Cyprus, United Kingdom · 9 Days · 16 Moments · February 2016

Laura's odyssey through Cyprus

15 February 2016

Day 8 Another ☀️☀️packed and made the most of the sun. popped over to see the lovely Cypriot family opposite whom our children used to play with when we came out every summer and Xmas. Now they have their own children . How time flies!! Georgina took us to the airport for our Easyjet to the UK Bye Cyprus - til next time ✈️✈️
Day 7 Woke up to ☀️ . The foot nurse came to cut all mum's hard skin off - nice lady. We popped up to see Stella for coffee and rushed home as Abs was waiting in the Railway Inn for his old colleague Michael. 2 hours later he arrived driven up from Nicosia; lovely to catch up after all these years. Whilst waiting saw our neighbour Andy who bought our apartment. We ended up going to Ocean Basket for a lovely seafood platter 😩 home to rest before going out to Scorpions, a fantastic Cypriot meze with live music. Georgios and his lovely girlfriend collected us and the food kept coming - so much. Lovely to see everyone up dancing, tissues thrown in the air - used to be plates apparently! One poor guy fell and an ambulance had to come. Makes a change from me falling!!! A great end to a lovely week 👍

13 February 2016

12 February 2016

11 February 2016

Day 6 Well, surprisingly enough it was ME who slept in til 1100! Abs was up and rearing to go. Quickly showered as our old friends, Katie and Doug, whom we knew in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, came over. Lovely as always to see them, especially as they hadn't seen Abs for so long. Ended up having a fabulous lunch at Sunset Breeze ; had my favourite lobster thermidor. 💖 Tiring business this lunch time eating so home we drove to relax abd catch up with Hannah's blog and TV. Another relaxing day and night to come. Another boys night out tonight so more chocolate for mum and I 👍

10 February 2016

Day 5 Woken up with coffee in bed and ☀️☀️☀️. After a few hours relaxation in the sun and a visit from one of mum's friends, mum and I joined Abs at the local Railway Inn pub for lunch. Met up with the lovely Anna, the owner, and Andy, one of the owners in mum's block who now lives in our old flat. Off we went to mum's hairdresser, Carly and the girls. Always a laugh and lovely to see them. Abs managed to get his hair trimmed and looked rather dapper 😍 drive over to the Sea Caves and found a lovely bar by the caves. Always lovely and still my favourite spot on the Island of love. Home to relax and a healthy salad for dinner. Abs and Andy off for a boys night out down the strip!! think someone might have a sore head tomorrow 😖😖

9 February 2016

Day 4 Good night sleep and once again woken up with a coffee. Read Hannah's blogs in silence before getting up to the sunshine ☀️ Met Penelope, mum's old friend, who kindly treated us to a lovely Cypriot meze lunch with wine . Drove to the beach to find Penelope's church she had just built. home to TV and watched 2 brilliant movies, the Danish Girl and Spotlight, accompanied with a gin and tonic. Georgios popped by to see us for half an hour; he used to play with Saad and Joe years ago.

8 February 2016

Day 3 Woken up with a cuppa coffee from my Abs and read Hannah's blog. Mum and I went to see an old friend of 20 years which was lovely. On way home we passed by to Butcher Boy, my favourite delicatessan here. Staff are always so friendly and recognise me on my return. Home to relax in the sun whilst Abs went to the local pub and ate Moussakka! Another relaxing day finishing with TV and movies. Turbo was excellent
Day 2 Up to sun and coffee so spent the day relaxing on mum's balcony - heaven! At night we went to Ocean Basket, our favourite place, where we ate a whole platter of prawns! Needless to say my stomach was swollen and full of wind even before we began but it was woeth it! brilliant day 💖
Day 1 Drove down to Luton Airport in pouring rain! Will be glad to see some sun. Meet and greet service at the airport - great value for £53. Easyjet definitely easy to get through, great flight and arrived on the ETA. Mum was waiting for us - the best feeling of all. drove us home and Abs decided to visit the local pub Railway Inn to see Anna the owner. Besides another chap, we were the only customers and Anna wasn't in! Never mind , nice for Abs to see his old haunt. Home for pj then I got a call from Abs to come down to the police bar so off I went and ended up singing karioke 🎉 Home to chicken stew and a good night sleep ☀️

7 February 2016

6 February 2016