😊
Taking in Santa Marta's hipster vibes before setting up office in a fancy coffeeshop. Downtown is a heaven for Yoga-loving Veggies who have a thing for nice interior 😉

7 March 2019

Luckily, I recovered quickly from my flu like symptoms. Went on a short jungle trek to get to a beautiful natural pool near Tayrona National Park

6 March 2019

After holding up for one week with ten immunizations in the shortest period of time, my body finally gave in on Wednesday - not even the beautiful sunset made the shivers and pain all over my body go away. To top things off, mother nature decided to send an earthquake our way while I was hiding under the blanket, trying not to freeze in 31 degrees 😂 What a day..
Lunch break in St. Marta

5 March 2019

Castillo de San Antonio de Salgar We managed to squeeze all five of us into the smallest cab available for a short trip to this rather random fort outside of Barranquilla. Also, we successfully passed more than one policeman with one of us hiding on the floor of the car 😁
Desayuno time - arepa con huevo y jugo de naranja

4 March 2019

Carneval de Barranquilla
Good morning, Cartagena. Good morning, Colombia. I had a long journey and a short night, but can't wait to get to the Carneval today!

3 March 2019

Backpack fuller than I hoped for, but what can I do. A girl needs sunscreen. And stuff.